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Electronic Letters to the Editor

Good morning Brent,

I have just read the book by Bret Oldham and of course your interesting contribution. On page 161(softback) Bret writes: "Maybe at one time in their ancestral history they too had bodies more closely resembling humans........".
I am 63 years old with a lifetime fascination with our subject, and over my extensive reading I recall the Greys saying to abductees;- "Why are you so afraid of us?”; "One day you will look like us"; also, "We used to look like you"! Either way they appear to be relating that they are us in the far distant future. So indeed they are dimensional time travellers. But there are so many different types of Grey. Some seem to be relatively happy living here underground and are almost part of our fauna. The whole business is vastly complicated. No doubt most of them cannot procreate without humans! We are essential to them!
Anyway, loved the book, and, please everbody keep getting the info. out.

My very best wishes to you all,
Mike Prentis (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Loved the new articles; especially the Silbury Hill UFO/Humanoid encounter. I don't think I have that one in my files.
Albert Rosales (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Hi Brent.
Thanks so much for sending the AP May issue. As always, there are many interesting articles this time. As before, my favorite is the Albert Rosales article about the Roaring 20s cases. You're fortunate that he's a frequent contributor. You've found a real gem in him. I'm now looking forward to more of his stories.

Take care, all of you.

Dear Brent;
As usual, I'm enjoying your publication. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Carey's letter. My religious views are much the same, and I've had some great "discussions" with several preachers.
When I read Mr. Carey's account of the deceased who appeared at his widow's bed saying Mr. Carey was right, I was reminded of a story my aunt told after her husband died. Being Catholic, he was buried in a Catholic cemetery.
One night Aunt Evelyn was awakened - by what she couldn't say - but there was Uncle Glen at the foot of her bed. He was smiling, and with one hand he was pointing to his ear and making little circles around it (meaning "crazy) and pointing with the other hand to an image beside him of the Catholic cemetery. He didn't say a word, so take it for what it's worth.
I'm not bashing anyone's religion, but I would be hard put to recommend any religion to anyone. I think it's interesting to check out the histories of the different religions, and the different branches of them. If anyone would care to check out the Mormon history, there's quite an interesting article entitled "Mormonism Revealed" on a web site called The Political Bandit - it's at . I think Mr. Carey would enjoy that little piece.

Thanks for listening. Take care.
Phyllis Dowers Neuschwanger
PJ Dowers, author: HOAX

After watching the documentary SIRIUS three times the issue of the Atacama Desert humanoid from Chile still remains "serious." Many like to jump to conclusions in favor or against. I want to look more carefully into this subject because I've heard many witness stories about small hum,an-like creaturte in Peru. Even if about 90% of the genetics is like that of a human, the unknown 9% or 10% can make a big difference as a species. We also have many of the same genes of an ape. The tests were carefully conducted by Garry Nokan from Stanford. Genes were carefully extracted from the medula of a rib. The humanoid only has 10 ribs on each side which is not like in humans. We know that only 2 or 3 % can mark our difference with an ape. It is a subtle distinction, even if 5% had been contaminated which probably wasn't due to the quiality of the research professionals. The bones have been analyzed by Dr. Rakph Lachman an expert in bone formation, dysplasias and X-ray procedures and they are not of a human fetus but perhaps of a 6-7 year old child. However, no child that age is 6 inches tall. Steven Greer doesn't affirm it is an extraterrestrial. It is a humanoid of unknown origin. The genes found had nothing known to produce dwarfism. The bones plates in the head are different. They seem to mount on each other. Could it a hybrid or one of the small creatures from mythical lore sometimes reported in the Andean and Amazonian region? More research has to be conducted but to me it is really anomalous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmEo0LnE8YY

Additionally, this humanoid figure looks similar to another alleged humanoid found in Puerto Rico in the 1990's and featured in a report by its famous UFO researcher Jorge Martin. While the Atacama one comes from a dry desert zone, the one from PR comes from a tropical island zone. IF they are really anomalous and, besides known human genes, had unknown genes making them an alternative humanoid species and-or some kind of a human-ET hybrid (some of their kind perhaps living in some locations within the Earth's crust) we would have historically important biological evidence validating sightings of "little people" all over the world. Whatever the case may be, we must recognize the efforts of Steven Greer to bring this about as well as the scientists acting with a genuine scientific attitude to get to the bottom of this case in spite of how challenging it might be to established views.
This is a good example for future research. Giorgio Piacenza
Lima, Peru

Monday, February 26, 2024