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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2022

Strange Memories

by: Bryon Smith

People respond differently to the same things. I can give several examples. When a friend and I stood within a few steps of a hovering 30-foot glowing disk, I was mesmerized by it. I said, “Isn’t it beautiful?” My friend on the other hand was terrified enough he jumped into the car and nearly ran over me directly at the disk. I did get into the car but by then it was directly above us and closer than ever. Just a few feet above the car.

When I did the Susan Stockman and Terri Baker interviews in Rainsville, Alabama concerning the mass sightings of a giant midnight blue triangle they told me their first experience with the beings of that craft. A mysterious man named Ray Griffin met them in a field near Fyffe, Alabama, where thousands had gathered to see this craft. Ray told them they wouldn’t see it that night but to return on another night which he told them and then told them where to go. They came back at that time and they were the only ones there. Expecting to see the craft they had their cameras ready. They didn’t see the craft. Instead, they said a “spirit” descended on them and sounded like a great wind. Terri said if you dumped a tractor trailer load of gas on a parking lot and tossed a match on it that’s what it would have sounded like. Terri began laughing and Susan began crying. They climbed into her little Mustang leaving their expensive cameras in the field. They drove to the fire station in Fyffe and sat there for about two hours before they worked up nerve to return to get their cameras.

Many strange things happened to both of them after that and Susan had at least two close encounters with that craft after that. She was also the wife of the Mayor of Dutton. She was a news reporter like Terri.

A camera team of two men showed up from Nashville and they wanted to get video of this craft, so Terri told them leave the camera in your vehicle. If you take it, you won’t see anything. She told them where to go and when and they went. While there in a secluded place they heard what sounded like a tractor trailer rig going down the highway. They looked up to see what looked like a trailer without a tractor flying above them over the trees, so close they could see the rivets in the thing. One guy began laughing while the other began crying and freaking out. They realized the phenomenon they were dealing with wasn’t something easy to explain. In every case one person wasn’t afraid but rather fascinated while the other was terrified, overwhelmed with emotions.

Mothman and Messenger Angels?

I think the Mothman was a messenger of warning some might call a kind of omen. It wasn’t evil, just a messenger of disaster and death. Years ago, I had an angel come through my bedroom door as a flaming woman. Terrified me out of my wits. I leap from my bed and ran to the other end of the trailer where I fixed a hot tea and paced the floor for about two hours in the night. I went back to bed thinking that thing would come after me again and I thought for sure it was evil at that moment. I lay looking at the wall and when I rolled over there was a massive Great Dane standing there with glowing white eyes. My mouth fell open. I was startled! Then looking into those brilliant eyes there was nothing to focus upon. It was like looking into infinity. I laughed. I asked, “What are you doing here?” I knew it was an angel. The same angel that had previously terrified me. It took the form of a flaming woman and then the form of a dog the color of a deer with glowing white eyes. It spoke to me in a way I can’t explain, and it told me a woman near to my heart was going to die. Then it walked right out through the door. Same angel, multiple forms.

The next morning, I went to tell what I had seen and when I got there my sister-in-law was seated on a sofa with her eldest son and it was clear they had been there for hours. I told them, “You won’t believe what happened to me last night.” Without missing a beat, she said, “Try us.” I told them and they told me my nephew had woken screaming pointing at the wall mirror, “It’s grandma! It’s grandma and she’s all dressed in red.” Same angel different form, same message. I got the what and he got the who. My mother died from Tylenol poisoning shortly after that. She was buried in a bright red dress that she had made.

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