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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, May 2024

A “Better” Life and Happiness

by: Stan Prachniak, MBA

It is common for people to want a better life than the one they have, whatever that may mean. Your definition of a better life will not be exactly the same as anyone else’s. You might discover someone whose idea of “better” is very similar to yours, but if you were to have a deeper discussion of this idea you would likely find that there are differences. These differences stem from beliefs that have formed throughout your respective lives. How you define a better life is a key factor in determining your happiness?

There are many aspects of life that people believe are related directly to what makes a “better life.” The most common example of one of these areas is money. A lot of people believe that if they had more money that would make their life better. But, will having more money make them happy? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case almost all of the time. Yes, money can help make life easier in many ways, but having more money (even more than enough money) is typically not a way to attain true happiness. Simply having money to pay for the things you need (or want) will not effectively contribute to your overall happiness. It can certainly reduce the amount of stress in your life, but it cannot ever solve all of your worries and problems. As far as I know, nothing can do that. One way to discover true happiness in life, is to discover your True Self. By choosing to listen to your inner self, you will be more likely to experience the things in life that will bring you joy and bring you closer to being the person you are meant to be. Discovering your True Self will help you uncover your True Path in life. Once you have discovered your True Path in life, your journey will likely align with what you believe will assist in creating the best version of you. As we stated in Freedom To Change, “You are a creation, not a compilation.” You are not just a series of achievements or failures. You are a person who has been shaped by life experience and teachings. You are a creation, and the best part is that you have the power to decide who you will become.

Freedom To Change offers a way for you create a better life by uncovering who you really are—your True Self—and discovering your True Path. For more information on the Freedom To Change materials, visit www.freedom2change.org.

Thursday, June 20, 2024