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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2024

Strange Stories from Cuba – Part One

by: Albert S. Rosales

I have collected reports of UFO/entity activity from all over the world. Information from some places is sometimes difficult to obtain. Even though I have reports from maybe 98 percent of the countries in the world, there are still some areas which show zero activity, even though I am sure there have been cases there as well. Language plays a big role in this situation and sometimes politics, which is mostly the case for Cuba (where I was born). However, due to many connections with investigators there and here, I have collected numerous reports from that Island nation.
The following is part one of several historic and interesting cases (not necessarily UFO related) from Cuba, perhaps totally unknown in the ‘West.’

The Giant:

Location: El Gigante, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: 1901
Time: morning
An elderly couple who lived in a rural farm area, woke up early one morning to work the fields. On the way they encountered a strange sight, a giant humanoid figure with a small round head, spewing fire from its top. Terrified, they watched the giant figure take a step into the cane fields. Both began to pray and closed their eyes. When they opened them, the strange giant figure had disappeared. However, the dog that had accompanied them was found dead from unknown causes.
According to local lore this giant supposedly had been seen before and it was given the name of “La Planta Sile.” Why was this name given to it is unknown.
Source: Jose Seoane, “Cuentos de Aparecidos?” P. 62, citing Alejandra Cuellar, as told to her by her grandfather.

The fatal water hole:

Location: near San Antonio, La Habana, Cuba
Date: 1905
Time: afternoon

A local Farmer, Agustin Marrero, who enjoyed going out hunting for quail in the fields and woods told his son that in the fields near San Antonio there was what was called locally a “Ojo de Agua,” a sort of natural well which was reported to be the home of “Madre de Agua” (or mother of waters), a local ‘folk legend.’ One day a local cattle herder was leading some cattle towards the water hole (or well) when he saw a beautiful nude woman standing on the edge of the hole. He stared at her in awe. The strange woman noticed the farmer staring at her and told him, “You have seen me. If you want to live long, don’t tell anybody.” Immediately after she jumped into the water hole without making a splash or noise and disappeared. However, as soon as this happened the water began to “boil” like water in a hot cooking pot.

Concerned by what he had seen, he left the area and arrived home without telling his wife what he had seen. But his wife noticed that there was something bothering her husband and asked him what was wrong. He answered, “Nothing woman, I am Ok.” However, his wife was insistent, and the man told her, “I will tell you what happened, but it will be the cause of my death.” And he told his wife what he had seen. Moments later he felt a terrific headache which became stronger as the day wore off. He died that same night.
Source: Samuel Feijoo, “Mitologia Cubana” (Cuban Mythology) page 149-150.

The witch and the metal man:

Location: near Camajuani, Santa Clara, Cuba
Date: 1908
Time: various

Local residents told of an elderly woman, called Diepa, who lived in an old brickhouse by a dense wooded area. She had a strange way of walking, completely bent over at the waist. When asked why she walked that way, she responded that it was the best way for her to walk. Many feared her and believed she was a witch, as many travelers at night when passing by the wooded area encountered a giant human-shaped figure, apparently made out of metal that frightened them off. Also, there were reports of a ghostly horse and rider that would emerge out of the woods. After Diepa died the locals burnt down the wooded area to get rid of the “evil spirits” there.

Source: Jose Seoane, “Cuentos de Aparecidos.” Pp. 62-62.
Comment: Translation by Albert S Rosales

The following case is a personal, is a story my grandmother used to tell me when I was young, she told me many stories of strange events in the farms and fields of central Cuba.

The Frightened Horse:

Location. Jicotea Las Villas Cuba
Date: 1915
Time: late evening

Two men were patrolling the edge of a sugarcane field on horseback when suddenly as they neared a bend on the trail the horses stopped and would not move, snorting as if in a panic. The men then noticed what appeared to be a small white sack like “bundle” on the ground near the trail. Both men had the impression that whatever it was, it was a “living” thing. The bundle now began approaching the now terrified horses. One of the men that was armed with a pistol fired several shots at the thing. Both men were then astonished to see that the “bundle” seemed to become larger every time it was shot at. When it almost as large as the horse the men panicked and fled the area on foot leaving the horses behind. The next day both horses were found wandering the fields apparently unharmed.

Source: Story told to me by my grandmother Aurora on several occasions.

Wax paper?

Location. El Santo, Las Villas Province, Cuba
Date: 1918
Time: afternoon

A young boy playing along the banks of a local river heard a noise and saw over a nearby field a large object resembling a “Mexican Sombrero” coming down for a landing. After the object landed a large ‘door’ opened and several tall man-like figures wearing dark diver’s outfits emerged and briefly walked around the surroundings. They then gathered at the entrance of the craft and then boarded the craft. After a few minutes, he heard a loud buzzing and the object took off disappearing at high speed towards the ocean side (North). The boy reported that at the site of the landing he found some strange ‘papers’ which resembled “the wax paper currently used to wrap the Ritz crackers” (at least that was what the witness was able to compare it to, when he was interviewed in 1998 at age 90). It is not known what he did with the alleged ‘wax paper.’

Source: Direct from researcher Hugo Parrado Francos.

The Cuban Naval Captain encounter:

Location. Near Guines Cuba
Date: 1930
Time: midnight

Medical Doctor and Cuban naval captain, Dr. M.T. Alvarez, was driving over a bridge on the road between Guines and La Habana when the car headlights illuminated a short figure less than 2ft tall standing on the road ahead. The naval captain, thinking that it was a “lost child” stopped his car and approached the figure, grabbing it under its arms and attempting to lift it. But he was stunned as he realized that the figure was extremely heavy, and he could not budge it. Somewhat afraid the witness left the small entity alone and went back into his vehicle, immediately leaving the area.

Source: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting Patricio Bosch, Editora Corripio.
República Dominicana 2001 also Dr. Sergio Cervera.

I will be finishing this first part of my report with a bizarre, apparent kidnapping attempt by a bizarre creature:

Location. Meller, Escambray, Cuba
Date: March 1933
Time: evening

On holy Friday, 12-year-old Onelia Fernandez was collecting mangos next to a river located close to her house. She had been warned to come back home early due to the local superstition dealing with holy Friday. Suddenly, her mother noticed a strange figure carrying Onelia and dragging her towards the river. Armed with sticks and knives, several family members immediately ran to her aid. The bizarre figure accosted by sticks and rocks dropped Onelia, who was now unconscious and flew away across the river. The creature was described as tall, black with large claws and huge wings; it emitted loud screeching noises as it fled the scene.

Source: Hugo Franco Parrados “Bestiario Tropical.”
Comments: Early report of Mothman type creature.
What was it? Where was it taking the girl? We may never know the answer.

Stay tuned for my 2nd part in the next issue.

Albert S Rosales This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Thursday, June 20, 2024