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Spinning Vortices of Light & a Bizarre Rolling Wet Mass—Unknown UFO Cases from the UK

Compiled by: Dr. Greg Little

In my 1994 book Grand Illusions I described two separate “UFO-like” incidents that took place in the UK in 1991. They are both quite bizarre cases largely unknown in UFO literature. Both cases were reported and detailed in the 1993 issue of the Journal of Meteorology.

At 11:00 pm on July 21, 1991 David and Elaine Haines were driving from Westbury, Wiltshire to their home in Dorset. After passing through Hill Deverill a flash of light hit the driver’s side window and their attention turned to what they first thought was the reflection of the moon. After a few moments they saw four separate beams of light in the sky. They stopped the car and got out and began hearing a distant “whooshing” sound. The beams of light were now close to them and they could distinctly see four separate vortices of spinning white light. As the lights slowly passed overhead they could see that all were spinning clockwise and were throwing off a shiny white beam of light as they spun around. The four vortices appeared to be connected by a weaker central light source, but one of the main objects broke away and moved around the others before returning to the formation. Then, suddenly, all the lights simply disappeared. Upon their return home the Haines called the local police who referred them to the Royal Air Force. The RAF took the report but no additional investigation was done. The Haines interpreted what they saw as some sort of meteorological phenomenon.

On September 29, 1991 at 10:30 pm, Mr. Barrie Brumpton was walking on the “New Road,” a short, 400-yard long stretch in Colden Common, Hampshire. It had been raining earlier in the evening, but by the time Brumpton took his walk the wind and rain had stopped. Suddenly Brumpton saw a round-topped, somewhat dark but luminous object rolling down the street toward him. The frightening object was described as a “solid mass of mist” estimated to be 23-feet wide and moving at 20-30 miles an hour. It made a sound like pounding rain on concrete that got louder as it approached him. Brumpton related that the rolling mass of mist was quite visible and seemingly glowed. He stepped onto his driveway to evade the mass as the object simply rolled by. Then it suddenly changed direction —and then vanished.

In his 2012 book Lightquest, Andrew Collins cites a host of similar bizarre reports in the same general areas of the UK.

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