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One Hitch Hiker’s Alleged Nightmare Encounter with UFOs and Bigfoots

by: Brent Raynes



Editor’s Note: The below letter written account was received by Indiana Ufologist Don Worley some years back. He shared a photocopy of it with me (probably back in 1976) and so here’s the incredible story told to Mr. Worley by a Texan experiencer. It concerns a very bizarre UFO and Bigfoot-type encounter. Perhaps I should also mention that I later engaged in correspondence with another Ufologist named Lee Walsh (who at that time lived in Texas also) and who had contact with this witness, and felt that his experiences were real, and noted that he also seemed quite psychic.

Here’s his encounter story:
“On the night of November 15-16, 1964, I was hitch hiking home to Kingsville from Pleasanton, Texas, when I had this encounter with a UFO (and) its anthropoid occupants, which lasted for approximately 2- to 3 hours along Hi-way #281.

I was standing along the highway in the south most part of Pleasanton, trying to thumb a ride on into Kingsville. The sun had already gone down and the temperature was dropping rather rapidlyÉ There was a full moon rising with partly cloudy skies.

I had already been standing there for about 3 hours trying to catch a ride, but without any luck. So I decided to try another pack of smokes, get a soft drink, bag of peanuts and start walking along the hi-way out of town to keep warm.

Well, I made it to the top of (a) hill without any trouble and began to pace myself, thinking I might just have to walk all night. About a mile further down the hi-way I heard movement in the brush off to my right. Something told me to turn around and look back to Pleasanton, but I promptly dismissed the sounds as cattle moving.

After another two miles of walking and thumbing I suddenly looked off to my right (west) and what I saw brought cold chills soaring up and down my spine. Every hair on my head felt as if they were standing on end, and my skin was crawling with goose bumps. All of man’s primitive instinct of danger was working within me.

As I began to bring my fear under control, with controlled deep breathing, and mentally talking to myself, I noticed that there were three glowing red balls or spheres of light with the one in the middle being bigger and slightly higher than the two smaller ones. At that time they were about 200 yards off the fence line and about 150 feet off the ground. I was standing still at the time. Then the headlights of a south bound car shone in the distance and the three red spheres dimmed as if one, and moved further back into the night sky. Just as soon as the car had passed the three red spheres of light brighten up again, as if they were one, and moved back toward me, this time coming a little closer than before. I said to myself, “The hell with this. I’m going back to Pleasanton.” But as I looked north up the hi-way, there were eight tall dark creatures blocking the highway from fence line to fence line. I also heard movement in the brush on both sides of the road. I began to slowly back down the hi-way, pulling out my pocket knife and opening the biggest blade, turning so I could keep my eyes on them and those strange red lights. They all moved with me as I walked backwards.

Then I caught the glimpse of the headlights of a car coming from the south, and once again, the three red spheres of light dimmed and moved back off the road. [This paragraph of this part of the letter didn’t copy so well, but it states that the creatures disappeared—Editor] After the car had gone by then their bodies would materialize again, and the three balls of red light would brighten and move forward once more. ÉI guess about a half an hour before I caught a ride with a Mexican American who worked at a service station in south San Antonio, another strange thing happened. The big glowing red ball of light began to turn black in places and there formed an odd pattern of luminous black lines on its surface, or near its surface from within. These black lines began to rotate clockwise, slowly at first, and the longer I looked at them the faster they got. I couldn’t look at this light for any length of time, because of its strong hypnotic effect on me. I also felt a gentle force against the skin of my forehead between my eyes, as if some invisible force was touching me there. Each time I tried to put my eye glasses on they (lens) would instantly fog up. The presence of heat, but I was real cold.

Once inside the car the Mexican American said I was like touching a piece of ice. That I had a very wild look in my eyes, and that I was a very lucky, lucky man. Oh, by the way. He got a good look at these strange red lights also.

Don, have you ever driven at night when everything was covered with ice? How the headlights of the car would shine on those ice-coated road signs and trees, causing a glazed reflection effect to the eyes. Well, that’s the way my vision was for about an hour after this strange UFO encounter. Like my eyes had been frozen.

I arrived home safely shortly after noon on the 16th of November. My mother said I looked pale and had a wild look in my eyes, like I had seen something very strange.

Indeed I had. I told her of my encounter, and several nights later while watching the news on TV a newscaster told of Texas State Troopers chasing some strange red lights south of Houston. If they knew what I know about those strange lights they wouldn’t be chasing them.

A detailed description of the ape-like creatures that I saw on the night of Nov. 15-16, 1964: They were eight feet tall, or taller, and stood upright like a man. They had no hands or feet that I could see. They could join their bodies together into twos, fours, or all eight, and then singular separate.

These creatures had the ability to vanish and then materialize again. They were black, thickly haired with dimly luminous yellow eyes, with a slightly brighter red center, which would move around in the yellow eyeball part.

These creatures made no hostile act to attack me whatsoever during the 2 _ to 3 hour period. They seemed almost child-like in their behavior.

It is my belief that these strange creatures will not attack a grown man or little children, but they will attack girls in their late teens and grown women, if given the chance. Also they are fearful of the sound of a siren and will flee in full flight at the sound of one. Three sounds of the para-anthropoid: a baby crying; a short, sharp yapping; and a high-pitched type of screaming. All three of these sounds are deceptive, however. They can sound as if they are close by and be some distance away, or sound far away and be close by.

If you ever hear these three sounds, as I have, you won’t ever forget them.”

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