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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2022

Ted Owens, the Hawaiian Akualele, and Esoteric Interpretations

by: Brent Raynes

In the Classic Mysteries column of this issue, I have written a feature entitled The Story of Ted Owens, The PK Man. Owens had a story that initially sounded quite absurd to so many of us decades ago, and no doubt it will still elicit a negative knee-jerk reaction from many today as anything dealing with UFOs and the paranormal will, but as academically grounded and objective researchers, like parapsychologists Jeffrey Mishlove and D. Scott Rogo [along with others, including Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ] collected the eyewitness testimonies and followed up on Owens’ warnings and predictions that he claimed came from “Space Intelligences,” it became apparent that he had an unheard of lucky streak or some sort of unique psychic abilities, or maybe there was some truth to his claim of interacting with hyperdimensional space beings or something or rather after all.

As I was working on this particular writing project, I came across an interesting posting on the internet by my Swedish friend Hakan Blomqvist, a long-time ufologist and a key member of the Archives for the Unexplained (AFU). His post Ted Owens – The PK Man, dated back in September 2017, gave a great overview of Owens, Jeffrey Mishlove’s biography of Owens, entitled The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter, in addition to drifting over into Hawaii’s mysterious akualele, the reported product of Kahuna magick or sorcery if you will.

By coincidence, the akualele light was already something that I had intended to try and touch upon in this issue as well. However, I’m still working on that feature and I expect it to develop a little further before I go any further with it. In the meanwhile, I’ve written on it before. Here are two links from 2007:



Now here’s what Hakan wrote:

“Creating UFO manifestations in the form of balls of light is a paranormal phenomenon more easily performed by anyone acquainted with the modus operandi of concentration and visualization. Possibly I succeeded in creating one of those UFO phenomena myself many years ago. In the middle of the 1970s I participated in a meditation group with Swedish contactee couple Sture and Turid Johansson. We experimented with distant healing, visualizing and concentrating on sending energy. One evening I decided to try this experiment on my then girlfriend, without her knowledge. She had a bad flu. I followed the usual modus operandi and then left it at that. Next morning she called me on the phone to relate a very strange experience. When she had gone to bed she noticed a ball of light that suddenly appeared in her room. This ball of light slowly entered her body and gave her a very good feeling. Of course, I don’t know if I created this ball of light but it happened the same evening when I did my experiment.

Riley Crabb in Hawaii

“Creating and sending these balls of light is often described by the Kahunas of Hawaii. The phenomena are called Akualele. Riley Crabb, director of Borderland Sciences Research Association (BSRA) 1959-1985 often described such incidents in his magazine Round Robin: ‘During the four years I worked at the Naval Supply Center, Pearl Harbor, I became well acquainted with one of the safety engineers, a Caucasian-Hawaiian from the island of Molokai. He knew of my interest in Flying Saucers and told me of his own early childhood experiences with Akualele. He had an uncle who was one of the 57 varieties of Kahunas. By appropriate rhythmical breathing and chanting this uncle could call up an Elemental and give it a temporary form in the shape of a glowing ball of light. Another Kahuna across the valley had similar abilities. They were probably initiates of the same Mystery School. They were friendly rivals too, and to entertain themselves – and show off their prowess – in the long Molokai evenings, these pagan sorcerers would create highly charged globes of electrical ether and send them back and forth between them! The engineer told me of those long-remembered nights there in the tropic darkness of his home island, sitting at a respectful distance from the Kahuna, and watching open-mouthed as the ghostly, glowing globe came floating down out of the darkness.’” (Round Robin, Vol. 18, No. 3, April 1962, pp. 30-31)

In Hakan’s post, he stated: “To me, as an esotericist, it is obvious that Ted Owens had developed a contact with the deva evolution, which is probably the case with many UFO contactees.” I replied: “Since few in ufology have pursued that explanation, I wondered if you might be able to expand on that just a little more as a quote that I might use…” Within just a few hours, Hakan obliged me. He wrote:

If you search my blog for deva, nature spirits, elementals you will find several articles where I make comments on the esoteric interpretation on these types of entities. Mothman as spirits of the air is a good example:


Basically, the esoteric tradition describes a parallel evolution named devas, not normally visible to ordinary sight, but they can materialize. They are equal to humanity in evolutionary development. Nature spirits correspond to the animal kingdom in the deva evolution and can be quite tricky just as our animals. Here is a good Swedish case:


According to the esoteric tradition humanity will become more and more "connected" with and aware of this parallel evolution in the coming centuries. Also to cooperate consciously as in healing.


Totally different are the elementals which are essentially thought creations, tulpas with no individual consciousness or "soul". Anyone can create these entities but it can be quite a dangerous pursuit:


In UFO research it is not easy to decide who is who when it comes to entities as we also have, I am sure, robots and androids created by our real alien visitors, wherever they come from. But to me the esoteric interpretation has been very interesting and helpful in field investigation.

Betty Andreasson Luca (1937-2022)

Sadly yet another well-known and respected personality in the UFO field has taken leave of us and shall certainly be missed by many.

Betty Andreasson Luca was certainly one of the most famous alien abductees in the UFO literature. Like myself, Betty was also a speaker at the special ARE [Association for Research and Enlightenment] UFO Conference held in Virginia Beach, Virginia on the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd, 2005. Noted Ufologist Raymond E. Fowler first presented her incredible story back in 1979, in his book, The Andreasson Affair. Other books soon followed.

Betty attended my own presentation in which four replicas of the pre-Columbian Peruvian whistling vessels of the Chimu culture were blown by members of the audience. She later shared with me privately a very profound “vision” that she had during that event.

Brent talking to Betty about her whistling vessel experience

“I have done a pencil illustration for you of the visionary experience I had when the audience played the Peruvian whistles at your lecture,” Betty wrote in an email dated Dec. 20th. “It is so much easier to see what I saw and spoke to you of. To review the vision, it seemed like a dark mountainous and forest area. There were stone steps that led upward where there was dim light from a fire. Closer, there was a ring of fire surrounding a huge conical dark stone. The fire seemed to flare up and down in places. And then I saw huge wings from what looked like an eagle in back of the stone. I saw an odd symbol engraved on the lower left base of the stone, and there was another portion of a symbol beside it, but could not make it out. I’ve drawn the symbol on the illustration but unfortunately it is not exact.”

Betty’s drawing of her vision

“Now here is the intriguing part. My daughter called me from Virginia to tell me you had emailed her. During our conversation, she mentioned a friend she’s been communicating (by) email with who told her Jerusalem was the NAVEL or center of the earth. They have been researching things about the yellow star, the bull, etc., and asked if I had any of Dr. Sitchin’s books she could borrow. I have The Stairway To Heaven purchased at John White’s UFO Conference way back on October 5, 1994. After we hung up, I hunted for the paperback, found it and decided to thumb through it. Remember I told you I thought the stone seemed like an ancient zigguret? But it was not smooth. Well, it is more like an omphalos! “Stones that whisper”!! An ancient oracle stone!!”

Betty then directed me to pages 186 and 187 of Dr. Sitchin’s book, wherein I read of how reportedly various sources stated that an omphalos stone was Delphi’s holiest object in ancient Greece. One tradition has it that the site of Delphi was located by Zeus who, wanting to find the center of the world, released two eagles from opposite ends of the earth, and where they met was Delphi. An omphalos stone was promptly erected. According to Greek historian Strabo, the images of two eagles were perched on top of the omphalos, which also means navel stone. Though that original stone has long since disappeared, ancient replicas and images of it, and apparent eagles in connection with it, have survived, and Dr. Sitchin presents several of these in his scholarly book of Greek and even centuries earlier Egyptian depictions.

In a more recent email from Betty she wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised to one day hear that the different vibrational levels from those whistles breaking into other dimensions have the ability to summon the Beings and craft. Especially seeing what I saw...”

It’s always fascinating to see how different people can be profoundly affected and moved by the Peruvian whistling vessel experience and how that experience can lead them on seemingly significant new pathways of discovery.

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