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Encounters with the Unknown

The UFO reports of Brazilian General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa

By Bob Pratt

A Brazilian general who became interested in UFOs because of a U.S. Air Force film spent the last thirty six years of his life publicly proclaiming UFOs exist because he had seen more than sixty, some of them up close. “I don’t BELIEVE that UFOs are real. I KNOW they are,” said Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa, former deputy director of the Military Academy of Brazil, that country’s equivalent of West Point.

General Uchoa was critical of officials and scientists who claim they do not exist. “I have seen UFOs and I have been in touch with them. With millions of people seeing them and the governments and scientists of the world saying, ‘No, you’re not seeing them,’ this is bad, very bad.

“Scientists would prefer not to think about UFOs because it would be a true revolution to their science. This threatens the structure of science. This is why scientists do not want to study or even to acknowledge them. But in the long run they are going to.”

During an interview in his home in Brasilia, he said he remembered vividly how he first became interested in UFOs. He was fifty four at the time.

“In 1960, when I was a student at our Superior School of War, all the students were invited to the America Embassy to see a film made by the U.S. Air Force, and in the film we saw the big event of the visit of many objects over Washington in the 1950s that was caught on radar. I saw this and got inspired, got interested. The American Air Force wouldn’t have delivered this document without its being true. So I was impressed and I decided to study the matter if the opportunity ever appeared.”

General Uchoa retired in 1963 after more than forty years in the army. For the last twenty five years of his career, he was a professor of engineering mechanics at the academy. He was also head of the mathematics department and for twelves years was deputy director of the academy, which is located near Rio de Janeiro.

An Air Force spokesman at the Pentagon acknowledged that the Air Force made a film based on the Project Blue Book investigation of UFOs after the famous 1950 UFO “invasion” of Washington, D.C. However, neither he nor anyone at the U.S. Embassy in Brazil remembered its being shown in Brazil.

First Sightings in 1968

For General Uchoa, the opportunity to personally study UFOs came in 1968, after he moved to Brasilia, the nation’s capital.

“When I came here, a son of mine who is an officer in the army knew that on a farm near the community of Alexania certain things had happened. He had never seen anything there but he knew others had. I was introduced to the owner of the farm. We organized a group and started our research there in March 1968.” Alexania is far from here, about a hundred and twenty kilometers west of Brasilia. We had that long journey of driving two hundred and forty kilometers there and back at night two or three times a week. “There were eight of us, including me and the farm owner. We had three military men, including my son, then a lieutenant and now a major, and a friend of his, a major in the air force, a professor of physics, a professor of law and others in different professions.

“The first contact was July 22, 1968. The first contact was extraordinary. There were eight of us, all friends, and we saw the object clearly in front of us, radiating an intense bluish- whitish light. Then quickly the object disappeared and immediately appeared to the right at a higher point in the mountains. “When we started concentrating on the new position, it disappeared and went back to the first position. Later, the object went up into the sky maybe two thousand meters and from there it lit up the whole area where we were.

“From that day on for the next ten months, every night we went there we had the opportunity of seeing extraordinary phenomena. We saw it at least sixty, maybe a hundred tmes. I wrote a book about it.”

In the book, titled Parapsychology and Flying Saucers, The Alexania case, General Uchoa described in detail the most spectacular sightings. In each case he identified everyone who was with him at each of the sightings. They include military men and professional business people.

One of them was Dr. Oswaldo Franca, a professor of law at the University Center of Brasilia. “Everything he wrote is true,” Dr. Franca told me. “General Uchoa and I and the others used to go there many times a week and we had the opportunity of seeing many luminous phenomena. I can confirm the truth of this phenomenon. I saw it many times with my own eyes.”

Exchanges Signals with UFO

General Uchoa died on March 5, 1996, six weeks before his ninetieth birthday. When I interviewed him on February 17, 1979, he said he would never have written about what he and the others had seen at Alexania if he had been alone. The book details some of the close encounters. “I saw a friend of mine get about one meter away from a being from the object, and the rest of us watched from about a hundred and forty meters away using binoculars. Some time after, I personally got within ten to fifteen meters of the object.”

General Uchoa said he wanted to get closer and go aboard but the occupants wouldn’t let him. “I was very near. I am certain they did not invite me to get in, and they did not leave the object. They did not open the door.

“They talked with us with light signals. I asked them to let me enter the UFO but they did not agree. For instance, they gave me three signals indicating I could get nearer. But when I gave them a signal, they would give me two or three times as many signals as I would ask for.

“For instance, I would think, ‘If I can go there, please give me three signals and I will go nearer and go in,’ but they would give five signals or ten signals or something different from what I asked. So they did not agree to let me in.”

The sightings were frequent for ten months but after that they dwindled off, he said. “In 1973, I started having another kind of experience, telepathic experience, dealing with the telepathic way of getting in touch with them. I started being able to understand them in a telepathic way. Their thoughts came to me in my own.”

General Uchoa said that from these beings he learned there are many groups visiting earth, most of them from other star systems but some from our own solar system. Most, but not all, mean us no harm, he said.

“There are many different kinds, many groups of different origins with different interests. These people we have been in touch with are of high spiritual conditions and are very benevolent. They mean us no harm.

“But others don’t care about us, other visitors from outer space. They are indifferent to us. They don’t care about us. They want to study our planet, our living conditions, our animals, our plants and so on without paying any attention to us as responsible men. So, sometimes they can be aggressive.”

General Uchoa, who went on to publish several other books about UFOs, said it is possible there are many people in the world who have or have had contact with space beings.

“Sooner or later everybody in the world will have concrete proof that UFOs are real and are from outer space. They say to me they are preparing a more ostensive contact and ask us to be patient, to wait a little more.” What can people on earth do?

“Nothing but wait,” he said.

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