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The talking robot from Yerevan; one of the many intriguing cases from the Russian wave of 1989-90

report by: Albert Rosales

Location. Yerevan , Armenia
Date: beginning of April 1990 Time: daytime

About two weeks before the main encounter an 11-year-old local boy named Spartak told his classmates about an unusual dream he had: An alien robot had warned him about his arrival, asking him not to be afraid. The robot predicted that when he would be playing with 5 other boys on the school yard, he would come and talk with them. Soon after that a group of five boys were playing soccer on a field behind the school and after the game was over 2 boys ran to get some water and the other 3 stretched out on the grass, looking towards a nearby vineyard. Suddenly they saw a UFO descend towards some wasteland near the vineyard. The globe-shaped twinkling object was made out of a shiny material and landed about 300 meters from the schoolyard. The UFO was no more than 5-6m in size (about 10-15 m in diameter according to estimation) and seemed to split up in two halves like a “tangerine”. Other witnesses later reported that the UFO had a small protrusion on top that seemed to be a dome, which had an opened hatch. The UFO was encircled with yellow and red lights and had a row of 6 circular windows or portholes which emitted light, positioned on the rim around the center. After splitting open in front of the stunned witnesses, three or four humanoid robotic creatures about 3-3.5m in height exited the UFO and began to walk around the object, all in different areas. The humanoid figures were exactly the same in appearance and 2 or 3 of the figures periodically bent down to the ground apparently looking and collecting soil samples. One of the alien figures began moving towards the schoolyard and the stunned witnesses. The robot easily crossed the wire fence around the vineyard which was about 1.5m in height, but couldn’t cross the taller fence surrounding the school. So the stunned witnesses watched as the “robot” transformed itself into a large blue globe of light less than one meter in diameter and then began to roll like a ball upwards along the fence and then down on the other side. Once it had reached the ground it transformed itself back into the robot figure, and continued walking towards the boys.

At this point, the two other boys returned and now all five boys were witnessing the event exactly as the robot had predicted in Spartak’s dream. The robot approached the boys, which were frozen with fear and unable to move. They described the robot’s skin as grayish metallic in color. There was a circular helmet that covered the robot’s head with 2 visors in front and 2 small vertical antennas on top. The robot had a light source of its forehead area and had what appeared to be a control panel with buttons on the upper part of his right leg and a smaller panel with just one large button on the same area of his left leg. The legs were encircled in something that resembled knee-leggings and ended in broad “feet” or horizontal elongated oval-shaped platforms, like props. The children couldn’t remember how many fingers the robot had but they thought it was 3 or 4 which were sharpened and thick.

One of the frightened boys attempted to run but the robot struck him with a beam of light that knocked him to the ground. A red burn mark was left on the boy’s hand and was still visible in October that same year. Local doctors could not diagnose what kind of burn it was. Then a conversation between the boys and the robot ensued. The boys spoke out loud while the robot’s answers were displayed on the shiny screen on its chest area. The robot appeared awkward, heavy set without any human facial features, somewhat frightening in appearance. The boys had been so stunned about the whole encounter that they couldn’t remember how long they “spoke” with the robot. They saw different types of inscriptions and images displayed on the robot’s screen. Some appeared to be symbols which the schoolboys could not interpret. To their surprise they were able to see their own names written in the Armenian language on the screen. Every time one of the boys spoke his name would appear on the screen. The talk was mostly about the future of Armenia. The boys remembered one phrase most of all, “Now your country is in big difficulty but we will be helping you”. After that moment the boy’s recollections became mixed and fragmentary. According to the boys they felt hypnotized and sleepy and apparently the robot was somehow scanning their minds and studying them in sequence. The boys distinctly remembered that the robot projected a beam of light from its forehead causing one of the boys to start levitating up into the air; another boy attempted to hold his friend down by grabbing him by the legs but was also levitated up into the air. Both hovered in midair for several seconds and then fell to the ground. Later for some time the robot walked around the schoolyard, periodically bending down and collecting stones from the ground. The robot apparently scratched one of its hands while doing this and the hand assumed a strange reddish tint (right hand). Soon the robot returned to the field exactly the same way it had come to the schoolyard, transforming into a rolling blue ball again in order to climb the high fence and then walked towards the landing craft which he then entered. The object then closed assuming the globe shape again. Then it propelled itself up like a “spring” and after hovering for a moment above the schoolyard it flew away.

When questioned about the other humanoid or robots, the boys said that these remained near the object all the time, picking items from the ground. According to researchers the grass turned a different color at the location of the landing, and apparently the UFO did not exactly land but hovered very close to the ground. Numerous footprints apparently made by the robots were found there and were 20cm in diameter and about 5-10cm deep. Other ground disturbances or traces were found by using the method of “biolocation”.

HC addition # 1520
Source: A.G. Tonakanyan, T.E. Arutunyan of ASUNI or Armenian Section of Ufology and tradition ways to transmit information. Also Sergey Oganesyan Chairman of the Abovyan Section for research of anomalous phenomena (AP), Tatyana Faminskaya & Stanislav Yermakov, Moscow members of AP, Commission of SNIO in “Anomalia” Moscow January-March 1993 & Oct Dec 1993. Robert Lesniakiewicz.
Type: B

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