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Shaver-type tales of subterranean UFOs from northern Ohio

by: Brent Raynes

Madeline Teagle, a contactee from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, back around 1983 communicated in a letter the following details of an area (that I once rode through with her back in 1976) that had experienced a great deal of activity that suggested some kind of mysterious underground activity.

Madeline wrote: “Do know that perhaps twenty years ago, when there was a really intense UFO concentration in the Kent-Magadore area of this locality, a young man and a friend were hunting behind his home, which was on Howe Road, which cut through from 261 to Magadore Rd., and these two roads then formed a sort of triangular piece of land of many acres, which was mostly swamp, and in which there had been tremendous reporting of strange occurrences…not ALL UFO type. Anyway, to make a long story short, as they walked along, they felt the ground shake and their first reaction was that perhaps they had come into a quick-sand area. But then, as they explained it, the ground became transparent, the kind of transparency you achieve when you hold a flashlight up to your hand and can see the bones in it. They could look down through a transparent opening about fifty feet in diameter and far below, they thought about five hundred or so feet, they could see people in coveralls working on large round objects and they saw lots of machines. Then one of the large round objects was sort of rolled over to just below where they were looking down and the next thing they knew a ‘something’ hurtled past them. As it did, it looked (when it was opposite them) like a large twenty five foot thick slice of a searchlight beam, but as it ascended, it took on the appearance of a beautiful silver disk. Then the ground shook again and they could no longer see through it. (There were two of these things before the ground closed). Needless to say, they hit the trail for home.”

“Also in that same area a sort of hermit told me that one day he was picking blueberries when a man with a horned helmet on approached him from a sort of silver boat floating on the swamp waters and told him to go to a specific place and he could find blueberries unlike anything he ever ate before. He followed this person’s advice and found a bush with fruit the size of golf balls. I saw some of them and ate them and they were delicious and beautiful. He picked those every year and was told not to show anyone else the bush. Another time he had a terrible abscessed ear and had finally agreed to go to a doctor for it. The doctor gave him some medication and of course had examined his ear. However, he did not take the medicine right away because he had a great mistrust of such substances. So later this horned man appeared again and asked him about his painful ear, then put his finger in one ear, and the guy said it felt like a singing electric current going through his head, from one ear to the other, and after that, no more pain. Well, he had no more abscess and when talked to the doctor he told me there was no logical way he could have healed up that problem in so soon a time because it was badly abscessed and he had not taken any of his medication. With the medication he would probably have been at least a week or more before it would have cleared up. When the doctor examined it after this incident, he himself said it was as clean as a whistle, with no infection or any indication of any having ever been present. In that same area, we had reports of creatures scratching window ledges (eight or ten feet off the ground) and leaving claw marks on aluminum frames and siding. A saucer with tail that hovered over the tree tops, with its tail switching back and forth, that not only managed to turn off everything…lights, phones…but scared the very devil out of everyone…in an entire housing allotment…and for which the utility companies had no explanation regarding the loss of power. It was here that myself and two others, equipped with a Geiger counter, investigated a large (twenty to thirty feet diameter) hole that had seemingly been ‘bored’ overnight in a wheat field. It really did look exactly like it might look if a giant drill had been set down. We did not, however, get much of a reading from it, but the interesting thing here is that we had arrived at this location via the back yard of the woman whose property it was, and to which the ONLY assess was the one we traversed. All other sides of her property was surrounded by impassable swamp area, so when we were ready to go back to the house, we started down the little incline which led over a small stream and suddenly found ourselves (all three of us) standing in the middle of the Macadam Road. We at first did not know where we were for we had no orientation, but after a bit we did figure out where we were and headed back to the house. We found the owner still standing where we had left her in the drive, waiting for us. When we came up the drive from the road, she let out a scream and did not believe we had come from that direction. We investigated later in clear daylight and there was NO way we could have found ourselves where we did.”

Wednesday, May 31, 2023