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Alternate Perceptions Radio Shows

with Brent & Chandra

We’ve been with the liveparanormal crew now for a year and still going strong! Chandra Harrison and I (Brent Raynes) recently (October 22) interviewed Jim Carey (not to be confused with the famous movie star/comedian), a long time UFO/paranormal “weirdo” like myself, who was my first buddy in all of this, going all the way back to my teenaged years up in Maine, back to around about 1968! [My Oh My, where does the time get off to??] Click here to give this show a listen.

Upcoming we’ll be interviewing Peruvian explorer, Crystal Skull authority Joshua Shapiro, on November 5th, 8 PM Central, on www.liveparanormal.com . So please continue to stay tuned! More is on the way!

Thursday, June 08, 2023