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Encounters with the Unknown

The visitor at Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina 1968

by: Albert Rosales

Location. Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba Argentina
Date: June 14 1968 Time: 00:50 a.m.

Maria Eladia Pretzel, who was 19 years old at the time, was in the kitchen of her father’s motel called “La Cuesta”. The girl noticed that there was a powerful light in the entrance hall and went there to see what was happening. Her surprise was immense, as there was a very tall man there, blond and good looking. His hair was combed back from the face and he was wearing a sort of meshed garment of a phosphorescent light blue color. From the nails of his hands came luminous rays directed forwards and backwards. In his left hand he was carrying a sort of crystal sphere that emitted powerful flashes. On the right hand a right could be clearly seen, resembling a gauntlet, which covered half the hand and was fitted tightly on to his fourth finger. Each time that he raised this hand, in a gesture that seemed friendly, he gave the impression that he was rising from the floor and hanging suspended in the air. When this happened the girl felt her strength leaving her and she began to reel. But when the being lowered his hand she recovered immediately. According to Maria Eladia’s account the man started to walk towards her with a fixed, inexpressive smile. He also moved his lips gently, emitting sounds in a language that she could not understand. The girl said that she felt as though her head was full of bubbles, and that beads of perspiration were running down her neck. However she managed to touch herself, and found that her skin was in fact completely dry. She said that she received a sort of telepathic message from him telling her not to be afraid. She stated that at one moment the man approached the counter where she was standing and that when he did this the luminous sphere that he had in his hand was in constant movement. Then the light in the sphere went out, and he stopped, and turned towards the exit door. Seeing him from behind, the girl noticed that he had a sort of skirt covered with silvery scales, when the being got to the door it opened automatically, and closed again afterwards without his having to touch it.

Feeling that she was going to faint, Maria Eladia managed to get to her bedroom, and threw herself, face down upon the bed. Her father, who was just coming back to the house at that moment, stated that he saw two large vivid red lights on the road. At first he thought they might belong to some vehicle, but then he noticed that they were too far apart to belong to a vehicle. On entering the house he found his daughter in a swoon. When he had brought her around again she told him this fascinating story, which caused tremendous commotion at the time.

Humcat 1968-32
Source: Charles Bowen, FSR (Flying Saucer Review), Vol. 14 # 5.

Editor’s Note: I have always found this case quite intriguing and paid particular attention when I found other cases involving witnesses who described humanoid entities carrying around strange spheres.

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