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Reality Checking

By Brent Raynes

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My Transglobal EVP Event

I’ve had some pretty weird and even what I feel have been pretty downright mind-blowing experiences with regard to my ongoing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments. The one I feel was the most rockin’ EVP on the paranormal Richter scale is the one I recently came to call the Transglobal EVP Event. As some of you may recall, I interviewed Australian UFO contactee Judy Carroll for the previous December edition of this magazine. I had also reviewed her two new books (in the October issue) The Zeta Message and Human by Day, Zeta by Night. Her publicist Eileen Duhne in Fairfax, California had contacted me about doing an interview. Through the years, I had worked with Eileen and had reviewed a number of new books by various authors. I agreed, and also asked if perhaps they might like to do a long-distance paranormal experiment with me. Eileen and Judy both agreed and so November 30th, 10:30 p.m. Central Time became the target date and time for this experiment. I instructed both ladies to come up with some word or words that I would try and catch on my digital recorder, through my “ghost box” (a term neither seemed familiar with), and I would try and record whatever they were going to send me, with the help of my “guides,” or “technicians” if you will, here on this end. The session was very brief, and I sat silently on this end for a little over two minutes, simply recording the AM frequencies being scanned through the “ghost box,” hoping that whatever the word/words turned out to be, my recorder would pick it/them up.

Once I completed my recording, I promptly downloaded the audio into my laptop through the WavePad program, and without listening to it first I emailed it along to Eileen and Judy. Within a short time, later that same night, Eileen emailed both of us that she had put on her headphones and listened to the audio I had sent and she believed that she had heard the words! At this point, I found out what the words were, which was “fingers together”!

The story was that Judy and an abductee friend named Helene were doing a new aura cleansing exercise that an entity named Oris had given them instructions on doing, when suddenly a mysterious voice loudly stated “No, put your fingers together.”[This incident, it turns out, is also described in chapter 11 of The Zeta Message] Judy explained to me that Helene obviously “wasn’t holding her hands quite right.” “It was the only time she ever heard him speak physically, and so loud all the dogs on the street started barking except for their dog, who knew Oris and so didn’t worry about the sound of his voice.”

On the audio I could actually hear a male voice saying “hold your fingers together.” I was hoping that maybe Judy or her friend Helene might recognize the voice, but Judy later wrote, after listening to it, “I didn’t recognize the voice. It didn’t sound like any of the Zetas, but because they generally communicate telepathically, perhaps they got someone else to physically vocalize the message for them.” She did hear the “fingers together.” “Wow, yes, it is clear…!” she wrote.

Just before finishing this article, Judy Carroll wrote me: “Helene also joined us in our remote voice exercise, being the one to whom Oris gave the instruction ‘hold your fingers together.’ During the exercise she reported feeling a strong sensation in her throat and around her mouth. We did it that way so as three of us would be doing the sending – Eileen, Helene and me, as the Zeta family always likes to do things in threes, for balance and creativity.”

I also shared details and the audio with Bret and Gina Oldham of Halo Paranormal, two seasoned paranormal investigators who introduced me to the “ghost box” experience two years ago. “Very impressive! What a great idea,” Bret wrote. “I can hear this one very clear, once again proving that time and distance mean nothing to their world. Amazing how they can find these people even on the other side of the planet. Wow!”

Something else I heard in reviewing this audio though, which I shared with Bret and Gina privately, were some negative things that were directed at me. In fact, my name was used and I also heard my late father’s name, and some aspects of what was brought out related to personal and sensitive issues that had gone on between my dad and I years ago. “I could hear all the same things as you did on these files,” Bret replied. “Yes, it does appear that you have a negative entity that is attempting to hurt you as the lower realm ones will try to do. We know that they can read our thoughts as thoughts are nothing more than energy that too is sent out to the universe.”

Bret provided a prayer/affirmation for us to use, and recommended the use of burning sage and virgin olive oil to help “keep the dark stuff away.” He expressed that he knew we had used sage some and protective prayers, but felt that it sounded like we needed to intensify the effort and do a “good cleansing” of our house and ourselves, which he added that he and Gina had just recently done themselves. “I’m sure that by using and doing the things I suggest here that you probably won’t be getting too much more of those kinds of remarks,” Bret added. “Sure, you might still get the occasional ‘fuck you Brent’, I still do and just laugh. They know I’m too strong for them and that they can’t get to me, so most of the time they quit trying. But you do want to stop it before it gets any stronger.”

My research into the EVP phenomenon revealed that encountering “voices” who used foul language was nothing new. In the late Susy Smith’s EVP book Voices of the Dead, published back in 1977, she wrote: “While it is not advisable to attempt to know personalities of the type who would use available channels between the planes of existence to communicate four-letter words, nonetheless the profanity in itself provides a rather definite refutation to the argument that the words recorded are actually being picked up from radio broadcasts.”

John Keel noted that mysterious “voices” coming out of phones, intercoms, ham radios, walkie talkies, regular AM and FM radios, and televisions had dramatically increased since 1965. “Ham operators in flap areas have cautiously reported all kinds of manifestations, including the materialization of entities in their radio shacks,” Keel wrote in his book Our Haunted Planet. “It is common for UFO contactees to hear alien voices delivering personal messages to them from their ordinary home receivers. A number of people even claim that images of the spacemen have appeared suddenly on their TV sets and addressed them directly.” Keel predicted that the phenomenon would continue to escalate, and was perhaps building up to some very significant global event wherein “a general message to the human race may suddenly spurt from every receiver on Earth in every language.”

Noted paranormal researcher Walter Uphoff, back in 1974, when conducting an extensive study of the EVP phenomenon at that time, reported that the number of people known to have obtained paranormal voices on tape were “at least 75-100 and possibly more,” he estimated. I just went online and Googled different variations on an EVP inquiry and I got many thousands of hits. I’d say that the awareness of this phenomenon and those who are reporting results have reached truly staggering proportions in recent years.

Though Joan and I have heeded Bret’s advice and been more cautious in our EVP work, as he stated there continues to be the occasional verbal assault. In an email dated December 15th, pertaining to audio I sent him from a “ghost box” session on the 10th, Bret wrote: “I can clearly hear the ‘Hey Brent, go get some pussy.’ Sounds like someone messing with you.”

I can assure my readers that I have said nothing in these sessions to invite these kinds of messages. Also, it should be noted, that the scanner on the “ghost box” had been switched off when this particular EVP was recorded.

Shortly before posting this article, I was listening to audio from December 10th again and heard a female voice saying what sounded like “Hey Brent, saying F word.” I skipped ahead of that point and three seconds before it, sure enough, a male voice could be heard saying “Fuck you.” There was a female voice talking just before that and I suspect the language was directed at something she was saying.

Message Doctor Schwarz

Please note that when we ask for our helpers on ‘the other side,’ those who are presumably assisting us with our EVP sessions, to tell us their names over the “ghost box,” again and again we get the very same ones! For example, in reviewing ten typical and representative “ghost box” sessions done in 2011, I found that during the initial part, when we were seeking to find out who our guides or technicians were, 9 (90 %) of the time we heard “Doctor Schwarz” or simply “Schwarz,” while 6 (60%) of the time Philip (often with a Mexican sounding accent), and 3 (30%) of the time Bishop, who is really Bret and Gina’s main guide, but who often drops in on our sessions to help too it seems. In addition, I should point out, Bishop turned up in some of these sessions at a later stage, but here I am only referring to the first portion of the audio recording. Furthermore, they are not always just saying their names. They often make comments – some of which are often clearly interactive. “I do indeed hear the ‘Message Doctor Schwarz’,” Bret Oldham noted regarding an audio I sent him from a December 18th session that I had done.

“Schwarz started coming through soon after his passing and although we have heard him a couple of times he seems very intent on communicating with you, which of course makes sense,” Bret added in a separate email. “I’m wondering if he has some important message he is trying to get across?”

Dr. Berthold Schwarz was a dear friend and colleague in the UFO/paranormal field who I had corresponded with quite extensively for well over three decades. He was also a frequent contributor to this magazine, and he certainly felt that the EVP was a very important area of investigation. In fact, in a book he had written entitled Psychic-Nexus, he stated that spirit photography and the EVP phenomenon were two very crucial areas that needed to be carefully and thoroughly looked into. Recently I was talking with him (assuming it is indeed him) about this during a “ghost box” session, when I realized that I had gotten mixed up when I said the name of the book. Dr. Schwarz had also authored a book called UFO Dynamics, and I blundered during this recording and called his book Psychic Dynamics instead of Psychic-Nexus.

Playing the audio back I was surprised to discover, right after I had made that mistake, a male voice saying what sounded like “nexus”! Was the good doctor correcting me from beyond?

Nothing hardly surprises me anymore!

In addition, while reviewing some of Dr. Schwarz’s correspondence with me from years ago, looking for a specific reference to another matter entirely, I stumbled upon a letter from 1977 wherein he was describing how tough it is “to make sense out of these things,” referring of course to paranormal phenomena. Then he wrote something that reminded me of the “Message Doctor Schwarz” audio I recently got and Bret’s remark that it seemed as though he has some “important message” to convey to me. It may be mere coincidence, but suddenly there in front of me were these words from years ago: “There is a message in it all, but we are missing it.”

“Spirit voices” is one thing, but what about when they’re of people still alive? During a ghost box session on November 5th, a voice came through saying “Hey Brent,” sounding exactly like the voice of our fellow EVP experimenter Sandy Nichols of the Alien Research Group in Thompson Station, Tennessee. Problem was, Sandy wasn’t there at the time (although earlier he had talked about wanting to be present). “Yeah, that sounds just like Sandy!” Bret Oldham wrote me. “Very, very strange. I’m not sure what to think about that one.” Sandy himself agreed also. “I tell you what it does sound like me,” he wrote. “A great deal - even with the southern accent.”

Overlapping the last part of that “voice” sounding like Sandy was also a male voice saying “Schwarz.” This may not have been a coincidence as often their name will appear in conjunction with a specific word or statement, apparently indicating they were the one delivering or transmitting it.

On the night of December 18th, Bret and Gina Oldham conducted a brief “ghost box” session at the same time that I was doing one here at my home (we’re about 129 driving miles apart).We had agreed on what I was going to try and send them (words) and what they were going to “send” me. “Bishop” and “Doctor Schwarz” showed up on my “ghost box” to help and Bret and Gina successfully received “brain hemisphere” (which is what I was “sending”) while they were sending “UFOs are real” (via Bishop) to me. I clearly got “UFO” along with “Please call Bishop” and then what sounded like “Please call Brent. ASAP.”

Huh? Some things you just scratch your head over. (Well, a lot of things actually!) But at least “UFO” was indeed part of the target I was expecting! We felt that our little experiment was successful, even if it proved nothing to anyone else but us. Naturally, we plan more, and intend to get a little more sophisticated with them.

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