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Brock Mound, Pennsylvania A Woodland Era Burial Mound, Village, & Earthwork

By Dr. Greg Little

Portions of this article are adapted from The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Native American Mounds & Earthworks. o

Brock Mound is identified by a Pennsylvania Historical Marker located at Halls Station just north of Muncy, PA at the intersection of John Brady Drive and Rt. 220. This unusual site is in central Pennsylvania near the mouth of Wolf Run Creek and the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. It was first described in 1737. The mound was 7-feet tall with a diameter of 30-feet and was located in the middle of a large oval earthwork 10-feet high and 10-feet thick. There was a palisade wall running just to the outside of the outer embankment. Farming nearly obliterated the site but remnants of it remain today. Most of what can be discerned at the site are portions of the outer earthwork and remains of the village. It is a favorite spot for arrowhead hunters.

Monday, May 29, 2023