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Encounters with the Unknown

A Haunted House in South Carolina

By Brent Raynes

Back in 1984, I engaged in some fairly extensive correspondence with a lady named Julie. We shared a lot of mutual interest in things paranormal, at which time she shared this interesting story. In her own words:

I’ve seen ghosts in every place we have lived. They seem to be benign – no bad feeling coming from them. Most of them do not pay much attention to me. It’s like they are there and I happen to be able to see them but they don’t have any business with me as a rule.

One exception is the old house we lived in when we were in South Carolina. It was out in the woods amid forest patches and fields on a sand road. We were not in it long when I saw an old man dressed in old-timey clothing. He had a small boy with him dressed in old timey boy’s dress up suit. The suit was sort of beige color with a black pin stripe and he had a big black bow where a neck tie would be. The old man was dressed in black and he looked very grumpy and bad tempered. He came very close to my face and said to me, “You’re nothing but a damn Yankee and I’m gonna kill you.” This was sort of disturbing. Another time, this old man seemed to be in an old time carpenter shop with old time woodworking tools and a lot of shavings on the floor that looked like curls from a child’s hair. He came over to me and pressed a dowel against my throat with a look of hatred in his eves. I shouted for Andy and he came running into the bedroom. He said I had a red place on my throat and indeed I did – and it stayed for about three days. We moved out of that back bedroom into a front one. That back one was cold as ice anyway and we both got a strange feeling from it. The entire house had a “bad” feel to it. We both noticed it but we made the best of it. I only glimpsed the old guy after that and always said a prayer of protection whenever I did. We both surrounded the house with white light and kept blessing it whenever we thought of it. I did get very sick there and almost died – not that I blame my illness on the old ghost – but I can’t help feeling that he didn’t want me there and wished me no good. He did not bother Andy at all that we know of. I was delighted when we moved out of that house and left South Carolina. Nobody has stayed in that house very long since we left. It has a bad feeling and without knowing how to protect yourself – it could be rough. It wasn’t easy for (us) but at the time we could not afford to move or go.

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