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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2024

UFOs and other strange events in Cuba, Part Two

by: Albert S. Rosales

Bizarre entity interpreted as a “Devil”

Location. Near Remedios, Las Villas Province (now Villaclara), Cuba
Date: April 14, 1948
Time: midnight

On all Friday all Saints Days, Jose Espinoza got up early in order to arrange some sugar cane carts, which he had left in the fields in order to work on them later. Ignoring his mother’s his mother’s pleas not to go out on such a Holy day because the “Devil himself was out doing his work on this day” Jose headed out to the carts. Soon after climbing on the first cart he began his labors, suddenly he noticed standing on the last cart (there were four carts) a little man, only about one foot and a half in height, fiery red in color, emitting sparks from “horn like protrusions and a tail”. The little man noticed the stunned Jose and produced a small ball of fire which he flung at Jose, he repeated this several times; rolling several balls of fire at Jose, each ball was bigger than the last. Jose barely managed to avoid the fiery spheres and could not react further to the situation. Finally, he reacted and screamed with all his might, “this is the devil!”, and quickly jumped from the cart, running towards his house without stopping.
Source: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting Samuel Feijo “Mitologia Cuban.
Comments: Whatever entity Jose encountered he associated it with the devil, and this probably caused a deviation on the description of the humanoid.

Attacked by strange entity:

Location: Manajanabo, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: 1950
Time: 23:30
At a local farm called, “Palo Prieto” a man considered to be among the bravest in the area was returning from visiting his girlfriend when he noticed what appeared to be a large owl like animal on top of some nearby fence post. Startled, he began throwing rocks at it, every time he threw a rock at it, the ‘owl’ would fly up and then come back to the same post. However, he soon began to notice that the creature seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, until it was of an ‘unnatural’ size. Now terrified, the man ran away but tripped and fell to the ground. When he stood up he found a crown of flowers on top of him, like those made for funerals. At this he began to scream, and it is said that the screams were heard for several kilometers around.
Neighbors ran to assist him. The next day the witness felt very weak and could hardly work. The witness ended up consulting with a local spiritualist or medium who told him that the creature had been the spirit of his late father, who he had not gotten along with.
Source: Jose Seoane, “Cuentos de Aparecidos” pp. 301-302 citing J. R. Martinez
Type: E or F? Comments: Bizarre case to say the least, sort of combination of cryptid encounter and paranormal events.

Abduction attempt?

Location. Near Camajuani, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: March 3, 1952
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Juan Gonzalez was on his way to visit his girlfriend and to buy some plantains when suddenly he was covered in a bright light that seemed to pull him up into the sky. He tried to resist but he kept rising up into the sky, all he could see above him was a very bright light, nothing else. Moments later he found himself in a very large and clean room, which was lit up by bright blue lights. Gonzalez remained suspended in mid-air. He then heard a door shut behind him and assumed it was the same one he used to enter the room. Very afraid, he thought he was going to die. Suddenly his clothing and shoes were suddenly removed by unseen hands. Ashamed of being totally naked he tried to cover himself but could not move his hands. He then heard some voices that seemed to approach his location but could not see anything, only bright blue lights. He then fell asleep and later woke up in the same location where he had been originally ‘picked up’. He was now lying on the grass and was fully clothed, including shoes. He then walked to a nearby house and was approached by numerous locals screaming, “He is back, he is back!” Confused, he was stunned when they told him that he had been missing for almost a month, the date was already April 3. However, no one believed Gonzalez when he told them what had happened to him.
Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba

Winged humanoid:

Location. Near Remedios, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: September 14, 1952
Time: afternoon
At a local farm called “Dolores” a farm worker, Caridad Martinez reported seeing a strange, winged humanoid descend from the sky and land on a plot a land near where she was working. The strange, winged figure approached Martinez and communicated with her in a strange language, which she could not understand, according to her the only word she was able to make out was “Tierra” (Earth). The strange humanoid was carrying on both hands a luminous object which apparently emitted a strange gaseous substance that made Martinez very dizzy and almost semi-conscious. She further described the stranger as having yellowish skin a round face, very tall in stature (over 7ft). The humanoid had a silvery disc-shaped plate which appeared to be attached to the stomach area. The most bizarre fact of the encounter was the huge pair of wings which the humanoid had attached to its shoulders that hung down to the waist area. Using these same wings, the strange creature rose back up into the sky and disappeared from sight.
Source: Orestes Girbau Collado, Cuba
Translation by Albert S Rosales

Light Beings in Camaguey?

Location: Central Bolivia, (Bolivia sugar-mill) Camaguey, Cuba
Date: 1953
Time: night
Candido Hernandez was returning home from the local sugar mill and in order to save time he took a shortcut through an isolated road. Having walked only about 200 meters Hernandez saw 3 small circular lights approaching him and at the same time getting bigger, one was in the middle of the road the other two, one on each side. Terrified, he stood on the road unable to move. The middle light flew right above him and illuminated him and his surroundings completely. The lights were white, with a slight pinkish tint. The lights then retreated to about 5 meters away from Candido and began to transform themselves into human-like figures. The figures were very bright, pink, and white in color. He could not see any facial figures on the figures because their faces were very bright. The figures were of normal human height and just stood there staring at the witness. Moments later the figures transformed themselves into the same circular bright lights and rose up into the sky and vanished from sight.
HC addendum
Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba Type: E

Reptilians in our midst:

Location. Camajuani, Las Villas, Cuba
Date: December 1953 Time: night
Modesto Cabrera was on his way to visit his girlfriend and was walking through an isolated field. About 30 meters from his girlfriend’s house, he suddenly noticed by the trunk of a nearby palm tree a small hovering green light. He stopped staring at the light when it suddenly disappeared and in its place was a bizarre being leaning against the trunk of the tree. The being, according to Cabrera was the size of a man and resembled a cross between an iguana, a chameleon, and an alligator, it had arms and legs like a human, and it had long black claw-like nails. It had a long tail that was moving slowly from side to side. Afraid he ran towards the house but thought about it and returned to the site to verify what he had seen. The creature was still standing by the trunk of the palm tree. Cabrera then ran towards it armed with a knife and the ran around the trunk of the palm trying to avoid him, it then suddenly performed four incredible leaps and ended up on the top of the palm tree. At this time, the green light returned however this time it was directly above the palm tree, and it was larger. Moments later the light disappeared, and the creature was also gone.
Source: Hugo Francos Parrado “Bestiario Tropical” quoting Feijoo “Mitologia Cubana”
Comments: Date is approximate

Encounter at the River:

Location: Vueltas, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: 1954
Time: night
Amado Alonso was fishing for shrimp on the Manacas River, he carried a handheld light. After a while he felt as if someone was behind him and he shone the light in that direction but did not see anybody, he heard footsteps but did not see anything. This occurred on several occasions. The area around him was very dark and wooded. Moments later he noticed two very tall figures coming in his direction. They seemed to walk like normal humans but were wearing some kind of tight-fitting dark coveralls that covered them completely. Afraid he threw the handheld light at them. This apparently distracted them, and Amado immediately fled the area. At about 200 or 300 meters away he noticed some lights over the area and when he looked, he noticed that these were on a large saucer shaped object, which hovered a few seconds, then turned off the lights and shot away at incredible speed without making any noise. Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba
Comments: Translation by Albert S Rosales

Tierra!, Tierra!

Location: General Carrillo, near Remedios, Las Villas, Cuba
Date: 1955
Time: early morning
Estela Caso was washing some clothing on a field near her home when she suddenly heard a voice from behind her shouting “Tierra, Tierra, Tierra!” (Means Earth!), when she turned around, she saw a ‘man’ wearing a strange suit and a helmet on his head. She began to scream, and this apparently also startled the tall stranger, who looked down on her intently. Suddenly the stranger pulled a lever on his suit, and he rose up into the air at very high speed, a strong gaseous cloud enveloped the witness causing her to have trouble breathing. She was taking to the nearby hospital of “Emma Cabrera” where she was treated by doctors.
Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba
Comments: Early report describing a flying humanoid, apparently using some type of apparatus. Translated by Albert S Rosales

Bizarre encounter with religious undertone:

Location: Camajuani, Cuba
Date: 1957
Time: afternoon
The witness, Arturo Perez, a very religious Christian, had prayed intensively in his home the night before his strange encounter at a local pond called “La Playita”. He had gone there on a very hot day and was surprised that there was no one else around. Once there he saw seven “Indians” on horses riding along the shore of the pond. He looked towards the sky and then saw a brilliant cloud descending towards him. The Indians disappeared and when the luminous cloud descended in front of Arturo it transformed itself into the figure of a man and began talking to Arturo in a language he could not understand. The strange figure was of medium size and had a very large hairless head. From the waist down the figure was red in color and from the waist up it was brown, both bright. Its eyes were like that of normal humans. The figure stared intently at Arturo for a few minutes and then it rose up into the air always facing Arturo, it stopped on top of a nearby tree branch and once there it spoke again to Arturo, again in the unknown language, which Arturo could not understand. This seemed to infuriate the strange creature and suddenly what appeared to be hair began sprouting from its bald head, it then changed into the luminous cloud again and rose up into the sky quickly disappearing from sight. Interpreting the encounter as a religious sign Arturo kneeled on the ground and began to cry.
Source: Rene Batista Moreno, Revista SIGNOS Cuba

Way to great them:

Location: Guantanamo, Oriente Province, Cuba
Date: December 1957
Time: 2100
A detachment of soldiers, commanded by Captain Fermin Fernandez, and Lieutenants Pablo Rosa and Jose Tamargo, observed a yellow light lower perpendicularly in the sky, appearing like an enormous silver-plated disc that landed a short distance away from them. Surprised by the sighting, the soldiers retreated. However, the three officers then stood in a semi-circle and opened fire with their .45 caliber Thompson machine guns. Amazingly, the bullets never struck the metallic structure of the UFO, “It had an area that repelled the bullets.” Then, the UFO began to illuminate itself with a yellow light, rising and disappearing into the sky.
Source: Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo in:

Next month I will continue with the third installment of strange encounters in Cuba.

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