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Greg's Blog

By Dr. Greg Little

July 4—Civil War Gunboat Piece? Pre-Civil War Wooden Ship? Help.

On July 4 the Hunter/Little/Rockefeller clans spent the afternoon on the Mississippi River. We took two boats to one of the islands between Kentucky and Missouri near Island Number 10, the site of one of the Civil War’s most interesting battles. We saw several Bald Eagles, a flock of wild turkeys, and had huge Asian Carp flying into our faces and even into one boat. We made an excursion to Island Number 10 and a lot of the river bottom was exposed due to the low water level and decided to explore a bit in the exact area where a canal had been dug by Union forces in an effort to go around a Rebel cannon battery protecting a bend in the river at the island. It was at this spot where the water battle took place. (Some 25 years earlier the ribs from a large wooden ship and a mast were located at this spot, but it’s not clear if it was from the Civil War or perhaps even earlier.) Embedded in the sand we found a curious piece of carved wood that is apparently from a ship. It may be a railing of some kind but if you know what it is or know of someone who might know, have them take a look at the photo below and drop us a line: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 10-15—ARE Congress (Atlantis Search Update)

We attended the weeklong A.R.E. Congress, an annual meeting for members of the Edgar Cayce organization in Virginia Beach. It has become a routine event for us and a like-minded group of Memphis friends who go along — we rent several huge houses essentially across the street from the ARE headquarters buildings for the week. The ARE is in the midst of a massive building project and that was one of the main focal points of the week. The ARE has over 27,000 members and around 300-400 attended portions of the weekly events. In several presentations over the week there were announcements made about recent expeditions and underwater discoveries in the Bahamas. The one that received the most attention was a discovery we briefly mentioned last year—located at an area 50-miles south of Bimini, which has been dubbed “Brown’s Ruins.” While there is more intriguing information known about the site than we issued last year, it was decided that ARE members should hear about these details first. Thus, an article is being prepared for the ARE member magazine “Venture Inward” by Dr. Lora Little. Sometime after that article comes out we’ll present the update on this website, and by then we will have made more expeditions to Brown’s Ruins. I’ll also add here that there have been several expeditions in the past year to the underwater building foundation we first reported 2010 (http://www.mysterious-america.net/atlantis2010.html). This structure, which is definitely a building foundation has been reliably carbon dated to about 19,000 B.C. (http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/mediaGuidelines.aspx?id=5170). Recent expeditions have removed sand from sides of some of the walls of the structure but have not definitively shown how far down the exterior walls extend. The most recent expedition to the site, which is at a location off South Bimini some 7 miles from the “Bimini Road,” has shown that it is now totally covered by shifting sand. None of the structure is now visible. While the Bahamas is certainly not the most favorite or preferred location for the “mythical” island of Atlantis among those who believe in the legend, it is probably the area that has received the most attention—both supportive and critical. Those who are aware of the actual discoveries in the Bahamas are convinced that there was an unknown maritime culture active in the region probably around 3000 B.C. The underwater remains of harbor breakwaters are located at Bimini, Andros, and Cay Sal Bank. In addition, archaeologist Bill Donato found numerous rectangular structures at the 10,000 BC shoreline off Bimini and the 19,000 B.C. building foundation verified off South Bimini proves that during the last Ice Age, when sea levels were some 300-feet lower, there was some unknown culture present there. Brown’s Ruins, some 50-miles to the south, may prove to be a key piece of this lost culture.

June 21—Lightquest—Andrew Collins’ new book

The first copies of Andrew Collins new book Lightquest began being shipped in June. Initially we had planned to include an extensive dvd documentary with the book, however the UK’s dreaded VAT tax made importing the book/dvd combo a financial impossibility because the tax increased the price to an impossibly high level. Collins’ massive 415-page book is $19.95, a real bargain given the information in it and the fact that it a truly unique addition to the UFO culture. About a dozen large UK stores stock it already. Oddly, Amazon can’t seem to keep it in stock but in the US immediate delivery is available through Alibris: http://www.alibris.com/booksearch.detail?invid=11301743312&keyword=lightquest&qwork=-94082949&qsort=&page=1

The book has had several positive articles written about it and just received its first review on Amazon, with 5 stars: http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/0940829495/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1

This Amazon review mentioned something pertinent that I also mentioned in the book’s Introduction: that too much attention was given to Roswell. Perhaps unknown to UFO fanatics in the US is the fact that in the UK, Roswell is generally seen as a military screw-up consistent with what the US government has admitted: that it was a secret US spy balloon device that crashed to earth. However, as I wrote in the Introduction, Roswell is at the heart of the extraterrestrial theory embraced by the vast bulk of those who are fascinated by UFOs. No matter what information is ever released by the government, it will never satisfy American UFO believers. They are so blinded by the psychological process of perceptual and confirmation bias that the truth doesn’t matter. All that matters is their belief and hope that Roswell was a genuine flying saucer. UFOs are certainly real and genuine, but Collins book does not agree that they are all flying saucers piloted by an array of extraterrestrial beings varying from grey humanoid to insect or reptilian beasties. But the truth about UFOs is far more interesting than what the extraterrestrial believers would have everyone think. For the Roswell supporters, if Roswell collapses, it appears their entire belief system also collapses, and that seems to be more than they can bear. However, for those who really are interested in truth, as opposed to looking for something that confirms what they already believe, the truth is out there.

Monday, February 06, 2023