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Encounters with the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2024

MIB and WIB – Who, What, and Why?

by: Brent Raynes

MIB (Men in Black) and sometimes WIB (Women in Black), a history in ufology of strangers who come on the scene, frightening and threatening UFO witnesses. What do these people want? Who are they?

A family has a major UFO encounter followed by other high strange anomalous, even unusual paranormal type experiences. It begins with a phone call. It may be a number known to only a few. The person may seek the cooperation of a witness to join a private group, to allow their experiences to be explored further by the group, and perhaps to engage in psychic experiments like distance viewing. The subject becomes nervous and declines. The offer doesn’t feel right. Then the visitor changes behavior from that of a professional and becomes threatening and warns of consequences to the family and leaves. Or it could be a family with all sorts of UFO, high strange situations and then after two pale skinned men in suits pay a visit to one of them, threatening that person to stop that person’s work in this field, naming family names who would be in danger if compliance wasn't followed, and thus one of the major experiencers in the family suddenly shuts down in fear. In one particular case, a paleontologist claimed to have communicated telepathicallty with two humanoid beings with large, elongated heads and large black eyes who approached him at a site he had under investigation, observing also a huge, elongated craft and small luminous spheres at close range during this incident. Afterwards, he did a number of radio interviews and talks about his experience which certain individuals it seemed didn't approve of. "The doorman of the University informed me that there were two blond people with dark glasses who asked about me," he informed this editor. "A few days later, two similar people approached me leaving the University and told me not to talk about the encounter in the desert anymore. They did not threaten me directly, but the warning was menacing."

"Only one spoke with me. The other just looked. His speech was slow but very threatening. They knew all my movements and those of my family and they warned me not to endanger their safety by talking about things that I should not talk about."

Later, he was in a restaurant following one of his presentations on the encounter when a woman sat down at the table and warned him again not to be talking about the incident. This woman also had white hair, white skin, and because she wasn't wearing dark glasses like the two men, he saw that she had “ocean blue eyes.” As he stepped into a nearby restroom, he discreetly snapped a photo of her. He shared it with me but asked me not to post or publish it. "I'm really scared!" he exclaimed.

One UFO researcher who became involved in investigating cattle mutilations came to experience a break-in where only her files were disturbed or stolen, a car was following her, and eventually she received a threat recorded on her answering machine, naming family and close friends who could be harmed if she didn't comply. More angered than frightened and knowing that it was a federal offense to threaten someone over the telecommunications network, she reported this incident to the FBI.

Whoever these people are in these various instances, it would certainly seem that their intimidation practices can be very effective, especially by bringing up the identities of family members and close friends who could be in danger if they don’t comply with their wishes. They seem to possess an uncomfortable knowledge of the associations and research activities of those they target.

If you’ve ever come across similar instances, or had personal experiences along these lines, I would certainly be interested in hearing from you. My email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thursday, June 20, 2024