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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2024

Tim Clark's desert encounter

by: Tom Dongo

Tim is an Oregon resident and tells of this 1970 incident while driving through the Mojave Desert in California. Strong emotion is reflected in his voice as he relives this encounter. From my point of view, that is a good indication the event happened just as the individual experienced it.

He described how he was driving through the desert just before dawn. A blazing sphere of orange light passed over his car and landed in a broad, sandy plain nearby. Tim noted that for some reason he was not at all fearful of this sudden strange appearance. It had a familiarity about it somehow. He pulled over to the shoulder of the highway to get a better look at the object. Without knowing exactly why, he found himself with an overpowering urge to get out of his car and walk over to the landed object. The radiance from the sphere was so bright he had no trouble walking to within fifty yards of it. He knew this was as far as he could safely go.

As he stood there, the near-blinding orange light began to subside. Soon the detailed features of a solid, physical ship came into full view. Even though the ship's light was low, the surrounding area glowed surrealistically with an orange luminosity. A doorway opened at the base of the craft and a human male appeared in the opening. He was about 6'5" tall and appeared to be in his late thirties. The athletic-looking man moved toward Tim with the agility of a jungle cat and then stood motionless before him. The tall man said nothing, but instead put both his hands on Tim's shoulders, looked into his eyes for a few moments and then...went back to the ship.

In minutes the ship was again surrounded by a fiery orange light. It lifted off silently, flying to the north at a terrific speed, and was soon out of sight. Tim says that he has no idea why the encounter occurred. He mentioned that he had a "suntan" on his face for a few days afterward.

I have read of many UFO encounters and have talked to a number of people who have had close experiences with orange lights. Although Tim's story is by far the most explicit and perhaps the most dramatic, it seems that the ships of the "good guys" are almost always enshrouded with this bright orange light. The contacts with these orange lights and the beings associated with them always seem to be of a distinctly positive nature.

Note: This account is from The Alien Tide (1990) and is used with permission of the author, Tom Dongo.

Sunday, July 14, 2024