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November 2023

Issue 308

Interview with Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D., and Susan Demeter UFOs, Earthlights, and their strange Physics
by: Brent Raynes

Making Contact with the Phenomenon at Mound Sites: Understanding "The Phenomenon" — Part 3
by: Dr. Greg Little

Embracing Your Discomfort Zone
by: Stan Prachniak, MBA

Pre-Arnold close encounters with humanoids, Part 3
by: Albert S. Rosales

Part 5 of Riding the Chariot – Becoming the Chariot
by: James Edward Carlos

The Late Great Tom Adams Thoughts on the Passing of Thomas R. Adams (1945-2014)
by: David Perkins

Reality Checking
More News from Arizona's Sedona and the Bradshaw Ranch: UFOs, Cloaking Bigfoots, Time Anomalies, and Shadow People?
by: Brent Raynes

Encounters with the Unknown
Close Encounters, telepathy, and teleportation
by: Brent Raynes

Classic Mysteries
Close Encounters with UFOs, Light Beams striking witnesses, and Poltergeists
by: Brent Raynes

New Book Reviews
by: Brent Raynes

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Little People, John Keel, Pascagoula Abduction, Mutilations with Martin Powell & Brent Raynes / Typical Skeptic Podcast

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500,000-year-old structure has researchers rethinking early human intelligence / NPR

Woman who inspired The Conjuring tells of her ‘cosmic contact with aliens’ / The U.S. Sun

Scientists Might Have Discovered a Whole new Human Lineage / Popular Mechanics

Mysterious figures are 1500 years old, and as tiny as a fingernail. Scientists are shocked / Story by NGA

7-Year-Old Says He Was in 9/11 Plane Crash – The Ghost Inside My Child (S1 Flashback) / LMN

God and Science with Vernon Neppe / New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove

Dr. Gregory Little & PD Newman on Mounds & Compounds / Mind Escape 292

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