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Caney Bayou Mound, Louisiana Archaic Site—possible related to Poverty Point

By Dr. Greg Little

ArchaeoTrek Caney Bayou Mound is Northeast of Monroe, Louisiana. From US Hwy 165 go west on La 140 for 7 miles. Turn right on Knox Ferry Road and drive 1.6 miles to site marker. On the way you will pass Venable Mound. Caney Bayou Mound is a single conical mound now with a base of 130 x 165 feet and a height of 6 feet. It has been dated to about 3000 BC and may be related to Poverty Point. Like Poverty Point, no pottery has been found there. The mound has been weathered and its size reduced. In recent years several new mound complexes have been identified in Louisiana that rival the age of Poverty Point, the Lower Jackson Mound near Poverty Point, and Watson Brake. The oldest of these, Lower Jackson, is dated to 3700 BC. Another mound site, Tew Lake, is also dated to 3000 BC. Recent publications suggest that there may be several smaller mound sites in Louisiana that are as old as 4000 BC.

Sunday, July 14, 2024