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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, April 2022

A Brief Sojourn into Another Dimension

by: Albert S. Rosales

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Location: Chorrillos, Lima, Peru
Date: March 5, 2017
Time: 13:15

Cesar Alberto Zarate Huamani, 31, a Nurse Technician at the Health Ministry, accompanied by his cousin, Laura Huamani Cordoba, 38, and her 2-year-old son, were in the commercial center of Plaza Lima Sur when around 30 minutes after noon they hailed a taxi in order to go to “Banco de La Nacion” (Nation’s Bank) located in Arequipa Avenue, San Isidro District. Once at the bank they retrieved some money from an A.T.M. They were now in the center of Lima near Petit Thouars Avenue and there they again hailed a cab from the “Tico” company, yellow in color. The driver was a tall, thin, pale man. The cab drove for a block and then turned on Roman Street on its way to Lince district.

At that moment Cesar noticed that what had been a bright sunny day was now dark and dreary, and outside the cab he could see strange buildings, lining both sides of the streets, buildings that he had never seen before in the capital. The buildings were like skyscrapers that appeared to go endlessly up into the sky, and were of a bright silvery color. Cesar told his cousin Laura and she also saw the strange buildings. Strangely, the street seemed completely devoid of other traffic or pedestrians, and an unnatural silence reigned around them.

Cesar thought he was in the San Isidro District located in the Commercial center of Lima, which was known for its tall buildings. However, these buildings were much different and much taller. Both his cousin Laura and the taxi driver did not say a word. Two minutes later, the 2-year-old who had been asleep woke up and started crying. At this point, the taxi driver, seemingly in an angry mood, told the passengers to exit his car, that they had already arrived at their destination. However, that was something that was incorrect because they were not in the Commercial center of Lima. Cesar opened the door, and took out his wallet to pay the driver. He tried to pay with a ’20 Soles’ bill but the driver said he had no change for such a large bill. At that moment, Cesar suddenly noticed that the driver had somehow changed his appearance. He now looked like a shorter man wearing silvery clothing. Even though surprised, Cesar took out a ’10 Soles’ bill and when he looked up to pay the driver, both the cab and driver had inexplicably vanished.

Frightened, Cesar now noticed that everything now appeared to have returned to normal. The buildings around him were now the actual ones located in the area, and there was now plenty of auto and pedestrian traffic, and the normal sounds had now suddenly returned again. Confused, Cesar and Laura noticed that the ‘taxi driver’ had dropped them off only a block away from where they had originally hailed the cab. Strangely, now both Cesar and Laura’s location seemed too different and were now at a certain distance where they had supposedly exited the cab. Cesar without exactly knowing what had taken place, called his cousin on the cellphone and asked him to pick them up. Both Cesar and Laura were confused as to what had really happened and they also noticed that they had experience a period of missing time. When Cesar had looked at his cellphone it was already 15:15, they had been in the cab almost an hour, something impossible since they had been dropped off only meters away from where they had originally hailed the cab.

Source: https://eugeniotait.info/losextraterrestres/capitulos/UbicacionExtrahumanidad.htm

Comments: What really happened to the witnesses? Did they experience some sort of temporary time and space displacement? Where did they go? Who was the taxi driver?

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