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An Interview with Joshua Shapiro: Peruvian Explorer and authority on Crystal Skulls

By: Brent Raynes

JOSHUA SHAPIRO is widely recognized as an expert on the Crystal Skull mystery and controvery. A frequent explorer and tour guide to Peru, Mr. Shapiro has considerable insight and knowledge to share on these matters. He is putting together an online two day Crystal Skull Conference on December 1st and 2nd. For full particulars go to: www.crystalskullexplorers.com.

Brent Raynes: Joshua, how on earth did you become this Peruvian explorer and guide to mystical places on that magical South American landscape, and how did you become so deeply immersed in the Crystal Skull mystery and controversy?

Joshua Shapiro: In the late 1980's, I met Peter Schneider, then one of the owners of Peru Mystic Tours in the San Francisco area and he invited me to work with his company to come to Peru. So before I moved from this area to Las Vegas at the end of 1989 I went to Peru and found I had a strong connection with Peru. I visited all of the key places, like Cusco, Machu Picchu, Nazca, Ica and Lake Titicaca, and it was during another visit to Peru in 1990 that I had a vision of a Blue Crystal Skull which brought me to the northern part of Peru for the first of three trips in 1997.

The accounting of my three trips to Peru from 1997-2002 looking for the Blue Skull is being told in a new book (e-book), which I hope to have out in October and that is based on my detailed journal notes.

Now as far as getting involved with the crystal skulls, this started before I went to Peru. In 1983, I was visiting a metaphysical bookstore in San Jose, CA when I saw a photograph of an amethyst crystal skull, which is known today as "Ami" (which means friend). At that time, there was a group of business men who had received this skull as collateral from a loan they gave to a Mayan Priest from Mexico. When I saw the photo, I had a strong vibration inside of me, like an inner earthquake, as if my soul recognized this skull, or the crystal skulls, which was followed by a real earthquake about half an hour later when there was a real earthquake in California and the picture was wobbling on the table that it was sitting on - from this inner and outer earth quake it told me that the crystal skulls were vital for the future of humanity and life was asking what was I going to do about it. I decided to continue to investigate the skulls and about a month later I saw "Ami" in person and energetically linked with this crystal skull. So the journey began and here almost 30 years later I have personally seen thousands of crystal skulls in the US, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Europe and Australia, with 17 skulls that I personally share with my life partner Katrina Head, the other half of the Crystal Skull Explorers.

Skulls we have include:

a) Rosalita - a human size rose quartz crystal with a separate movable jaw made by a master carver in China in October of 2011;

b) Portal de Luz (Portal of Light) made by the master Brazilian carver Leandro da Silva - almost human size, single piece made from light smoky quartz from Brazil;

c) Geronimo Golden Eagle-Eye - another creation by Leandro, dark clear smoky, single piece - has the energy of the indigenous people and like Portal de Luz, both of these skulls have had many spontaneous alterations of their internal form;

d) Ta'chu'la - an old crystal skull found in the ground in China/Mongolia when they were building a dam - it doesn't look like a human skull, stylized, possibly half quartz and half carnelian - small size but the spirit of the Skull said it came and was made by the Mayans - called out to Katrina for us to acquire it when she met this skull in Sedona, AZ at the end of 2009 - it is a protector skull;

e) Krishna - a light blue opalite skull a bit monkey like that was apported in a seance with trance-physical medium Michael Shane after channeling the ascended master Khrisna. It came out of Mr. Shane’s mouth with about 30 other gemstones and jewelry via an energy vortex behind his tongue. He has also apported another clear quartz skull in his bedroom, which is about 4-5 lbs and that is called Ashtar and came from the planet Clarion.

Brent Raynes: What do you believe that we can learn from the Crystal Skulls? And why crystals in the shape of human skulls?

Joshua Shapiro: The Crystal Skulls are a catalyst to reflect to their guardian or individuals who work with them aspects of their self - their soul, their creative gifts, their spiritual gifts, their purpose in life.

If the crystal skulls (the very old ones found that we are publicly aware of) are the ancient computers, as some believe, then what amazing information do they contain that could help humanity to create a peaceful world? Usually part of this information is imparted through spiritual gifts (i.e., telepathy, direct transfer, dreams) to sensitive individuals, or part of it seems to be with the indigenous people who guard these skulls in secret to protect them.

I believe when an original set of very, very old skulls (maybe from a time hundreds of thousands of years ago) come back together, their collective energy could be the catalyst that will take our world into a Golden Age - the generator to move Mother Earth into a higher octave.

Related to their shape and having a similar shape to our human bone skull, I believe that the Spiritual or Galactic beings who decided the form of the physical body that would be optimum for our soul to grow and learn in this physical dimension - they understood that the shape of the skull acts as a receptor for cosmic knowledge and wisdom similar to how a perfectly shaped pyramid, one third of the way down from the top, has special properties of regeneration - plus working with quartz crystal, which already is a door to inter-dimensional frequencies and contact with intelligence being - the crystal skull can serve as a power tool to enhance humanity and help us to find our way back to balance. The meso-american people regard the skull shape as a link to the Godhead - a connection via this form to hear Creator. The Skull is the part of our body that protects our Brain and which allows our consciousness to express itself via our personality in this world.

Brent Raynes: A lot of people from all over the world seem almost hypnotically drawn to Peru. Why do you think that is?

Joshua Shapiro: There is no doubt Peru is a mystical land - having been there, there are certain frequencies of energy that you can't find in many places of our world. This is probably because many parts of the country are isolated or in high elevation, and so by stopping the expanding of the modern world, this has maintained the frequencies of the places and ruins that exist there. Also I believe this part of South America was once linked to the Lemurian Continent and also there is a discussion of an underground tunnel system which may have been built by the Atlanteans. So there exists links with these great former advanced civilizations and probably buried under the ground are time capsules and sites where advanced technologies were used. Also with the large amount of UFO sightings in Peru (which are accepted as common place to the Peruvians) this implies there are special energy vortexes which allow contact with galactic and dimensional beings of which I have had my share - in our last tour in 2009 where we led our first group - we saw a tremendous amount of UFO activity around Lake Titicaca - clouds in the sky and strange light moving around at night with clouds showing lightning with no sound. For the people who live on the islands in Lake Titicaca they have seen UFOs and ones going into the water. Could the Inca Golden Sun Disk be a remnant of Lemuria? It just has many places which have powerful energies. This is part of the reason people go to Peru, to be exposed to these energies which helps with a spiritual transformation and a release of blocked energies along with spiritual visions and spiritual experiences that change a person's life forever.

Brent Raynes: There seems to be a lot of UFO activity in Peru also. Do you have any thoughts or experiences on this that you'd care to share with us?

Joshua Shapiro: I believe, of course, that UFOs, ships from intelligent beings from other worlds, exist absolutely. Why? Well it doesn't make any logical sense that we are the only intelligent beings in the Universe. I have seen UFOs that I believe are extraterrestrial controlled ships as clouds, lights in the sky or stars, and also clouds with lightning inside which make no sound. Plus in my 57 years of life, following spiritual coincidences and spontaneous type of events which happen to me, I know my soul essence is what we call a "Wanderer," which George Hunt Williamson, an early UFO contactee, defined as a cosmic chimney sweep who travels from planet to planet helping to lift those cultures or civilizations into the Light. So I know that the ETs who are around this planet, either behind some type of invisibility barrier or in a slightly different vibratory rate, plane or dimension, see us as unique vibration, or maybe even as a color (at least to one ET being we spoke through a local friend who is a medium) and thus would recognize my wanderer status.

Now let us apply this to Peru and our work in Peru with the crystal skulls. Again having visited Peru more times than I can count, I can say for certain that for whatever reason, whether it has to do with ancient cultures like Lemuria or Atlantis being here before, or that within Peru are special energy vortexes that have existed for a long time and are untouched by our so-called modern world, a great deal of paranormal phenomena happens in Peru. Once you leave the modern city of Lima, you just don't know what will happen to you.

When there is an energy vortex in an area on our world, especially that is fairly isolated, the UFOs have the ability to come through dimensional doors and be physically present and seen. Especially around the Lake Titicaca area, not only by myself but others (usually traveling with a spiritual travel group) see the clouds which look exactly like a dome ship - a few times when visiting Lake Titicaca I have seen the same looking cloud - that has appeared in one part of the sky and then in a few minutes in another, or has appeared from one visit to Peru to another - that it can only be a ship.

What is also more remarkable is the people accept the sightings of UFOs in the sky or some of the people who live on the reed islands in Lake Titicaca talked about ships coming out of the water (Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in the world, and at its elevation it is about 14,000 feet). So let us just say, to conclude the answer to this question, that the UFO beings exist in Peru and the people accept this as a part of life.

Linked to the crystal skulls, I have two theories about an ET connection in Peru. First I had a vision once in an isolated area north of Lima, that during the time of Atlantis (when they had levitating craft like UFOs) that in its final destruction about 12,000 years ago, a team of people flew from the continent, before it went underwater, and on these craft, brought their sacred tools to Peru, including crystal skulls. There is a blue skull that has been calling me from Peru - that I have gone to find in the northern part three times (a new book is coming out on this, information taken from out of my journals) that I think I was part of the team (past life) who brought this skull from Atlantis to Peru. So it is also possible the ships seen in Peru could be from descendants of Atlantis too who definitely had contact with ETs. The other possibility is that a race of ETs brought the crystal skulls to the people of Peru (probably the indigenous people) in the far past as a tool to help with awakening consciousness and these tribes still guard these skulls. A good friend of mine spoke about a library she felt existed at Machu Picchu, under the stone of some of the buildings, and that this library could be a crystal skull.

Needless to say our personal crystal skulls always love visiting Peru and go through energetic shifts each time they go and they seem to also provide an energetic marker of our presence for the UFOs in Peru to find us and know we are there. Pretty interesting, aye?

Brent Raynes: In August, I think that I met a good friend of yours while he was on tour here in the USA. His name is Jorge Luis Delgado. He seemed to be a very humble and spiritual person and we very much enjoyed participating in ceremonies and teachings that he gave atop a large pyramidal Indian Mound in Florence, Alabama. Have you been to that mysterious stone doorway that he discovered near Puno, which he was led to after a series of strange dreams about the site?

Joshua Shapiro: Yes, I am very good friends with Jorge Luis Delgado, who actually was my first tour guide in Peru to sacred places around Lake Titicaca, back in 1989 when I visited Peru for the first time. He has even helped me to give talks around Puno about the crystal skulls during subsequent visits. And the last time my life partner Katrina and I visited Peru, taking a tour group of 15 people, his tour agency was the one we worked with and everyone loved them. We didn't get to see Jorge Luis too much however.

The name of the place you are discussing is called Amaru Muru and it is a huge stone door that is about a one hour car drive south of Puno city, not too far from Lake Titicaca. Senior Delgado has made the world aware of this special door and we did take our tour group there in the fall of 2009. Many of our passengers had a very powerful experience around it. It is believed this door has existed since the time of Lemuria and is named after a Priest of Lemuria who also had access to the legendary Sun Disc. This information was shared in a book about Peru written by Brother Philip (also known as George Hunt Williamson, and the book is called "Secret of the Andes" and we offer a new version which has a section of one of my travels to Peru released by Mr. UFO, Tim Beckley).

To give one an idea of what happened to us while we were meditating at this large stone door, here is a brief summary of Katrina's experience and my own from 2009. Katrina bent down on the stone step in front of the door and as instructed by one of our Peruvian guides, had her crystal skulls in front of the door and in front of her and touched her forehead to a spot on the wall. She went through the door, as if it was a dimensional door and reconnected with 13 aspects of herself. In my case, one of the crystal skulls I placed in front of me slipped off the stone step ("Portal de Luz", our 10 lb smoky quartz skull) and for a few months there was a strange, what looked like an internal chip of the quartz at the back of his head, as if a hole or door had been added which disappeared eventually. Everyone could hear him slip with a loud sound. Then there is a special crystal skull theme song I have written on the guitar which I sing "We are One.” I put on my mp3 player where I play this song and sing out loud during my session. I have felt a strong energy connect with me and became very emotional. I think my session was more to bring a special energy back to this place, working with the music and the crystal skulls. It did take me about 10 minutes to recover and I was so filled with energy after my meditation that I hugged everyone present, even local people watching us. Peru does some funny things to me - my inner child comes out.

One other thing about this visit is that while I was meditating - one of the members of our tour took video and there was some type of light that moved behind me - starting from my foot - not sure what that was, but it was interesting. If any of your readers would like to see pictures about our tour of 2009 or video - on our website is a link to all of our reports - 28 pages of pictures and seven videos. Go to: www.Crystal-InterdimensionalJourneys-E.info
(go to the bottom of this page for the reports)

We hope to offer another spiritual tour to Peru in 2013 - if anyone is interested feel free to contact us for more details.

Brent Raynes: How have your journey's to Peru changed you through the years? Do you feel that you've gained some measure of true enlightenment, peace, and understanding through this process?

Here are key things that I believe have happened to me:

a) I discovered that I have lived in Peru before in different civilizations - from Inca, to pre-Inca and I believe I came from Atlantis to bring special sacred tools, artifacts and knowledge. When one links to a place they have lived before it activates gifts and understanding from those times. I know in this lifetime I still have a special work to do in South America and always have a joyous return when I can travel there.

b) Due to the high energy vortexes present, combined with the harsh environments to live in Peru, I think this strengthened me on many levels - one that I can tolerate all different kinds of life situations and adapt - that I don't have to have the modern conveniences to be happy and that life is about personal relationships. Also it makes one more confident in themselves and stronger - believing you can achieve anything you put your mind to do

c) Also due to the various high frequencies of energy present along with it being in high altitude, I have no doubt that it helped to activate many of my spiritual gifts. Once your spiritual gifts open, then you begin to link into soul wisdom and universal knowledge. Your electro-magnetic energy field around you becomes stronger and lets say confused or dark energies of people around you or the modern world do not affect you as much and take you up and down all the time. You can be in more balance and at peace within yourself. This is probably why many people are drawn to Peru - to get away from the outer distractions of the modern life and be in a totally still environment that links very much with nature, the animals, and provides contact with other intelligences.

d) So each time I visited Peru - another part of myself would come out. Peru acted as a catalyst to help me face parts of myself that no longer work for me or are stuck or blocked (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) and I would have to face these inner demons and let them go. Thus the vacuum is filled with more peace, more calm, more balance, more enlightenment, etc.

I should also mention that every person, due to the essence of their soul, will have their own locations they will feel drawn to visit at some time in their life that resonates with them and can produce similar experiences. It doesn't have to be Peru for everyone. It is just that Peru is relatively untouched and thus its easier for the spiritual / dimensional / nature spirits / ET beings to have contact with the people without any interference. The life in Peru is much slower and people living there appreciate going from moment to moment and cherish their relationships more with each other. As they say, if any of this sounds intriguing, try Peru. You will like it. Come with us on our next journey there. But be warned, most people do not come back the same.

Brent Raynes: Have you traveled to some other countries or sites where you feel that you've gained any insights and understanding in your quest for enlightenment?

Joshua Shapiro: Well due to our work with the crystal skulls, which I would say is a global mystery and one in which many cultures and civilizations have had contact with this sacred tool over hundreds of thousands of years, if not more, we have traveled to other countries and had different experiences.

For example in 2009, I had a chance to travel to Mexico, near Mexico City two times, once with Katrina. The energy around this city is extremely intense, and it seems to have both a positive aspect and a negative aspect. But they have found in the ground around this area and other parts of the country, thousands upon thousands of artifacts from various Meso-American people. Some amazing crystal skulls come out of Mexico. There is one kind, a type which is hollow inside of which I have seen quite a few now, that we can't explain how they were made exactly.

I have only had one opportunity to visit one of the ancient pyramids in the world and that was the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuancan, also near Mexico City. As I stood on the stone steps and platforms of this pyramid, I felt energetically there is no way this could have been built by a primitive culture. I think when the Atlanteans colonized Mexico and the Yucatan, they built these buildings and they are huge. Plus a tremendous amount of UFOs have appeared around Mexico City, especially at the same time in the sky. When I spoke at a UFO conference in Brazil in May of 2008, I met Jaime Maussen, a journalist who became a UFO researcher and he showed us at the conference over 100 UFO lights in the sky appearing at once. It turned out Senior Maussen had his own crystal skulls, which is why I visited Mexico City the first time in 2009 - and he interviewed me for his TV show.

But what is fascinating for me is how different the energy is in Mexico as compared to Peru, but both places seem to have dimensional energy portals which the UFOs come through.

The other place I have visited that has these locations with high energy is the Southwestern part of England - where we find many crop circles and sacred stone structures such as Avebury and Stonehenge. As I walk around in these areas, you can feel an electricity in the air. There has to be a reason why the crop circles first were noticed in the world here. Again it seems there are energy portals which other beings will come through. Plus again throughout England you will find many people researching the paranormal, or being channels or mediums. It has to do with the vibration frequencies here.

My favorite experience in England was when I had a chance to visit Robin Foy's home north of London in Scole, England, when he lived there (now he is in Spain). I met Mr. Foy at a conference in England in 2006, and he told me about the Scole Experimental Group they conducted from 1994-1998 where spirit was physically working with them and physically manifesting every type of phenomena you can imagine. Although I visited years after the experiment was shut down, I felt water on my hand while sitting in the cellar, where all the phenomena occurred, but there was no water. Winston Churchill channeled through Mr. Foy and spoke about the importance of the crystal skulls we brought with us. Someone (invisible) gave me a healing from behind me while sitting at their central table and every crystal skull we brought, their internal structures changed.

So again as you can see, each of these sacred places you go to, does change who you are - opens you up to more aspects of your true self. Plus being a typical Aries, I will always be open to visit new places.

The areas I have not been able to travel to yet, which I would like to, include around Jerusalem and Israel, India, Tibet and more of a chance to see Australia and New Zealand.

Brent Raynes: If readers want to learn more about you and your ongoing work, what can they do?

Joshua Shapiro: Yes, we have various websites people can find information that we share and it includes almost every form of social media that exists. So I will list below some of the key sites we have and the reader can decide for themselves what is appropriate.

Our main website for our work with the crystal skulls is located at: www.crystalskullexplorers.com

If you look up any of these key words on Google you can find a lot of the pages we offer. Our website was the first crystal skull website since 1995:

Crystal Skull Explorers, Crystal Skulls Explained, Joshua Shapiro.

Now the old V J Enterprises website still exists, though it is in a primitive form compared to the new websites of today, but if you start here, you can find our UFO information and New Age related information.

Now we also offer our free newsletter, "Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls"

Our free e-book, "Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers - the Free E-book Edition"

We have a personal page and two fan pages on Facebook:

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Related to books that I have been involved with available via Amazon, a person can visit http://www.amazon.com/Joshua-Shapiro/e/B004XW25M2
www.amazon.com/Joshua-Shapiro/e/B004XW25M2 (includes a new book we released in September, "Discover the Hidden Secrets contained within the Crystal Skulls"
(new book - Search for the Blue Skull in Peru - we hope is ready in November)

2012 Online Crystal Skull Conference, December 1st and 2nd

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