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Alternate Perceptions Radio Shows

with Brent & Chandra

Your editor Brent Raynes and show host of Alternate Perceptions radio and his lovely daughter and co-host Chandra Harrison recently interviewed Lin, an experiencer at the center of some fascinating UFO contactee and paranormal stories that I share in this month’s Reality Checking column. On the show we talked with Lin about her initial Nordic alien encounter at age 13, and other strange encounters that she has had since. To listen click here .

Our next programs are scheduled for Monday evening, March 11th and the 25th, at 8 p.m. Central. Each show is an hour in length. Go to: www.liveparanormal.com.

Recently (03/06) I was a guest on a show with Wendy Garrett, the host of Conscious Living on Empower Radio. We covered a delightfully wide range of alternative things. Peruvian whistling vessels, telepathy, the Amazing Kreskin, near death experiences, the electronic voice phenomenon, UFOs, Uri Geller, astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the Cygnus mystery, Native American mysteries, etc., etc. Go to this link.

Thursday, February 22, 2024