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Alternate Perceptions Radio Shows

with Brent & Chandra

Chandra and I (Brent) were guests of Rhonda Hall on her blogtalk radio show Paranormal Chronicles on January 12th. Here’s the link. On January 28th, we had a very special guest on our show Alternate Perceptions. None other than the legendary Wyoming psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, the author of Soul Samples, and a well-known investigator and researcher of the UFO abduction/contactee syndrome, reincarnation, and hypnosis. While Chandra didn’t get to be a co-host on this show as usual, Rhonda joined as a co-host this round, and provided some needed technical assistance as well. Click here to listen.

I am scheduled to be a guest of Wendy Garrett on February 27th, at 8 PM CST, for one hour on her show Conscious Living (Empower Radio).

Chandra and I interviewed Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, the author of Encounters with the Star People, which focuses a great deal on the UFO/Native American aspect, on Monday, February 11th, on our show Alternate Perceptions. Here’s the link.

Check out Rhonda Hall’s new website: www.parachronicles.com. It contains neat feature articles (one by me!) and show cases some of the hosts and her interesting guests on her show The Paranormal Chronicles! One of her latest guests the renowned paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach!

Monday, February 06, 2023