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Mound Builders Tour to Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky July 8-13, 2014

By Dr. Greg Little

This coming Summer (July, 2014) we will again participate in a tour of several mound sites in Ohio and West Virginia. The tour leaders include me and my wife and Brent and Joan Raynes. The tour will start and end in Columbus, Ohio and visit sites in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The most extensive geometric earthwork in the world (in Newark, Ohio) will be the first site visited and the largest effigy mound (Serpent Mound) will be the last site. Along the way we’ll visit Grave Creek, Piketon, Portsmouth, “lost” mounds in Kentucky and make a special visit to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This was the site of the mysterious Mothman Prophecies. The tour is sponsored by the ARE (the Cayce organization). We’ll give more details as they become available, but there is a brief description here.

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