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An Exclusive Interview with Professional Counselor Eve Lorgen, author of The Love Bite

By: Brent Raynes

Eve Lorgen, professional counselor

Eve Lorgen, M.A., is a professional counselor who is well-versed in high-strangeness and controversial areas of ufology and the paranormal. The author of The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships, and her latest book, The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural & Energy Vampirism, counselor Lorgen shares with us many fascinating details of how she became involved in this work and what findings and conclusions that she has reached.

For additional information and updates, visit her website at: http://evelorgen.com/wp/contact

Brent Raynes: Please share with our readers some details about yourself and how you, as a professional counselor, became so interested and involved in such controversial UFO/paranormal/spiritual dimensions of life? I understand that at an early age, you yourself observed with others UFOs?

Eve Lorgen: I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, the youngest of three sisters. My parents, originally from Western North Carolina, were open minded about spirituality and the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and so I was fortunate to be able to explore and discuss these topics from a young age with all my family members. My father worked for Lockheed-Martin in Silicon Valley and read many books on UFO’s, the paranormal and scientific arenas of interest. He was a voracious reader and disciplined my sisters and me to read books every week. He even made us do a book report every week, which at the time, we hated. But now, looking back, I see this as an early learning experience which helped me become an articulate, independent thinker. My mom is an artist, a gourmet purist cook, very creative, empathic and intelligent. She was a technical writer for many years before her retirement. My dad is now deceased.

It is also true that our entire family experienced aspects of the paranormal, such as telepathy, astral projection, ghost visitations, ESP, precognition and UFO sightings. One of the things I enjoyed learning and doing is lucid dreaming. I did this spontaneously at a young age. In fact, I learned how to ride a bicycle at 5 years old this way, without any training at all, except knowing what it felt like in a dream. I later applied this to dancing and gymnastics when I was older.

Brent Raynes: Please describe this "love bite" phenomenon, how it came to your attention, and why there is so much misunderstanding and confusion over this even within the mainstream UFO and paranormal fields?

Eve Lorgen: The love bite or “alien love bite” is a term that we used when describing a particular type of love obsession-bonding experience that was commonly reported by those who had multiple alien abduction histories. It is an emotionally intense love infatuation or obsession with another individual who has been pre-bonded with you in earlier alien abduction events. Both people can be abductees, but more often than not, it was the reporting person who was the abductee with multiple alien visitation histories, who told of being set up in a love connection with another person, during abduction scenarios. The other partner wasn’t always aware of their own involvement with the abduction phenomena. Barbara Bartholic, who passed away in 2010, worked with alien abduction and UFO research for 30 years. She knew about the various abduction related syndromes and what she called the love obsession dramas that the aliens orchestrated with their chosen ones. The love bite phenomenon came to my attention in the mid 1990’s during a support group session when four individuals (all abductees) reported being in the midst of a kind of love obsession with another person. Some became aware of the origin of these infatuations and obsessions as arising from abduction scenarios where they were put together with another person through many bondings throughout the years or perhaps only months--by their alien handlers. The aliens could be greys, reptilians, military-human looking, mantises, Nordic types of beings or even Tall Whites. Then later when the abductees met one another, it set off a powerful chemistry, deja vu and strong soul bonded connection. They reported empathy, sometimes telepathy, psychic bonding, mutually shared dreams and extraordinary physical chemistry. Following this usually was a roller coaster of high emotional drama and endless disruptions or the inability to consummate the love affair. Or simply alot of bizarre manipulations by either party. The end result being a lot of emotional turmoil, psychic and paranormal phenomena and even mystical experiences, depending on the person. The love is felt as very real, with surprisingly strong psychic connections that seem out of proportion with the relationship or the kind of partner. The syndrome of the alien love bite or love bite for short had a signature and set of symptoms, which is fully described in “The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships” book published in 2000. (http://evelorgen.com/wp/books/)

This is misunderstood within the UFO and alien abduction research as not being really connected to the phenomenon, but this is only because the UFO and alien abduction phenomenon is not fully understood if using a rational scientific nuts and bolts way of investigating. The truth is, many paranormal and quantum time-space shifts take place, as well as invasive influences that affect the experiencer beyond UFO sightings, medical exams and “alien implants”. It affects our consciousness and behaviors. And of course our relationships can be influenced, orchestrated and disrupted by these alien beings.

In the mainstream arena this is not even considered real, and usually laughed off as “just a simple, easily explained love relationship issue” or mental illness. Well, I beg to differ, and as someone educated with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a BS in Biochemistry. Most psychological theories and scientific fields cannot explain or deal with the reality of what we are dealing with. They may try to explain it away with the contemporary, out of date theories of Psychoanalytics, DSM mental health definitions and psychodynamics. Bohm Physics, Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic fields and other quantum physics are helpful, but science alone seems to have difficulty in bridging the gap between science, the paranormal and human psychology-relationship dynamics. Most fields of study are too compartmentalized to do justice to the reality of an extra-dimensional paranormal influence. They do not recognize the reality of energy vampirism and what I refer to as “demonic” overshadowing, partial possession and even possession such as reptilian hosting in some cases. It’s misunderstood simply because of lack of awareness and fear.

In indigenous cultures the shamans, healers or even clergy helped with these kinds of experiences. But in this society it is understood differently, oftentimes through the lens of the aforementioned fields of science, or by viewing this “issue” of alien interference as mental illness. On the flip side, the interference is also viewed as some kind of advanced technology. Which may be true in part, but this view encourages a form of powerlessness of our own human capabilities.

In my second book, “The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, The Supernatural and Energy Vampirism” the “love relationship influencer” is defined as a dark Cupid, who can take many forms--aliens/ETs included. In this book I wanted to focus on the specific relationship dynamics that occur when a paranormal influence is taking place. This influence was witnessed to be aliens for some, military-humans for others, non specific spirits, demons and reptilian beings. In other words, many experiencers did not fit into the neatly circumscribed category of the 1990’s views of “alien abductee” or contactee, and yet they had the love relationship dynamics that matched what was reported with the alien love bite. My hunch was of course, that more people are really being influenced by this “paranormal viral factor” which can take alien forms but not always. The hallmark of a dark Cupid relationship was the experience of some form of energy vampirism, paranormal manifestations and some form of emotional manipulation or psychopathology. This can also happen in a love connection where the reporting person keeps having the love partner of their choice being manipulated or disrupted by paranormal influences or non-physical entities that prevent them from having true love. There are two cases of this in The Dark Side of Cupid. This is reminiscent of the movie “The Adjustment Bureau” where the Watchers, clad in black suits and fedora hats, seem to be working for some higher authority or agenda to prevent certain couples from meeting and consummating true love. I believe there may be some truth to this, based on what I have observed over the years.

There appear to be several things happening in the Dark Side of Cupid, of which energy vampirism is the prime indicator and is the prevention or disruption of true love. Why? Well, that is for the reader to find out if they read my second book.

Brent Raynes: You have held support groups for UFO abductees. Why did you feel this was necessary? Do you continue to do so?

Eve Lorgen: I held a support group for experiencers of anomalous trauma in the mid 1990’s until about 1999. I felt it was necessary since these issues are not dealt with in mainstream psychology. Anomalous trauma included alien abductions, paranormal experiences, psychic attack or spiritual warfare, milabs, mind control, ritual abuse histories and narcissistic abuse. I stopped conducting a support group because I started experiencing different forms of harassment, psychic attacks, and spiritual warfare. Security became an issue for me, as oftentimes the secret government or whoever-- would send in what we used to call “OMAGS” or persons who appeared to be disruption agents to sow chaos and discord in one’s life or group. OMAG is a term created by Leah Haley-Davenport and is short for Obnoxious Military-Government Agent. There are other reasons why I no longer have public support group meetings in a personal environment. Many just wanted to use the group as a forum for discussion of what they believe or channeled messages by their alien/ET guides, or whatever the popular flavor of the week UFO/Paranormal/Conspiracy/New Age trends are. Such discussion is not true therapeutic work or support for others. I now work with individuals only, those who really want to do the therapeutic work, self-inquiry and take responsibility for becoming free of alien interference, mind control or other anomalous trauma issues.

Brent Raynes: Why do you think that this "love bite" phenomenon exists and who do you think is behind it?

Eve Lorgen: The love bite exists probably because the beings in the background, who are playing humanity like a chess game, get something out of it. I contend that it’s related to soul essence energy and the disruption of true love. OR this disruption prevents us from raising our consciousness enough to be free of that kind of influence. In other words, some of this is a conspiracy based view, the dumbing down of humanity to prevent us from self realization and true empowerment. On the other hand, for those who are really dedicated towards spiritual liberation, wisdom and evolution, they can use even these experiences as a platform for greater learning and awareness. A shamanic initiation, if you will.

Who is behind this? I think it goes way beyond grey aliens or ETs. This is just a guise or form it is being masqueraded through in these times. Even high technology, being used against us “sheeple” through a human “cabal” is a poor and disempowering explanation. There are higher levels of beings and creators who have reasons for this. We need to wake up to who we are in order to fully understand this question.

Brent Raynes: Have you ever felt threatened or in danger yourself from this work that you do?

Eve Lorgen: Yes, absolutely.

Brent Raynes: In hindsight, is there anything you'd do different about your approach to all of this, if you had it to do over again? Would you still become involved as you have?

Eve Lorgen: Good question. I suppose if I did it differently, I would have used a fake name when publishing my first book, articles and web site. It’s hard to be accepted in mainstream or even some spirituality or psychology circles because of what I have researched and written about. Getting a job is also difficult if your name is associated with fringe topics.

I think I still would have become as involved as I have with this area of research, based on my upbringing and experiences. Call it karma, if you will. One thing I wish I could have done more of earlier in this life is yoga, extended meditation retreats, and dream yoga. But the experience of having a “love bite” is something which propelled me into greater self awareness and humility. Feeling extraordinary love, even if it was not the perfect relationship was a great teacher to me. It taught me to be able to detach in a selfless way, to learn how to let go of attachment and illusion.

Brent Raynes: Psychic phenomena seems to play a major role in these events, right?

Eve Lorgen: Oh yes. One has also to remember that many “abductees/experiencers” live with the paranormal as a normal aspect of their lives. They may be naturally psychic, have precognitive abilities, empathy, and healing abilities working with energy, for example. But there were some people who reported a love bite experience, where for the first time in their life, they started seeing auras or having mutually shared telepathic dreams, astral projection, etc. I also believe that when powerful love is activated in us, whether or not it’s orchestrated by aliens--causes us to tap into archetypal forces. These start manifesting as synchronicities, omens and bridge a gap between the waking world and the inner realm of the unconscious and of dreams.

Brent Raynes: Have you found these people to also be highly hypnotizable - say more so than an average cross section of the population?

Eve Lorgen: No, not necessarily. But many were previously traumatized.

Brent Raynes: What are the key points you'd give someone who is just starting out and wants to look into this "love bite" activity? How would you prepare another counselor or investigator?

Eve Lorgen: I would offer insights as questions to explore, such as previous trauma, UFO or alien visitation history, paranormal or psychic abilities in ones family line, involvement in secret societies, or unusual medical issues. If they are seeking information about a past or current love relationship I would ask if there is a history of these kinds of dynamics and rule out other issues first.

For other counselors or investigators it is important to be able to assess for serious trauma and family background issues. I would suggest applying or learning self-protection in cases of the Illuminati bloodline/military/intel/supersoldier victims. Or if working with a partially possessed, overshadowed or “reptilian hosted” individual/client. These can be tricky and take more therapeutic considerations because of triggering, programmed alters, and also the harassment factor if you uncover dangerous material.

If one wants to be a good paranormal investigator, one may want to learn what some shamans and healers do in terms of spiritual protection. If you are a UFO investigator, abduction or mind control researcher, be mindful of how you can be targeted by secret societies, cult members, some alien types, technologies, etc. You may want to learn a bit about possession and exorcism. I recently read Scott Peck’s books on exorcism and possession from a psychiatrist’s perspective. Malichi Martin’s books are also good.

For me, the research and liberation methods of Dr. Corrado Malanga of Italy have been very helpful in reducing or eliminating alien interference relating to aliens, milabs or some paranormal parasite/attached entity issues. This is good research and has no bias on any religious doctrines or deity beliefs. It is based on solid research and scientific principles. (http://flashmentalsimulation.wordpress.com/corradomalanga/)

On a therapeutic level, I think it’s best to try and eliminate the paranormal influences/alien interference first (ie, spirit/parasite release) before doing the emotional processing work or uncovering and releasing of traumatic memories. Or, at least do the personal growth work simultaneously. This includes learning compassionate communication skills, doing your own grieving work, cleaning up addictions, old wounds of the heart, etc. Rarely does one or two hypnotic regression sessions heal the deeper wounds, it takes a dedicated life of self responsibility, personal growth and integrity to deal with this kind of stuff.

Brent Raynes: Do you have any predictions for possible future developments or patterns, based on what you have found in your ongoing research and investigations of the "love bite" scenario through the years?

Eve Lorgen: Well, I’m not a psychic who can predict the future. But I can say from what I’ve seen in my research that deception and evil is real. The supernatural power of good/divine is also real. The rapid emergence of evil is either on the rise or becoming more visible because of the global communication and expansion of awareness taking place at this time in history. Some would think this a spiritually “retarded” way of viewing reality but I’ve seen too much to have a dogmatic religious view or casual New Age opinion about all of this.

However, I do believe there are solutions to the deception and extent of evil that we are seeing today. Awaken, take the time to learn and realize who we really are as divinely souled humans. Love fully, communicate compassionately, but set firm boundaries with unhealthy energy vampires. Then use this power of wisdom to create positive change.

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