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Reality Checking

The “Gateway Stone” Mystery

by: Brent Raynes

Brent Raynes

A few months ago, in a thought-provoking audio interview with British author and consciousness researcher Anthony Peake (October 2013, No. 189 edition of this magazine), he mentioned his meeting with a researcher, inventor, sound engineer and composer in Switzerland named Pier Rubesa who for years has been engaged in pioneering experimental research and therapeutic sessions wherein electronically generated sound signals have placed people into deep, profound and positive altered states of consciousness (http://www.pierrubesa.com). Anthony himself submitted to the procedure and, as you can hear in our audio conversation, he was quite impressed. We had just been talking about the unusual psychoacoustic experiences I and others had had with originals and functional replicas of the ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels. Interestingly, I was to learn, the technology Rubesa has developed to explore these unique states of consciousness and perception seem connected with his own unique visionary and “out of body” experiences that go back to his youth.

Soon after our interview, I contacted Mr. Rubesa on Facebook and we’re in the process of doing an interview for this magazine about his intriguing work. Recently (02/03/14), however, Mr. Rubesa dropped something of a bombshell, so to speak, upon his inner circle of Facebook correspondents and friends. In fact, he has just created a separate Facebook site entitled “Octastone – The Gateway.” (http://www.facebook.com/octastone) “After thirty years, it’s time to present the ‘gateway stone’ – a physical object from another time and another place,” Rubesa began. As a young man, he had a series of near death experiences. It seems that several days following a second such experience, that he had an encounter with a “very tall, magnificent luminous being” that engaged him in a discussion on the nature of reality. He told the entity that no one in their right mind would believe him if he were to share details of their encounter. The being replied that he would be given proof, some sort of object, which, at the time, Rubesa admits he didn’t believe would happen.

“It was several years later, after numerous subsequent ‘visitations’ from he/she/it, that I was walking by the sea when a woman approached me, placed something in my hand and said ‘This is yours. One day it will allow you to open the gate.’ Just as mysteriously as she had appeared, she was gone. I looked in my hand and there it was – a pale blue, translucent, octagonal object.”

Is this the mysterious but objectified Blue Stone or Blue Pearl that ancient shamans, visionaries and mystics around the world have long described, as referred to in my last column? Rubesa mentioned that his “gateway stone” also “does things.” When I inquired what “things,” he replied: “Like it can make the clocks in the room go really fast. It changes color and sometimes it glows. You need to encourage it a little to glow.”

After his first near death experience, Rubesa explains that he noticed differences in his awareness and perception of things. “I began to notice something quite different with the world around me,” he posted. “I began to ‘feel’ things, my perception of sound, sight, taste, smell and touch seemed to have been somehow accentuated. Sensations emanated from rooms, objects and people. This state was not constant nor could it be activated on demand. It seemed to arrive rather randomly, each time proceeded by sensations of tingling, like static electricity.” To me, this sounds possibly like symptoms connected with what is known as synesthesia (multiple sensing), which as I noted in my previous column reportedly occurs to some two-thirds of near death experiencers, according to one clinical study of the NDE. “This alone is a major neurological finding!” P.M.H. Atwater, an NDE researcher and experiencer herself, noted. And, of course, the development of paranormal awareness and abilities is, as well, a straight out common description too.

“Over the years, I have attempted to identify the object at various labs with the following conclusions: X-Ray imaging (various labs) – object does not appear on the film,” Rubesa noted. “Radio Carbon Dating (Royal Museum) – inconclusive. Chemical Analysis and Composition (Royal Museum) – unknown (contains no elements known in the periodic table); Spectral Analysis with EDX Microscope (national laboratory in the Netherlands) – first attempt system crash, second attempt – inconclusive (system error). We finally did get some images that I can post…”

In ufology, we know of a few accounts of people being handed small, circular objects by mysterious beings (Albert Bender’s MIB come quickly to mind), objects presumably associated with strange energetic properties, and presumably not of this world. In the case of MIB (Men-In-Black) visitations, however, the objects seem to exert negative physical effects upon their human handlers (i.e., severe headaches, mental disorientation, etc.), whereas in Mr. Rubesa’s case the overall effects seem to be more predominately associated with positive attributes.

More details on Rubesa’s thought-provoking “gateway stone” and acoustic research are expected to be forthcoming soon.

As I mentioned in my last column, author Andy Colvin, who has written several books exploring the complex and controversial Mothman stories of West Virginia (I’m currently reading his The Mothman Speaks), admitted to me that he too (a Mothman and paranormal experiencer himself since his youth), when he also suddenly acquired artistic and photographic abilities and interests, as well as what he refers to as a photographic memory, also identified with what I had mentioned to him about synesthesia. In a recent phone conversation (02/06/14), Andy explained: “You can be stimulated by a smell to a memory to specific emotions. It sort of comes down to whether or not you’re keeping track, if you’re paying attention. These things can come up and help you, or at least you can get a feeling of self-knowledge from them. Sometimes they just come along and it’s time to feel connected. You might have a memory that makes you feel connected and then you might have a vision. I will see an E8 shaped pattern or a violet flame. Ideas can come based on stimulation of the other senses and so I think life for me has just been an exploration of all of those different combinations and so I have sort of developed my own – I don’t know if it’s a religion or something – but my own practices. So much shamanic I suppose. It’s almost a place where you don’t have any preconceptions about anything and it’s a place I find I can go to probably because I had those experiences when I was younger and I can use it. I’ve done healings. I’ve studied some certified healing methods over the years and have been certified in certain things. I was also a medical assistance for awhile, so I have enough to confidently treat people in a shamanic way, or it has a faith healing kind of aspect to it where you believe anything can happen.”

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