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Reality Checking

I saw the light…. But I still didn’t understand!

By Brent Raynes

“I came to and I was in this big room and the first thing I noticed there were no lights,” a Sioux Chief, who goes by the name of Golden Light Eagle, told conference attendees, recalling his own UFO abduction experience. “But the room was lit up.”

This description is not unique to this Native Chief’s account, nor just to the modern UFO “abduction” accounts either. Thomas E. Bullard, Ph.D., a noted American folklorist, reported in an article (International UFO Reporter, July/August 88) specific similarities between modern UFO “abduction” cases and the earlier accounts of so-called fairy kidnappings, initiation ordeals, and spirit journeys to the land of the dead. Bullard wrote: “The initiation vision of a Siberian shaman presents an especially vivid example: While lying in a comatose state for hours or days the candidate meets two friendly spirits who escort him into the underworld. Unfriendly spirits then dismember the candidate and reconstruct his body with new powers added, including rock crystals, all with magical powers inserted into the head. The candidate spends part of his stay inside a domed cave with uniform but sourceless lighting, and returns to his home a changed man, with new abilities and a new vocation. How closely these incidents resemble the abduction time lapse, escort, examination, inserts, examination room, and life changes needs no further comment. …The abduction story is not so unique after all.”

Meanwhile, the Chief’s experience caused him to remember a Native American ceremony that he was in one time with an uncle of his. “We like to pray in pitch black,” the chief explained. “He started talking faster and faster and it was getting very fast. You couldn’t understand him. While he was talking the room started lighting up and we were all sitting there looking at each other and as soon as he stopped talking it went black.”

The generation of visible light with the human voice is an interesting concept. This is something that noted sound therapist and author Jonathan Goldman had reported as one of his early experiences with sound. It was night and during the time of the Harmonic Convergence back in August 1987. Jonathan and several traveling companions were taken by a tour guide down into the dark subterranean realm beneath a Mayan temple in Palenque when the guide decided to extinguish his flashlight after pointing to a nearby doorway and, aware of Jonathan’s interest in working with sound, told him to “make sound here.” Suddenly plunged into total darkness, Jonathan began to tone harmonics. "I made this sound and the room became slightly illuminated,” Jonathan told me in an interview. “Now it wasn't as though somebody had switched on a 60 watt bulb, but you could definitely make out the outline of different people and actually see them to some degree or another. I created this tone, I don't know, for a minute or two minutes. Everyone in the room experienced this phenomenon, and then the guide turned his flashlight on and we continued.” Years later, Jonathan was talking with a man who had spent years with the Lacandon Mayas of the Mexican Rain Forest, who are said to have been descendants of the Mayan builders of Palenque, when Jonathan was told that he should feel very lucky as the creation of light through harmonics was something that the Mayan shamans taught to only a very select few. In Voices of our Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire, Dhyani Ywahoo wrote: “The ancient temples had no interior light; they were lit up by the seven or twelve wise people who sat in them. Even today that energy can be manifested.” Meanwhile, in his talk Chief Golden Light Eagle added that in the ancient pyramids of Egypt there were no signs of soot, oil or charcoal in the dark spaces and tunnels of the interiors. I heard a similar observation by an Alabama author who has been very busy in recent years exploring many ancient mysteries and who noted “the lack of sooting in the deep, very dark” caves of Europe “where so many great Neolithic paintings and graphics were found.” He recalled attending a lecture a few years ago where “a practicing archeologist stated that this remains an unexplained mystery.”

Besides using sound, light energy may reportedly be generated by the so-called chakra centers of the human body. Recently Laura Cyr, who has been on the Native American path for many years now, wrote me of her own illumination experience:

“I have a friend that lives in Halfway, Oregon, which is near Hells Canyon. A little over twenty years ago, he took my son (who was 10) and I into an old tin mine in the canyon. He knew the mine well. It was a straight passage with one little branch. The mine was high enough to walk upright and wide enough that with your arms extended you could touch the walls if you leaned one way or the other about a foot.

“We went into the mine with NO LIGHT of any type. It didn’t take long for the light from the entrance to disappear and as soon as the tunnel made a slight turn we were in pitch blackness. After a little way of walking in single file my friend Tom said look down. I could see this beautiful blue light that was shining from my solar plexus region. When I looked at the walls I could see them but when you went to touch them your hand sunk about six inches ‘into the wall’ before it actually touched the physical wall. I think I was seeing the life force of the rock as well as my life force. I do not remember being able to see Tom or Vern’s blue light.

“My son started to cry and Tom was very kind and comforting to him. He told him it was okay to cry because that was a ‘real emotion.’ I was so grateful to Tom for being kind and comforting to Vern. ….It was a great experience.”

In a recent interview we did with Chad Meek, nephew to famous early contactee George Van Tassel (read exclusive interview this issue), Meek was describing his uncle’s channeling sessions at Giant Rock when he noted: “My uncle’s voice would completely change and it would change from one entity that he was channeling to the other. It was distinctly noticeable. And then, of course, the crown of his head would light up and it was literally like there was a spotlight on him, and so people who actually witnessed these sessions – and, of course, then the results that occurred afterwards – they were believers. He had some staunch supporters.”

Also as a young boy, Meek had experienced a peculiar light phenomenon when in the room beneath Giant Rock itself, where many channeling sessions had occurred through the years. “It happened twice to me within a week when I was 7 years old,” he shared with me. “I had been used to going down there and playing an old upright piano with all of the kids. But I wanted to play it myself and when the kids (brothers, sisters, and cousins) [left] I stayed back and after about five minutes I began to feel warm and looked up and the top of the rock ceiling was beginning to illuminate and sparkle while permeating downward on all sides. I ran up the stairs and went and played with the kids.”

“I believe it was the following Monday and I was playing outside the rock with my brother and I made him go down there with me while I played the piano and after about ten minutes he got bored and ran up the stairs. Again within about five minutes the top of the rock began to illuminate and sparkle and once again I ran up the stairs. After that I would never go down there with anyone.”

Giant Rock was reportedly considered sacred by local Native American Indians. “Van Tassel claimed that a gigantic magnetic vortex of several miles radius could be measured around the rock with magnetometers,” one report states. “He believed that the great weight of the rock produced a piezo-electric effect on its granite crystals, creating the necessary magnetic field.” (1)

I suspect that there is still a great deal that science doesn’t fully understand about light and the electromagnetic spectrum, and especially when it comes to UFO accounts and the paranormal there are all kinds of oddball light phenomena that gets reported. “The UFO ‘controllers’ can play fantastic tricks with light,” noted the late British ufologist Charles Bowen, a former editor of England’s Flying Saucer Review. “Whoever heard of light in ‘coherent’ beams which move deliberately forward – and turn corners?” In a case in Romania from 1953, a young biology student reported seeing a glowing ball of light drop from the sky and into a bush. Taking a stick he poked it into the bush in search of the object and observed that he could no longer see the stick, as well as part of his hand! In a case in Brazil from 1973, a 40-year-old salesman claimed that a UFO had projected a light beam down onto his car, at which point his car became completely transparent for a time!


Monday, May 29, 2023