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Alternate Perceptions Radio Shows

with Brent & Chandra

Hear ye! Hear ye! Here's the link to the radio interview Chan and I did on Liveparanormal with Chad Meek on Monday (08-27) night about his famous uncle George Van Tassel, Giant Rock, the Integratron, and the movie he is trying to produce. The link is: here

In addition, on Monday, September 10th, our guest was Bobby Cochran, former lead guitarist with Steppenwolf and other bands, whose uncle was the famous Eddie Cochran. Bobby had some fascinating and deeply personal paranormal experiences to share with our listeners. That link is: here

Also, Brad Steiger has agreed to join us on our show on September 24th! Hopefully the MIB won't strike again with all of their radio busting electronics. LOL! Seriously it should be a great show. Also Brad's new book (nearly 700 pages!) entitled Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places (2nd Ed) just came out - with two awesome articles written by our good friends Bret and Gina Oldham of Halo Paranormal! This book is a must read!

Sunday, May 19, 2024