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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, November 2022

Encounters with the Unknown
An Alien and it’s apparent four-legged pet

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location: Friuli region, Italy
Date: January 27, 2012
Time: evening

The witness, a 53 year old anonymous man named “Omega” by the source, had gone to the banks of the Tagliamento River in other to catch some local gamebirds called “Cesene” (members of the Turdidae family). He arrived at the banks of the river at around 16:15 and began setting up the nets and traps. He waited, sitting behind a large stump near the water. When it was already dark, at one point, he heard a growl like “crrrr” behind him, which he assumed was a dog growling. He couldn’t see anything at first but then saw behind some thorn brushes two “red things” which at first he thought was a reflection of something. Instinctively, he threw a rock towards the tangle of brambles; immediately after, he saw something black jump over the thorns and move away in the opposite direction. He assumed it had been a wild boar (common in the area).

When he thought he had a fair number of birds, he drew in the net. He had taken a lot of them, so he grabbed one of the sacks and began placing the birds inside (he wants to clarify that he uses the birds only for lure, not for killing them). He took out his cellphone to look at the time and it was now 19:25. At this point he had already put on his night vision device that he had brought with him. Suddenly, there was a deep and ‘glacial’ silence; in fact, before the birds in the net had been screaming and now they were completely silent. He took out the phone again to call a friend for assistance in transporting the birds, but to his great surprise the phone was now completely discharged. As he filled the sacks with birds, he suddenly noticed a greenish light overhead that seemed to be descending towards the ground. Immediately after he heard a loud thud, and he wondered if the light had been a meteorite. Even though he was wearing the night vision device he didn’t see anything. He tied up the sack and sat behind the large stump.

Moments later at about 60 to 70 meters away he saw something coming towards him which at first, he thought it was some sort of large ape, something that as it got closer, the witness realized it was something “that couldn’t exist.” It walked continuously and as it did it was looking right and left the whole time. According to ‘Omega’ the creature (as he called it) was at least 4 meters tall. It had deep red colored legs; it was endowed with a physique with long arms equipped with 4 fingers, and as it moved forward, the legs suddenly took the color of the rest of the body which was ash gray. The head appeared normal in size; however, it had large black eyes or was wearing a pair of black goggles. On the back of its head, it had a crest like protrusion that went down its back. It kept looking to his right and left and when it arrived at the net, the birds were now completely silent and still. At this point the creature was about 4 meters away from where the stump was behind which the witness was now hiding. The sight of the creature made his heart beat wildly. The feet had three toes, which clearly resembled the feet of a hen; moreover, where the heel would have been it had some sort of spurs. Unfortunately, the witness’s only means of protection was a machete and a knife inside a backpack that was lying on the ground about 15 meters away. The creature knelt in front of the net, still containing some birds, and resting his hands on the ground, touched one of the birds with a finger. The bird immediately screamed. At this point the creature stood up and headed for the grove located across from it. The strange (or crazy) thing was that when his hand came in contact with the net, the net split in two parts as if it had been burned by the creature’s hand, not revealing any resistance. And, incredibly enough, as the creature advanced into the grove, it left an opening approximately one and a half meters wide in the shrubs that had not been there before. In other words, the bushes and shrubs he came in contact with along his path were not bent but literally disappeared, creating a real corridor.

As the creature walked, it did not make any noise. In short, nothing could be heard. Omega then lost sight of the creature and hoping that the worst was over he began filling another sack with birds. As he got ready to leave, he heard a noise, like someone running on gravel. He immediately thought that the giant creature was back. When he put his night vision back on, he saw a creature that vaguely resembled, remotely, a dog. It was hairless, gray in color, about 1 meter tall, with a particularly elongated head, about 40cm in diameter and 20cm high, equipped with two large ears. It had a very high torso, unlike a dog. It had four legs with knees similar to that of humans, and two blood red eyes, resembling red laser pointers. Omega was motionless, still hiding behind the stump, with nothing to defend himself. When the creature approached the birds, these began to scream and the creature stopped and took the stance like that of a hunting dog, in the proximity of the birds; it was about 3 meters away from the witness.

Suddenly, the creature shifted its attention to the witness and started growling; and the witness could now see that it had large sharp teeth, about 5 centimeters long. Even though he was terrified, he was also angry, and found the courage to throw stones in the direction of it. At this point it moved away towards the area where the witness had parked his vehicle. So he was finally alone and relaxed a little bit. He grabbed his knife and cut the net; after which he grabbed the backpack and the two bags containing the birds and headed towards the embankment. Suddenly, after walking about 10 – 15 meters, Omega felt his strength leaving him, and a feeling of tiredness and drowsiness invaded him. He no longer had the strength to go forward, and he started to feel sleepy. He managed to move about 50 – 60 more meters when he saw a family of wild boars approaching, two adults and three juveniles. One of the adult boars started moving towards him, growling, in an apparent defensive pose. Omega no longer felt he had the strength to defend himself. Between the boar and the witness there was only a furrow on the ground and just then the ugly looking dog like beast appeared. It jumped on the boar and grabbed it by its neck, causing it to emit excruciating screams; however, it did not eat the boar, but merely tore it’s neck and belly apart. Immediately afterwards it grabbed the entrails with its mouth and turned to look at the witness. The witness using the bit of strength he had left quickly left the area leaving behind the strange beast and the dead boar. He felt stunned by the cold. In fact it was about 5 degrees below zero and the ground was covered with frost; so to warm up he decided to urinate on his hands and rub it on his arms. Mr. Omega finally managed to drag himself to the car and drove away from the area. He did not see the dog like beast or the giant humanoid again. (He would have other encounters on February 2013).

Source: Antonio Chiumiento, “Avvistamenti e Presenze Misteriose” pp. 28-37.

Here is the 2nd part of the incident:

Location: Friuli region, Italy
Date: February 2013
Time: various

An anonymous man (named Mr. Omega) by the source reported several strange encounters (he also experienced a bizarre encounter in 2012). He was a light sleeper and slept very little. One early morning between 1:30 a.m. and 2:00 he got up to give his dog ‘Delta’ his usual biscuit, but strangely on this night Delta did not take the biscuit and instead of sleeping on his mat, slept at the foot of the bed on top of the witness’ slippers. Delta then looked at the witness and turned his face towards the door, as if there was someone or something outside. At this point, Mr. Omega decided to go out for a smoke but strangely Delta did not follow him out, even though he urged him to come out. As he left the house he suddenly saw a very tall entity, which was wearing all black and was walking on the sidewalk. Strangely, the neighborhood dogs were very quiet.

Mr. Omega estimated the creature to have been at least 4 meters tall and at first, he thought it was somebody walking in stilts, as it was carnival time. In any case, he didn’t hear the figure walking or making any noise. The witness then approached to within 5 meters of the figure and said out loud, “What in the heck are you doing dressed like that at two in the morning?” At this moment he was able to see the figure’s completely white/pale face with large black slanted eyes. After the witness spoke, the figure turned his head “like a raptor” and Omega asked again, “Where are you going in those clothes at two in the morning?” Again, he received no answer. The figure walked out of sight and Omega then heard a noise from the nearby asphalt road and thought that the figure had fallen, he ran out but didn’t see anyone.

Soon after this encounter, on a Thursday morning, again between 1:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. he called Delta into his room and again the dog didn’t take the biscuit and went to lie down on a corner in the kitchen. Omega thought Delta was ill and went to the porch for a smoke. As he smoked the cigarette, he suddenly noticed all the lights in the small village were dimming in intensity and at the same time he saw across from him at a certain distance, the same 4 meter tall figure all in black, whose face seemed to lit up, like a firefly, when the lights in the area dimmed. Believing that it was some sort of prankster, Omega again shouted at him, “Where are you going.?” But again, he received no answer. Wanting to see which direction the figure went, Omega followed him, but suddenly he heard a strange sound similar to a strong wind blowing through pine trees, but stronger. The figure was nowhere in sight.

The following Monday, always at the same time, i.e., between 1:30 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. Omega was thinking about his morning chores which included replacing the stable’s crumbling roof and had not yet fallen asleep, as he worried about the job. He got up to take Delta his biscuit and as he opened the bedroom door the dog ran in between his legs. Omega then left the house to retrieve a tool from the garden he had left there the previous day, and again Delta did not follow him out. He retrieved the tool and went back to the house and again noticed the streetlamps in the area decreasing in intensity, and again he saw the same gigantic figure clad in black clothing. Omega was determined to find out who it was and armed with a club ran after him. According to Omega, the creature travelled 20 meters in about a second. Suddenly, it stopped and made an incredible jump, about 2 ½ meters high and 30-40 meters wide, going over the fence at the sports field. Omega ran to the fence and yelled at the creature, “Get out of there, come over here!” The figure turned to look at Omega and its face turned a yellow color, again glowing like a firefly, at the same time the lights in the area began to dim. Omega kept shouting at him, “Come here! Let me see you! I am not afraid of you!” The figure then turned and walked away towards a nearby field and disappeared into the bushes and at the same time the streetlights started working normally again. According to Omega, the creature, whatever or whoever it was, a sort of dark tunic that covered his arms and legs. It wore a headdress similar to those worn by certain nuns. It had black slanted eyes, and a slit-like mouth.

Apparently, Omega did not see the strange creature again.

Source: Antonio Chiumiento, “Avvistamenti e Presenze Misteriose” pp. 39-43

Comments: Translation by Albert S. Rosales

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