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An Interview with Paranormal Experiencer & Investigator Vallie Rojas

By: Brent Raynes

VALLIE ROJAS is the founder of Earthbound Spirit Hunters Middle Tennessee Paranormal Services (http://www.earthboundspirithunters.com/index.html). She has been a professional singer since she was eighteen. A resident of Tennessee, Vallie also has her own paranormal show, called Spirit Hunter Vallie at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Vallie--rojas

Brent Raynes: Vallie, first of all please share with us a little about yourself, a kind of autobiographical sketch if you will. What you do for a living, what you do that makes you happy, and what sort of childhood and life have you had so far? And, of course, what mark on this life do you want to make and how would you like to be remembered?

Vallie Rojas: Let me start off by saying that when I was a small child around four, I was living in East Nashville. My grandmother on my father’s side let me spend the night with her. In my days, you were not allowed to be heard, much less seen. I never knew my grandfathers. When I was a baby they both had passed. My mother was from California where she had married my father. Then she moved to Tennessee where he lived and she stayed here with my father until her passing. Before she passed my father was so heartbroken he willed himself to die, we believe, for he had passed weeks before her death.

Now back to the story. My grandmother’s home was next door to us at that time. She was a very hard woman, one would say. She was very strict. I wanted to go and spend one night with her. My mother was shocked but allowed me to go. So I did and that night, when we went to bed, we were together sleeping. I was happy and went to sleep. I woke up and first thing I noticed was my grandmother wasn’t in the bed. It was dark, jet black dark! I then realized how cold the room was. I had the covers all the way up to my neck and was still shivering. I then looked out and in my grandmother’s chair I saw a man’s shadow. The reason I say man was because he had a hat on his head and a pipe in his mouth! I screamed and covered my head. “Grandma, Grandma!” She got up and cut on the light and saw nothing. She was angry with me for waking her up with such nonsense. So I pulled my covers over my head and waited until daylight and got out of that house as fast as I could. That was one small paranormal experience I had. It seemed like since then things always were happening to me! I never knew why. I thought maybe I was bad or something or someone hated me. I was very confused and tried to close my mind to spirits! In those days, if things like that happened to you, you could be considered evil.

I knew I wasn’t evil; only free spirited. Later after graduating from high school I fell in love! So I moved to Texas and I got married. Had two children by my first husband. We never really talked about paranormal stuff but it still was going on. I was able to astral project in my sleep. I got really freaked out then. I got a book and started practicing on how to control it. He never said much until we were visited by his deceased father. He came to our home to see my first born. She was a girl. He always wanted girls and when she was at the age of three she saw him in the closet! My husband then was freaked out. He thought there was a burglar outside. Then we realized the closet had no windows where she saw the man! She was so scared she had an accident in her panties. She had been potty trained.

My first husband knew I had a talent singing. My mom was a singer and she and dad played in bands together and recorded too. I became one of the popular singers in Houston, Texas at that time. I was making great money, but my marriage was falling apart. I knew there was no way I could live in Houston in peace being divorced. So I packed up and drove a U-Haul back to Nashville.

Michael was in my life before I left. He was in my band, but all things came to an end. He went to college and I came back to Tennessee. I always loved singing. I really thought that one day I was going to make it!

What makes me happy? Hmmm. Giving love and support to someone and seeing their smile, or answering a question about a paranormal problem that a person may have. Or being on stage and singing like time had never changed for me. Being truthful with answers and hopefully someday when I pass on I will prove to love ones that life goes on, even when you pass! I saw this with my parents. It made me feel so warm, so good, and yet I smelt death. I got sick but it was the best experience I will remember all my life! I want to be remembered as a person who is willing to make an effort to help you, let you feel normal, not crazy, just because you can see or feel spirits. I was told in the beginning it was evil and thanks to my Cherokee grandfather for opening my Third Eye, I know the truth now. I just need to trust what I feel.

Brent Raynes: As I understand it, you've had psychic experiences and abilities going back to your early childhood. And, apparently too, this is something that you had inherited from others in the family?

Vallie Rojas: I have learned over the years that children have the ability to see spirits. Some never lose that ability and so therefore we now have a name for this and it is called psychic. I have some abilities I have learned over the years. I thought that when I felt the presence of a spirit or saw anything of that nature when I was much younger that the place was just haunted. I was not aware that it was only me that was experiencing this. We had a fire in our home when I was still a child and we all had to stay the night at my grandmother’s home. That was the one I said earlier where I saw my grandfather. That night I do not know and to this day I’m still not aware of what happened. I will just tell you my story. I went to sleep that night as normal. I woke up around 3 a.m., two blocks away from my grandmother’s home. I started screaming and crying and running all the way back to grandmother’s house. I was banging on the screen door which happened to be latched. My mother answered the door and said to me, “Vallie Lynn, how did you get outside?” You see the screen door was latched from the inside and the door was locked also. I had no memory of leaving my grandmother’s home or walking on the street. All I know was waking up two blocks away. Some thought maybe I was sleep walking. In that case, question was who latched both doors? Some also think if you sleep walk once you will repeat it again? It never happened to me again. All I know is that the experience was so traumatic that I have blocked this somehow. Memory is a total loss and I have never been able to even remember a little of what happened. I think I did this subconsciously so I could close my third eye to all bad things that I was experiencing at such a young and tender age.

My abilities came from my mother, I am sure. She was the one who had Cherokee bloodline. This was passed from my grandfather. She had six children. Out of the six children one had dark skin. That is also a sign that you have Indian bloodline. I was told my grandfather on my mother’s side chanted Cherokee while smoking his pipe outside with the smoke stones. To this day, I still don’t know what smoke stones are.

I know Indian language isn’t taught so if you know the language then you must be or have some Indian bloodline in your family.

I think my mother was clairvoyant. She experienced ghostly encounters, but I was young and she did not want me to hear all the stories. She was afraid that I would get too frightened as a child. As I got older, she was able to know things before anyone else. I remember one day when I was young I asked my mom how do you know this? She would only say to me, “Little Red Bird told me.” Then I asked, “Mama, what’s the Little Red Bird’s name?” Then she would laugh and go on with her work at the house. In those days, they didn’t have names for special talents like hers. My mother thought it was a curse. In fact, she would not polish her finger nails because she believed that something bad would happen. It did when she polished her nails, but I believe now it was her psychic abilities coming through warning her of what was going to happen. Not that she painted her nails. She did not know any better, just as I did not either in those days. My other sisters in my family had some abilities too. They just didn’t come forward with it. They are private and are still not wanting to admit anything about hauntings in public. They are either frightened or don’t want to be identified. So I let them have their privacy. I am getting old now and I want to share before I pass this realm what I have learned, experienced and seen to all my friends who want to hear my ghost stories and all about me.

Brent Raynes: What have been some of your most profound, life-changing, if not downright spiritual type experiences?

Vallie Rojas: Earlier in our old home that Michael and I lived in, we had paranormal activity there as well. I wasn’t doing ghost hunting at that time either. I had friends come over and they would see things that were not normal. One night my friend was at my home and Mike was out of town and she saw what looked like Mary, our daughter, walk down the hallway to the powder room. She waited for her to come out. She needed to visit the powder room. Finally she said to me, “Vallie, will you tell Mary to hurry up? She has been in there for sometime.” I went to the powder room and knocked on the door. It was opened and the light was off earlier. Now the door was shut and the light was on. She didn’t answer me. I got worried and opened the door thinking maybe she was sick. I looked in and there was nobody in there. I went to her room immediately and there she was asleep. I woke her up just to see if she had been to the powder room and she said no, she had been sleeping all that time.

Now my friend is very religious and she will not have anything to do with paranormal stuff. She saw a person that looked like Mary go in the powder room and close the door and never come out. Later that week, I believe it was, we got a call from Houston. His mother was passing and wasn’t expecting to live long. Mike needed to get on the plane to Houston as fast as he could. So I took him to the airport and at that time Mike had a red truck. We used to kid him about it because Rojas in Spanish means red. Anyway, after dropping him off at the airport I was returning home and when I pulled into my driveway I saw a shadow by his truck! I had my car lights on when I saw this shadow by his truck. I was so scared thinking it was a robber. I waited a few seconds and didn’t see it anymore. So I thought I would run in the house as fast as I could to call the police. In those days, we did not have cell phones. So as I was getting out of my car and started to run, I turned to look and by his truck there was that shadow. It then, at that time, shot straight through to the sky. Just like a rocket would and I just stood there in shock. Then I heard my phone ringing inside my house. I hurried to unlock my door and get inside. As I ran to the phone and answered it, it was from Houston. It was Michael’s family telling me that his mother had just passed. I believe that his mother was the shadow that was around his truck. I think she came to tell him goodbye. She had no idea he was on his way there. That alone told me that right after death you do see loved ones and you do go on living. It’s just in another realm!

Brent Raynes: Has your awareness and your experiences brought you deeper understanding and comfort into your life?

Vallie Rojas: Everyday is a challenge for me. Some are always questioning my abilities and that is why I try not to say too much to people about what I feel and see. Everyone sees things differently I suppose. Some say they see beautiful angels all in white and heavenly colors of auras. I, on the other hand, see skeletal figures that are not pretty. In fact, some are pretty scary at times. I can now go anywhere and paranormal activity happens. I can go to a park to jog and before I know it I get an EVP without trying to.

Let me explain what happened. I was jogging and stopped to feed my buddies the squirrels. I had my earphones on and was digging my itunes. I was videotaping feeding my buddies the sequirrels. There wasn’t anyone around. That’s why I stopped to feed them. Sometimes I do this and I put it on my site because it is so darn cute. When I was listening and watching the tape on my iphone I heard an EVP as clear as possible saying to me, “HEY”.

Now this park has a small graveyard with some Civil War veterans buried there. Then I had another paranormal experience, so I took a K2 meter because for some reason my Ipod always stopped playing at this certain area. I thought I would see if it could be paranormal. I got a lot of spikes and it once spiked to red. It was by the water and there is no electricity around there.

I always feel them and they know this. One way or another, by me being so cold all of a sudden, or I sometimes feel like I am in a whirlpool spinning. It’s hard to explain like I said, but I hear and see differently than most other people. I guess that’s why I don’t say much to many people for fear they may think I am nuts! I will tell you this, that when they come to me I allow my equipment to prove that I am having this paranormal experience and I am not a magnet or that I am possessed! Too many people are told so many negative things that they are scared to even contact teams for help. You need to be positive and realize that not all spirits are demonic. I believe in my heart this to be true. When my father came to see my mother on her dying bed he was a spirit then. He was not demonic. He was waiting for her to pass to take her to heaven. So the point of me telling you this is people need to “stop scaring innocent victims” when they are having paranormal problems that they can’t fix. They blame it on the client and say it must be demonic. Then leave the client to handle this bigger problem alone! If you are a team of investigators and you find yourself in a situation you can’t take care of go to other resources and contact them. Do not leave the client alone with the burden of not knowing what is going on. Don’t bring negative to a place that may be influenced already. You would be feeding this fear upon this family or client! I myself will not take a job that may be demonic for I am not a demonologist and I will not leave a family hopeless! I have had to call the spirit Michael several times and he has helped me so much and I will leave it at that.

Brent Raynes: What have some of your most evidential personal experiences that prove to you the existence of life-after-death been like?

Vallie Rojas: As I had stated earlier, I moved back from Houston, Texas to live here permanently. You’d be surprised after living far away how much you can grow apart from your loved one. Reality of that fact happened to me.

My family was so loving and caring. I owe this to my mother. She was always there for us. She would always cook the Holiday Dinners and then say, “Well, I don’t think it’s any good this year!” We always laughed because it was the best food you could ever imagine. My mother was so giving and never once asked for anything in return. My father always went to the grocery store and other places to get things needed for our Holiday events. He had a special name for his shopping, which was “piddling”!! We always would get a laugh out of that. Mom loved those few hours of freedom and peace when he was piddling. It gave her time to relax and do what she wanted for a few hours. You see, my father was retired and he had been for awhile. So, every now and then she would enjoy time to herself, like all us do.

My mother and I grew very close over the years. She and dad would come to hear me sing. I was so close to mom we could talk about anything and she would be there for me and I would be there for her. I will never forget that day in the car when she asked me if I would take her to the emergency room. I was shocked that she wanted to go. She never wanted to go to a doctor period and to ask to go to the emergency room? I was really scared and I said, “Mom, what’s wrong?” Then she said she was so dizzy and fell. Dad was a diabetic and wasn’t able to take her. We were having a hard time keeping his insulin balanced. So driving wasn’t an option. So I will just get to the part where we were told the bad news. She had cancer. They said after surgery they got it all but they were wrong. They did not get all the cancer. She did chemo and still a year later she still had cancer. This time it came back with a vengeance. They had us sign a DNR so she could have hospice at home. I thought my brother would be there in time to sign the DNR. He was the Executor of the Estate. His work kept him longer than he thought so I had to sign it. It was the worst thing I ever had to do in my life. So now we are at their home taking care of her and dad 24 hours a day with a nurse coming in checking vital signs. You can tell it’s close when she seems to be in a coma, and she no longer eats or talks. It just ripped the inside of my heart out. My father could not take it anymore. He realized that he was losing the love of his life.

I was in mom’s room one day and dad came in to talk to mom. We both knew she would not respond but he still wanted to speak to her. I said, “Dad, I will leave you to talk to mom,” and as I walked out of the room dad strolled his walker in saying to mom, “Mary, you’re breaking my heart.” I wasn’t there for the rest of his conversation. I felt that it was private. Later that night, I was in the living room and as I watched my father he started breathing weird. That weekend we also signed a DNR on dad so he was able to have a nurse to take care of him with mom as well. We were there 24 hours a day, but we did not have a clue on anything as far as medical issues. I am talking about how to do personal things that only a nurse can do. We did everything else. Dad’s breathing was not good and I called Peggy, my sister. I told her to come fast. I was scared something was wrong with dad.

You’re not allowed to call an ambulance because of the DNR. She and my brother-in-law came and said they called our hospice nurse. She came later that morning and told us dad had a heart attack. Dad wouldn’t go to the hospital. He refused. I believe he willed himself to die for that night my father passed. We couldn’t tell mom even though she was in and out of a coma due to her cancer. She wouldn’t have comprehended it or retained it. So we kept his death from her and said he was in the hospital but he is getting better if she asked. A few weeks later she had not spoken. I was at her bedside and I heard something in the hallway. Then it got louder and then I realized it sounded like dad’s walker coming down the hallway. I was getting chills for I didn’t know what to expect. Then at that moment my mom opened her eyes, looked straight at me and said, “Vallie Lynn, I thought you said your father was in the hospital?” I was amazed that she had spoken to me and that she said that as well. I said to mom, “He is mom and he’s getting better.” And then she said to me, “No, he is not. He is right there!” I turned my head and looked at the door and said, “Hi dad, come on in. Mom’s been waiting on you.” Then, at that moment, I felt this burst of cold air go right past me. Then I smelt the roses on my father’s coffin. It was so strong it made me cough and cough. I then said, “I will leave you to talk to mom.” I left coughing and it was getting worse. I went to the hospital and was admitted for two days for respiratory illness. I realized then that I had smelled death. My father came for my mom. It wasn’t too much longer, maybe a week or so, when my mother passed. So you see when you die you do go on living. I believe in my heart that your loved ones are there. They greet you and embrace you. They help you through your transition from this realm to their realm, the kingdom of God.

Brent Raynes: Have you had some experiences that frightened you badly?

Vallie Rojas: How about someone saying you have an attachment? Did that get your attention? Well, it sure did get mine at a conference. I had just left my first investigation with my new group. We went to a plantation bed and breakfast known to have had slaves. In fact, the owner had the original plaque of how much each slave cost with their names on it. I went there with just my sisters to check the place out. We thought if it was a good location we would go back with the team. I had no idea what was ahead of me. If I had I would never have walked through that door. I had many years of frustration over this. I seemed like I was lost for sometime due to this one thing. That’s why I say to young people beware of what you do when you go into paranormal investigations. Get all the information for once you walk through that door, you can’t undue what’s been done.

Now back to the bed and breakfast plantation. We were greeted by a wonderful owner and she told us the history that she had known of this place. We then were taken to the hotspots of the home. Then we prepared our equipment in its locations. Nightfall had begun. We investigated for many hours and then got very tired and decided to call it a night. We left certain equipment going through the night. Only our bedroom had privacy for us. However, we were going to sleep in a bedroom known for activity.

So as we went to bed it was a tight fit. I was on the left side of the bed and one of my sisters was in the middle. My other sister slept on the right side of bed. It was about 11:30 p.m. and I felt something rub against my right arm. I said to my sisters, “Something touched me!” One of my sisters said, “Ah you will be fine.” I don’t believe she thought it really happened. Then a few minutes went by again and I felt something rub my other arm stronger. I then said again, something is touching me. It rubbed my arm. My sister that commented before said, “Well, at least it didn’t hit you,” in a kidding voice. I then said, “Don’t say that. I am not kidding.” Well, I finally went to sleep and at 3:30 a.m. I awoke with a gut curling scream in my ear. It was so loud that my sister on the right side flew up in the air and started screaming out, “Let’s get out of here.” My other sister just laid in the bed like a possum, thinking that if she played she was asleep it would not affect her My sister was grabbing our things getting ready to leave and my ear was bleeding from the loud scream. I had to remind her what kind of investigators we would look like leaving scared. So we calmed down and tried to process what just happened. We did not sleep the rest of the night. We asked the owner about this and she said it happened to her. She takes sleeping pills to sleep before going to bed and we think this is why. It was the most dreadful scream I ever had heard in my life. We went home the next day after the investigation and got some good evidence and she wanted us to return. I thought to myself no, but we did. That will be another story later. When we got home we went to the conference. Then I found out that I had an attachment. I thought, what the hell is that! I was really thinking I might turn into Linda Blair or something like that! LOL! You know, they were right to one point. I did have a visitor that followed and I went through bad stuff. So I am going to leave that part to myself and just say remember to do your homework. You may just find yourself in a situation that you really need to know what you’re doing. One more thing, fear feeds spirits, so don’t give into fear!

Brent Raynes: Overall, what have your experiences shown or taught you? Do you feel that they have made you a stronger and a better person?

Vallie Rojas: After so many years of paranormal activity, I have grown as a better person. I am able to start to believe once more that there is good in people. Even as they pass into another realm, I believe in so many things that I know some would close their minds to. They would still say to this day that I must be crazy. Then again, years back the possibility of life beyond this world was just an idea. Everyone thought that life many years ago did not exist beyond our planet. Now look where our technology has taken us. So I ask why is it so hard to believe? Just because you can’t feel, hear or touch a spirit, why do you think they don’t exist? I was once afraid of what I did not understand. I was told it was bad. I now know better through my grandfather, who was Cherokee. And, of course, my mother who also had some of my grandfather’s gifts. He came to me and opened my middle eye. I still am learning to trust these feelings for I am what some would call a late bloomer. I will not give up because my passion runs deep. I still believe that if I can convince one person that you don’t need to be scared if you pass, you will be greeted with your love ones, you will be in their realm and life will go on, you will be with your loved ones and have peace and be with God, then that will make me a better person. I want to help people. I just need honest good people around me. I like to do a lot of things with my life, including sky watching for visitors from other planets. I love my first passion that God gave me, which was singing. When you are open-minded your abilities are always able to grow everyday. I am always doing that and I live everyday as if it was my last.

Thank you so much Brent for wanting to do an interview with me.

Brent Raynes: Thank you so much Vallie for honoring us with this exclusive interview with you and for sharing with us so many insightful and enlightening experiences that you’ve had in your life.

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