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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2024

Reality As We Perceive It

by: Bernard Dozier

We humans are somewhat aware of Reality, but we tend to think that the sliver of it that we perceive via our senses is all there is of it.

What's more, if we encounter something in our reality that doesn't fit into our assumptions we consider it unreal or an intrusion or violation of our reality.

What if Reality is, in scope and content, infinite, and that it contains all the seens and unseens of Creation and the Energetic, Expansive Mind or Deific Source and Presence of all.

Asking the human mind to assess Reality can only yield fragmentary information. To begin with, our senses only deal with fragments of Reality. Then, in dealing with fragmentary evidence our analysis and comprehension is limited not only by our intellect but by all sorts of errors, miscalculations and bias, but by emotional issues, traumas, and hang ups. On topof all that is added the difficulties we have in describing what we have perceived. So, the degree of Reality that survives brain-mind activity may be minuscule.

Consciousness is what actually beholds, holds, and reports or describes Reality, and consciousness is never the same for two days in a row. Complicating that is the fact that different beholders--even those standing side by side--report different versions of Reality. So, we must ask if Reality controls the perception of its beholders, denying perception to some and allowing others to sense specific facets of Itself. I believe that Reality is not only conscious, but is the operation of Creative, Creator Mind, and our observation of Reality gives us snapshots of how Creation has worked, is working, and will be working. So Reality is, I believe, always presenting all of Itself--and is not limited to humanly conceived time lines.

With evolving consciousness humans began reporting phenomena they considered "unreal" or not of this world...ghosts, goblins, angels, deities, demons, monsters, aliens, vehicles, and other unexplainable sightings. I believe that all this is accelerating because the human mind is becoming more perceptive of Reality--but is not yet able to accept and comprehend a Reality that literally, spiritually, and mentally contains everything conceivable and inconceivable.

It isn't so much that the third dimension is being penetrated by realities from other dimensions as it is that there is one Reality of which more is being perceived. A crawling infant can perceive a hot object and cry if it is burned by it, but the infant is unable to describe the physics of heat. Humankind is still operating in its infancy when it comes to its involvement with a Reality that seems unreal, but fright, fear, apprehension and pain can't explain or expand awareness,

Jesus was a lover of Reality. He thought of it as his Father/Source and Identity. He described Its operation as "the Spirit of truth." What's true is unalterably Real, and what's real is unalterably true. His followers are beginning to perceive that salvation is our expanding consciousness of the truth Jesus revealed, lived, and opened to all.

A line from one of my favorite hymns is, "Open my eyes, illumine me," and I think it's a powerful prayer for us to pray as our perception of Reality takes us into new worlds of expanding experience. Reality (Capitalized) is and contains not only the reality (lower case) and the "unreality" we abstract from it, but also the reality we create through our conscious, sub-conscious, and non-conscious mind action. Not only is Mind a creative medium, it is the only creative medium. It is present on all dimensions, including the Third, where, to greater or lesser ex-degree it is operative in all fauna, flora, and inani-mate things. Our reality may appear perplexing, contradictory, or even non-sensical, but that's just our perception--or deficiency of it.

Mind (Capitalized) operating in us, gives us mind powers that make us co-creators and which per-mit us to modify Reality through our various levels of consciousness. We gladly take the credit when the result is good, positive, and wholesome, but gladly avoid blame if it's dark, negative, and fearsome.

We have difficulty deciding what Reality is or isn't. Even when humans observe the same Reality they may report different--even opposite--realities. Having identical Central Nervous Systems is no guarantee of uniform perception. An almost infinite number of variables can and do alter human perception. Perception can be altered by Reality, reality, and unreality--by Truth, fact, falsity, and fantasy. While Reality is Absolute, steady-state, and changeless, and eternal, reality is fragile, shifting, and morphs from beginning to beginning.

Time is reality's cloaking of Reality. Timing devices are useless for measuring the immeasurable, but in reality they separate and isolate Past, Present, and Potential Future from each other--which can only mean that we're being what we've always been and may become. We'll forget all about time travel when we discover that nothing is ever lost from Reality which still contains all it ever contained. Though Reality gives us total freedom in creating our realities, Reality is still in charge--still "The Boss." I have no problem thinking that Reality and God are one and the same, and our freedom in Reality lets us make our realities more like "The Bosses" if they become uncomfortable.

Jesus said he did what he saw his Father doing, and that's as Real as it gets. For us that means letting more light illumine our minds. It means letting more joy lift our heaviness. It means letting love and goodwill replace all malice. It means giving instead of withholding. It means living with the assurance of plenty. It means knowing there is help for every need, an answer for every equation, and that Reality is a spiritual path.

About the author

Bernard Dozier tells us, "I started out as a farm boy and finished growing up in a Mayberry-like small town in south Arkansas. Becoming a minister was never an intention, but after entering another profession I taught practical Christianity for thirty-seven years. Upon retiring I established my personal E-mail ministry, and after we moved from Memphis to Ocala, FL my wife, Chris, started posting my daily TRU-Quotes, weekly Bright Side commentary, and monthly Soul Springs Prayers on Facebook.

"I read Greg Little's Jungian perspective on UFOs shortly after it was published many years ago, and he introduced me to Alternate Perceptions. Religion, IMO, has too small a view of a Reality that is both divine and manifest, tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, immediate and boundless, miraculous, lawful... and is an infinitely creative medium encompassing the totality of Mind, Ideas, inagery and matter.

The "paranormal" is our introduction to a broader, grander, "wilder," more marvelous Reality than religion, philosophy, and science have prepared us for, and I want to thank you for any constructive comments sent to Alternate Perceptions. Be alert because Reality loves you and is trying to become your reality!" Bernard Dozier’s email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday, July 14, 2024