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Encounters with the Unknown

Luminous “Soap Bubbles” and the “Raahh” Effect!

by: Brent Raynes

This article certainly goes well with the unexplained manifestations of light described in this issues Reality Checking column.

“Now how can we explain that??” asked Denise Slater, a former native of Brazil, now an American citizen married with two children and living today in Virginia.

Denise Slater, the granddaughter of a famous Brazilian General named Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, also a noted psychic and a UFO contactee (with numerous and credible witnesses to support his encounter experiences) described to me how her grandfather came to meet an interesting and very psychic Brazilian gentleman years ago named Thomas Green Morton who, on occasion, could psychically bend metal objects. I asked her how a “typical session” went. Denise explained: “With Thomas nothing was really typical. The one at the farm house everyone sat around the big dinner table (seated 12) and others were standing behind. Everyone was there: even the housekeeper, the farm keeper and their small children! Then my grandfather asked him if he was ‘feeling the energy coming’ or something like that. He then asked for all the metal to be placed on the table. Then the “Raahh” screams started [creating this sound seemed to help Morton to psychically bend metal objects- Brent Raynes]. And all the stuff on the table turned and twirled and changed shapes in front of our eyes, without him touching them. His hands were wide open in the air, like 40 inches away. That was it. Then he said everyone could take souvenirs. That was the end of a ‘session.’”

I asked Denise to review with me what the lab analysis of the altered metal objects had revealed. She replied: “It said the metals showed no signs of HEAT or STRESS. Meaning: there was no traces of using any kind of ‘heat’ to melt the metal AND no signs of BENDING, causing the molecules to stretch (stress). So they concluded that the only thing that could have happened there was that the molecules were REARRANGED. Now how can we explain that??”

I asked about her mention of having a coin that was changed in her session, and how many such objects she may have had. Denise responded: “I have one. My dad and aunt have more. Mine looks like a pita sandwich. Like someone wanted to fold a coin to ‘eat a sandwich’ like a half a moon. It is pretty thick too. I’ll see if I can take a picture for you.”

I also questioned Denise about the number of times she may have witnessed the mysterious “bubble” phenomenon with Morton. She stated: “Me, just one time. My grandparents though once took Thomas to their farm, in their car. The light popped up the ENTIRE TIME in the car until they got there. My grandmother was so stressed out, because she feared they would end up having a car accident.” As to how many Denise saw, she wrote “no more than 3 or 4.” As to size “5 to 7 inches,” and as to duration “a couple of seconds.” As to how they looked, she stated: “They were self luminous, very bright.” How did they appear and disappear? “They originated from no where. Just in plain air, around his head I would say. They just popped in and out like soap bubbles.”

Then my final question: Did you witness him doing anything else unusual? Perhaps levitating? [That had been reported] Denise’s answer: “No I did not. But something else very strange happened during another trip to the farm with my grandfather (and other people too. I think Roberto Becker was there also. He is a well known paranormal researcher in Brazil). They stopped at (a) gas station in the outskirts of Brasilia to fill up before the 80 km trip to “Cantinho da Voito”, my grandparent’s farm. Thomas said he had to go to the bathroom. Then he disappeared. As they frantically looked for him, he had appeared almost instantly at the farm, 80 km away. He seemed confused, calling out from the wicket, “IS THIS GENERAL UCHOA’S FARM?’ And my grandmother and the farm keeper heard him and let him in. They were amazed that he was there WITHOUT ANY CARS. Later on when the others came they compared the times that he had disappeared and the time he showed up and it was almost precisely instant.”

Monday, May 29, 2023