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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2023

An interview with Dale Kaczmarek

by: Brent Raynes

Photo of Dale Kacmarek

Joplin Spooklight taken in 1982 with 35mm film

Picture was taken at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery back in 1991 with infrared film.

Sent to me by a friend of a friend who was cleaning up the place and installing a new roof after the elderly woman had passed. The figure in the window, they believe was the woman's ghost watching over them.


Dale David Kaczmarek
Born: Chicago, Illinois - December 19, 1952 7:59 AM
Home Address: 9611 S. Cook Ave., Oak Lawn, IL 60453-3066
Business Address: Ghost Research Society, PO Box 205, Oak Lawn, IL 60454-0205
Telephone: (708)425-5163 Cellular: (708)828-5229
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GRS Website: http://www.ghostresearch.org
GRS Press Publications: http://www.ghostresearch.org/press

Attributes: President of the Ghost Research Society, Author of Windy City Ghosts & Windy City Ghosts II, A Field Guide to Spirit Photography, Illuminating the Darkness: They Mystery of Spooklights, Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques, Field Guide to Haunted Highways & Bridges, Editor of Ghost Trackers Newsletter, The Journal, Astrology Directory, Bibliography of Ghost Movies, Glossary of Occult Terms, Directory of Ghostly Websites, Greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Psychic Directory, International Directory of Psychic Sciences, National Catalog of Occult Bookstores, National Register of Haunted Locations, Occult Publications Directory, UFOlogy Directory, Witchcraft and Paganism Directory, Publisher of Ghost Research Society Press and Creator of GRS Productions.

Memberships: American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP), International Fortean Organization (INFO), Honorary Life Member of The Ghost Club, Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, Ghost Safari and Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce.

Publications (appeared in): Albany (GA) Herald, Arkansas Gazette, Arizona Republic, Atlanta Constitution, Bakersfield Californian, Baltimore Jewish Times, Beacon Magazine, Boston Globe, Charleston Gazette, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Chronicle Illinois, Cicero-Berwyn Life, Cincinnati Enquirer, Countryside Magazine, Daily Herald, Dairy Food Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Daytona Beach News Journal, Detroit News, The Dispatch, The Doings Newspapers, Drury Mirror, Electric Company Magazine, Expo Magazine, Fate Magazine, Friends Magazine, The Geneva Republican, Glen Ellyn News, Hammond Times, Herald Newspaper (Sharon, PA), Home and Away Magazine, Illinois Entertainer, Independent Messenger, Indianapolis Star, Insider Magazine, Invisible Ink Catalog, Japanese External Trade Organization Newsletter, Joplin Globe, Kane County Chronicle, Kankakee Journal, Kansas City Star, LaPorte Herald Argus, Lerner Times, Long Beach Press Telegram, Los Angeles Times, National Enquirer, National Examiner, New York Times, The News Herald (Panama City, FL), The News Herald (Joliet, IL), The News Rocket, News Sentinel, News Tribune and Herald, Oak Lawn Reporter, Occurrence (Oakton Community College), Omni, Pioneer Press, The Polish Museum of America Newsletter, Pontiac Progressor, Premiere, Premiere, Psychic News, Pursuit, Ralph Magazine, Redbook, The Register Star, Richmond Magazine, Ridgewood News, Rochester-Clarion, The Rock Island Argus, Saginaw News, Scandinavian Traveler, Shopping Centers Today, Southtown Economist, Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Sue Darroch & Matthew Didier’s Paranormal Blog, The Star, State Journal Register, Sun, Teen Speaking, Tennessee Illustrated Magazine, The Patch Newspaper, Time Out Chicago, Today (Singapore), Today’s Chicago Woman, Tulsa World News, University of Evanston Newspaper, UR Chicago, USA Today, Village View Newspaper, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Washington Times, The Weekly (Seattle, WA), Wilmette Life, Winnebago Chronicle and Woman and Home Magazine.

Books (appeared in): The Common Sense Approach To Ghosts by Robert L. Gruzdis, Dead Zones by Sharon Jarvis, Earth Lights Revelation by Paul Devereux, The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Real Ghosts Don't Wear Sheets by Don Farrant, More Haunted Houses by Joan Bingham & Dolores Riccio, True Tales of the Unknown: The Uninvited by Sharon Jarvis, Parapsychology New Age and The Occult by Cheryl Klein Lacoff, National Directory of Haunted Places by William Hauck, Natural or Supernatural by Martin Caidin, Mysteries Of Strange Appearances From Beyond by Phyllis Raybin Emert, The 25 Scariest Places In The World by Phyllis Raybin Emert, Atlas of the Mysterious in North America by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Sightings by Susan Michaels, Haunted Cemeteries by Edrick Thay, Chicago Hauntings for Teens by Jim Graczyk, Ghosthunting Illinois by John Kachuba, Ghost Stories of Illinois by Jo-Anne Christensen, The International Directory of Haunted Places by Dennis William Hauck, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings by Tom Ogden, Relax, It’s Only a Ghost by Echo Bodine, A Field Guide to Chicago Hauntings by Jim Graczyk, Field Guide to Mysterious Waters by Jim Graczyk, Ghost Hunting Handbook by Marc Tyler Nobleman, Haunted Highway: The Spirits of Route 66 by Ellen Robson & Dianne Halicki, Graveyards of Chicago by Matt Hucke, Small Town Ghosts by Barb Huyser, Haunted Chicago by Troy Taylor, Haunted Illinois by Troy Taylor, Paranormal Metro-Chicago by Carl Chutro, Weird Illinois by Troy Taylor, Field Guide to Haunted Graveyards by Troy Taylor, Beyond the Grave by Troy Taylor, Ghost Tech by Vince Wilson, The Everything Ghost Book by Jason Rich, Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting by Christopher Balzano, Ghostly Adventures Christopher Balzano, The World’s Most Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger, Ultimate Ghost Hunter by Vince Wilson, Field Guide to Southern California Hauntings by Nicole Strickland, A History of Ghosts by Peter H. 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Television Appearances: "A Closer Look" WMAQ-TV, "AM Chicago", “Chicago Ghost Stories” (Janet Davies), “Haunted Highways” “Magical Mystery Tour” “Haunted Houses” The Other Side (Dr. Will Miller), WLS-TV, Barrington Patch, Cablevision of Chicago, Capital City's Omnicom, Channel 27 (Michigan City, IN), "Chicago Live" WMAQ-TV, "Chicago Today" WCIU-TV (Richard Steele), Comcast Cablevision, "Common Ground" WBBM-TV, CTV Television Network W-Five Toronto, "Encounters: The Hidden Truth" (Fox 32), AExploring The Unknown@ (Fox Family Network), AExtra@ (NBC), "4U" (Time-Warner Cable), Fox News Chicago (WFLD-TV), Hellava Halloween 7" (Jones Intercable), FX (Fox Cable), "Lifestyles" & Channel 6 (Continental Cable), Metrovision, The New 9:30 (Fox 32),APhantom Photos@ (Discovery Channel), AReal Ghosthunters , “Phantom Photographs” “It Happened Here” (Discovery Channel), Rolanda (WLS-TV), "Sightings" (Fox-32 & UPN 50), "Today In Chicago" WMAQ-TV, United Cable TV of Northwest Indiana, Univision of Chicago, WBBM news, WCIA news (Champaign, IL), WGN news, WLS news, WMAQ news, The Sci-Fi Channel ("Mysteries, Magic and Miracles"), TV6 Morning Show (Big Bear Lake, CA), (“The World’s Most Terrifying Places) Travel Channel, Paranormal Survivor (“Family Phantoms”), World’s Most Unexplained (Coincidence or Curse & Mysteries Made in the USA). Radio Shows: Coast to Coast with Art Bell & George Noory, WBBM, WBEZ, WBMX, WCRX. 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Personal Information: I have been actively investigating paranormal phenomena since 1975 although my interest goes far beyond that. I work with psychics who help to compliment my investigations, whether local or out-of-state. I have conducted many investigations concerning ghost lights, haunted houses, battlefields, cemeteries, Indian burial grounds, murder sites, churches and sacred sites. I am currently listed in the Encyclopedia of Associations, Directory of Newsletters, The Forensic Services Directory, and Instant Information. I personally direct "Excursions into the Unknown, Inc.," Haunted Chicagoland Tours, which is a part of the Oak Lawn Chamber of Commerce.

I am the author of Windy City Ghosts and Windy City Ghosts II which deals with the strange and unusual sightings in and around Chicago. Other books include: A Field Guide to Spirit Photography, Illuminating the Darkness: The Mystery of Spooklights, “Field Guide to Ghost Hunting Techniques” and “Field Guide to Haunted Highways & Bridges”. I have contributed a chapter for a book released by Bantam called "True Tales of the Unknown: The Uninvited" and several chapters for "Dead Zones" released by Warner Books and both edited by Sharon Jarvis. I have a website: www.ghostresearch.org. I've been to England and Wales seeking out the paranormal.

I am the Publisher of Ghost Research Society Press which produces and publishes fine quality books on the paranormal, mysterious and supernatural since 2004.

Investigation sites: I have personally investigated some of the most haunted locations around the world including: Airtight Bridge, Allegan Lodge, Allerton Manor, Andrew Woods House, Antietam Battlefield, Ashmore Estates, Avon Theater, Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Barnes Mansion, Bartonville Asylum, Battle of Stillman's Run, Bellaire House, Berlin Tannery, Beverley Unitarian Church, Black Moon Manor, Bobby Mackey's Music World, Booth House, Brown Mountain Lights, Brumder Mansion, Buxton Inn, Buddy Holly Crash Site, Camp Douglas, Carter House, Casa Madrid, CBC River Treasures, Cheney House, Chet's Melody Lounge, Coliseum Ballroom, Conover Square, Coronado Theater, Crown Point Jail, Dinwiddle's Grand Opera House, Edinburgh Manor, Edna Collin's Bridge, Egyptian Theater, Elburn Community Center, Eldred House, Elgin Casket Factory, Evangelical Spiritualist Church, Excalibur Club, Fairport County Lighthouse, Farnsworth House, Farrar School, First Unitarian Church, First Ward Schoolhouse, Flight 191 crash site, Fort Donelson, Fort Mifflin, Fowler Theater, Fox Hollow Farm, Fredericksburg Battlefield, Fresno Flats, First Ward Schoolhouse, Gettysburg, Goldenrod Showboat, Graveyard X, Greenwood Cemetery, Griswold Auditorium, Guyer Opera House, Hannah House, Hillview Manor, Humphrey House, Iron Island Museum, Jacksonville Theater Guild, Joplin Spooklight, Kellogg’s Grove, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, Lee Bakers Hodges House, Lemp Mansion, Lincoln Theater, Madison Seminary, Manny Mansion, Mansfield Reformatory, McInteer Villa, McKinley YMCA, McPike Mansion, Midway Village, Milton School, Mineral Springs Hotel, Monroe House, Morgan County Jail, Moundsville Prison, Nellie Dunton House, Nemacolin Castle, Oakwood Cemetery, Octagon Hall, Old Blackford County Jail, Old Charleston Memorial Hospital, Old Jail Museum, Old Lighthouse Museum, Old Rectory, Old Paris Hospital, Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Old St. Joseph's Hospital, Owen County Poor Farm, Patsy Cline crash site, Pennhurst Asylum, Poasttown Elementary School, Polish National Museum, Pollak Hospital, Porter County Jail, Prospect Place, Randolph County Infirmary, R Theater, Regent Theater, Read Dunning Memorial Park, Reeder Road, Revenant Acres Farm, Rialto Square Theater, Rico D's, Roadhouse Restaurant, Road's Hotel, Robinson Bowling Alley, Robinson Woods Indian Burial Grounds, Roff House, Rolling Hills Asylum, Sach’s Bridge, Sallie House, Scutt Mansion, Sip Coffee House, Spring Lake Cemetery, Starved Rock, St. Alban's Sanatorium, That Steak Joynt, Theater Guild Webster Grove, Thomas House, Thornhaven Manor, Tinker Swiss Cottage, Tippecanoe Battlefield, Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, USS North Carolina, Villisca Axe House, Waddams Grove, Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Westminster Catacombs, Whisper's Estates, Widow McCleary's, Willow Creek Farm and many others.

Personal goals: Through the research, study and investigations that I have completed and through continuing analysis, I hope to prove the existence of ghosts and life after death. I have amassed one of the world's largest collections of authentic spirit photographs, collected tape recorded voices and sounds of ghosts and some physical proof of their existence. I hope, in the upcoming years, to produce a paper on my studies of these elusive beings and further man's knowledge of what might lie beyond death's door.

Personal References: Excellent references upon request.

Taken with 35mm film at a new house they had just moved into. Faces of an old lady with her hair pulled up in a bun and what looks like a bulldog. There was nobody inside when the picture was taken.

Sunday, July 14, 2024