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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2022

Encounter with Raven Spirit

by: Daniel Erickson

Illustration 1: Raven walking toward Galactic Medicine Wheel, May 20th 2018

I’ll share some of the techniques I use to get photos of phenomena. There are many types of orbs. Some are self illuminating. Some are an energy displacement and look like heat waves, dust, insects, rods and other objects. The best way to learn is through experience. Take pictures and start looking for anomalies in the picture. Your cell phone is a sophisticated tool capable of capturing incredible detail the eye can barely see. A lot of orb phenomena exist just outside of our ability to see it. Either because it is moving so fast the eye does not recognize it or the light is outside of the wavelength we are capable of seeing. This is the reason a camera is important for recording the phenomena. It is able to capture images that are outside of visible light and also in a fraction of a second. Here are a few still shots taken from a video of an orb during the day.

Illustration 2: Unknown golden object with protrusion to each side

In these pictures you may see a golden yellow object with what could be wings in different positions in each photo. The sun appears to glint off the highlighted area. As with many orb type photos it is blurred either because of the speed it is moving or the nature of the object itself being plasma. Notice that other objects are in focus. Not perfect focus but they are not as blurry as the golden orb. You may find yourself sorting through your memory looking for ways to explain the object. It looks like a bumble bee. So that is what it is right? Well go take some video of a bumble bee and compare it to this photo. Then you are the researcher and will have your own experience.

Most cell phones have a video recorder with slow motion. This mode is the best way to capture phenomena. Find an area where you have a field of view such as a hilltop. With your back to the sun slowly pan your slow motion video so there is a clear open area in front with a dark background such as trees or the ground. You can be anywhere to take your video. For example, a parking lot, your back yard, or on vacation.

Illustration 3: Unknown object changing direction like a bird

There is a story that goes with these photos. In the first photo you see a man walking away from the camera. His name is Raven. I will tell this story in short segments as I have time today. I think it may be entertaining, educational and revealing.

Back to Raven. I'm sure he won't mind me talking about him because he's just that type of wonderful person. Raven has several names. As he explained to me, he has his legal name, given to him by his parents. The name everyone else calls him is "Raven." And a few other names some are confidential but he also called himself "Raven Spirit."

I'll step back and explain that when I record phenomena it is typically because I've sensed some indication that phenomena is happening. Have you ever met someone who seems to attract lightning both literally or figuratively? Part of being a good observer is to just watch, listen and be present. Let the event unfold. Sometimes the story is about the other person and you are just there to witness.

When I met Raven he was in his mid-40's. A hard working outdoors type of tall lean man with a weathered face, silver white hair and a quick smile. I liked Raven as soon as I saw him smile. Raven and I were part of a group of remote viewers. We had gotten together to train and conduct some exercises. To be clear his code name is "Raven Spirit" as some of you may know mine is "Lighter." Sounds cool right? Like we are spies or something. Well sorry, it is just a little ol' me and a guy named Raven. Let's not make the story bigger than what it is.

Illustration 4: Gravitational anomaly map, vicinity Mt. Adams

Raven sat next to me during the remote viewing sessions. Between sessions we had a chance to speak and as the days passed it was clear to me that Raven was experiencing life changing events. Part of the remote viewing training is to remote view yourself. It is a sneaky way for you to get a glimpse of what and who you really are. Some of us had already had this experience but for Raven, well this came as a complete surprise.

This picture is of Mt. Adams. Red shows light gravity and Blue is heavy. When I'm looking for sites that have phenomena it is often when Red is close to Blue. An overview of gravity and topography can be found at: http://topex.ucsd.edu/sandwell/publications/119.pdf

Illustration 5: Earth magnetic map Mt. Adams region

The reason for gathering together at that place at that time was like I said to train but there were other reasons. It was discovered that there are certain places that have a kind of energy. Some have called it Telluric energy, ley lines, a magnetic pinch, or a vortex. It can be found using a gravitational anomaly map and earth magnetic maps.

Illustration 6: Earth magnetic map Closeup Mt. Adams

Just look at the magnetic flux in this region. This is a high magnetic positive indicated in pink right next to a negative region shown in black. Being in this place is like standing inside an electric circuit. What does this do to the average person? Initially there is a sense of euphoria and well-being. Over time the conscious begins to work on the unconscious memories because you begin to open up. The hardened mask is softened a bit and the heart has a chance to relax and express itself. The analytic mind is quietened because it becomes overwhelmed by physical and emotional things it cannot explain. This dropping of the veil or persona mask is the opportunity for a spiritual awakening. It is also theorized that these telluric currents trigger the god center in the brain as demonstrated by the god helmet invented by Dr. Michael Persinger. You begin to experience the spiritual aspects of your being. It is thought this is the reason people are drawn to certain spots to have a religious experience and worship at these sites.

Raven is at this meeting with other remote viewers and it is day three. He is having some difficulties because like most of us he has some unresolved issues that his tough guy persona is not going to let surface. He is aware that he's having an experience and is telling me about the intense feelings of remorse he is experiencing for some of his previous actions. Normally he said he could shake it off but now these thoughts are getting in the way. Even more troublesome is his internal turmoil seems to be bleeding into the physical world. He then shows me a screen shot from his cell phone.

Illustration 7: Frame Grab from Raven's Cell phone. Possible interference from being close to an energetic field

8: Drone view of the Galactic Medicine Wheel

Raven's cell phone had started to malfunction in the photo and video mode. It was like he was encountering a magnetic field so intense that it was affecting the camera. The phone worked fine until he got to a certain place. Then it went all stripes. More frustrating for Raven was he was trying to get a photo of something he could not explain. He said "things were there." as he handed me his phone so I could check it out.

Earlier that day, Raven and I were working on a remote viewing exercise. I was the moderator. In this session we were targeting a time before Raven was born. Raven did not know the target but he was describing a round golden object made of energy. The target was to view your true self prior to manifesting on the Earth plane. When the exercise was completed and the target revealed to Raven he said he needed some time to process this information. As he was getting out of his chair he said to me, “I’d like to have something more definitive than my experience through remote viewing. It is one thing to RV a site and something completely different to see yourself as an energy being! I’ll need some proof before I can accept this.”

When I am researching a site I will set up several cameras. Some of the cameras are just running all the time. I was lucky to have a camera running when Raven had his encounter. Oops I meant to say when the camera on his phone malfunctioned. I’ll get to the encounter a little later. The camera I had set up was pointed towards Mt. Adams but the wind blew the camera stand to the left and recorded Raven as he was walking towards a labyrinth circle. That is where the still shots of the golden orb came from at the beginning of this story. This circle of rocks Raven is walking toward is composed mostly of crystals people had left over the years. Here is an overhead view of the Labyrinth also called the Galactic Medicine Wheel.

There are more pictures of the golden orb that was hanging around Raven. The orb looks like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Let's consider just for a moment that what is happening to Raven might be he is encountering a thought responsive energy. An energy that is manifesting what Raven expects to see. More importantly what he needs to experience so he can realize that he is more than a physical being. Raven is about to have the wake up call of his life. Literally!

There are a few things that I want to make sure I include in this account. First is that while the location is unique and has special properties the people who were there played an important role. When people gather with an intent then that group energy has it's own significance. In fact, while at "The Ranch" this is stated by the staff. Setting this positive intention is critical to making contact. The phenomena that seems to be at work here is the “psychopompos”.

First I'll discuss the phenomena called the psychopompos. Here are some definitions from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

• In various systems of religious belief, a being, such as a god or a person acting as a shaman, who guides the spirits of the dead to the afterlife or the other-world.
• A guide or conductor of spirits or souls to the other world: a special title of Hermes.
• A leader or guide of souls.

Here is what Wikipedia says: Classical examples of a psychopomp are the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, the deity Yama in Hinduism, the Greek ferryman Charon and god Hermes, the Roman god Mercury, the Norse Valkyries, the Aztec Xolotl,

The psychopomp can be a person or an entity that facilitates change by creating a mystical experience. That experience is unique to each individual but there can be common experiences that are facilitated for a group of people.

Some of the things I have observed:

Some people are completely oblivious to the phenomena, including me.

It is possible to learn to become sensitive to the energy through time and exposure.

The energy can be found in certain locations. That location can move within a region.

The energy can be stored in rocks. For example, granite or composite rock with quartz as a component.

The energy can be stored in stone buildings.

Energy is attracted to conscious beings. This contact discharges the energy field.

Unlike lightening this energy produces a euphoric feeling. The person encountering this energy may pass out, experience hallucinatory visions or have the equivalent of a near death experience.

The energy is associated with high gravitational flux. High spots and low spots mark the boundaries. The phenomena is found at the point of transition between the two gravitational influences.

The energy is associated with high magnetic flux.

The energy displayed as phenomena is usually found near sulfur. The sulfur indicates past volcanic activity.

The energy displayed as phenomena is found near a fault.

The energy is located near a running stream of water. Usually within half a mile.

The phenomena is located near a natural battery. For example, a valley with a stream of water with sulfur in the water. On one side of the valley iron ore and on the other side clay or a differing metal forming a natural battery.

The Possibility of Drug Influences

I have also wondered if Raven's experience was the result of either intentionally using or being slipped some kind of DMT like hallucinogen. This possibility seems unlikely but it is interesting to note the similarities in DMT type experiences and what Raven experienced. The issue is drug induced hallucinations do not show up on video. What Raven experienced was similar to the general categories for the type of experiences someone can have as described by Rick Strassman a DMT researcher.

Euphoria is a common feeling, along with a sense of wonder, amazement, and confusion.

The first general category described by Strassman is "personal," which are experiences based around personal issues, which might be difficult to accept. The second is "transpersonal," which are novel experiences in terms of quality and intensity but they have some basis in the subject's previous experience. Mystical and near-death-type experiences may be grouped in this category. And the third is "invisible worlds," which involve encounters with autonomous, freestanding realities seemingly inhabited by alien beings capable of interaction.

The challenge with this story about Raven Spirit is there is a larger story that is at the core of Raven's experience. This core is so complex yet simple. I am present to witness this same scene repeated over and over and I am at a loss to fully comprehend how it happens. I am speaking about the awakening of the spirit in another. The best I can do is document from my perspective what is taking place.

There are two main things that happen: a subjective internal experience and an objective physical manifestation. I am attracted to the physical manifestation because it is an anomaly and typically does not exist in what we define as normal reality. For example, orbs, unexplained craft, and energy distortions. Though I have begun to see that normal things can also be manifested. Things such as animals acting strangely and other phenomena that you can easily dismiss.

I am certain that my experience was not mine alone. I had other people with me and they had their own awakening and their own experiences. Putting Raven's story into context is important because what happened to him is happening to all of us. I may have witnessed the mechanism that woke Raven and facilitated his awakening. I believe Raven was also ready for what happened as he was seeking out the experience and therefore got what he was asking for.

Raven and I were doing a remote viewing exercise where we viewed Raven before he was a physical being. Raven was not aware he was discussing his own being during the exercise. Raven described an energetic point of consciousness capable of traversing time and space instantaneously. This energy is capable of materializing in physical reality for short periods of time. It moves at a rate where our world looks like it is made of rock. Nothing moves very fast and nothing seems intelligent because it looks like a rock or a statue.

Raven was embarrassed as he described how the energy materialized on the Earth plane in a more permanent manifestation. This energy was attracted to the sexual energy of two beings and entered through a portal created as a result of these two other energies. Time slowed and was stretched out. Material was drawn around this energy to make a being; a person. The session ended. In the debriefing Raven is told he was talking about his own being and how he manifested on the Earth plane. That was when Raven said “I’d like to have something more definitive than my experience through remote viewing. It is one thing to RV a site and something completely different to see yourself as an energy being! I’ll need some proof before I can accept this.”
I watched Raven leave the room and he looked disturbed. I began filling out paperwork and documented the session. The room we were in was very large. While it was mid-day and light was coming in through open doors and a few windows, overhead lights were needed to fill the interior with a yellow illumination. I occupied my attention with the documents when I noticed a flash of light. Like a flash of lightning. I looked up expecting to hear the thunder but it was a clear day. There was a commotion and someone said, “that was strange.” They had been outside and they thought the sky blinked like a flash bulb. “Maybe a transformer blew up” said one person. “It came from that direction. I have now moved through the door and I see them pointing towards the “Galactic Medicine Wheel.” I walked over in that direction and I see Raven sitting up in an unsteady motion his hand in front of himself; steadying. “Dan, I think I need some help.”
Raven is visibly shaken. I help him to his feet. I and another person walk him back inside to a desk. Several concerned folks arrive and we all agree Raven has not been drinking enough water. We remind each other that we are at nearly 5000 feet altitude and the air is dry here. “Drink more water!” says one lady supervisor. “We don't need you falling out here.” Raven and I look at each other and giggle just a bit; knowing what had really happened. You see reality is just like that; it is what you accept. For everyone else they just explained away the incident. Raven did not see the video showing the golden orb until a few days later. There were other incidents for Raven because believe it or not by the time I showed Raven the video; he had convinced himself nothing had happened.
Is the incident fact or fiction, objective or subjective? Are these real unexplained objects or just bugs? You decide for yourself. Most of you have already had your own experience and just like me you're looking for answers. I can say that phenomena is increasing and it appears to be responsive to what we ask for. Watch out what you ask for because you might get it.

Wednesday, October 05, 2022