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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2021

An Interview with UFO/paranormal researcher and experiencer Bret Oldham

by: Brent Raynes

Bret Oldham

Brent Raynes: Greetings Bret! It's always a genuine pleasure to connect with you. I will always be very grateful to Sandy Nichols for introducing us early in 2010. At that time, I only knew you were a dedicated, serious-minded paranormal investigator and with Sandy we began doing investigations together at various sites in Tennessee and Alabama. We sure had a good number of successful and exciting field trips! 

Although I had been interested in the EVP [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] going back to the 1970s, had done some reading on the subject and experimented with it, I just never really had any success at it. I was pretty good at debunking a lot of sessions that I had done with others. You know, the usual. "That's Joe talking with Sally in the other room." It's surprising how sensitive these recorders can be! However, after you explained your method of using the "spirit box," and I saw you in action with your digital AM/FM radio from Radio Shack, with the scanner fixed on continous scan, my role of being exclusively a debunker was replaced by genuine acknowledgement of a number of puzzling anomalies. Particularly the night of July 3, 2010, the one year anniversary of UFO author John Keel's passing, and at the home of Sandy Nichols in Thompsons Station (TN) we recorded two sessions, during which you asked for John Keel and within like a couple of seconds a male voice said, "John Keel"; you asked what he now knew of Bigfoot and he replied "Smuck Bigfoot, see"; and I asked about Jadoo, which was the title of a book he wrote back in 1957 about his travels through the Orient, where Jadoo was a word for "black magic", and again almost immediately we heard (and recorded) "Jadoo." And that, as you are well aware, was only the beginning. I remember having a bit of an obsession with the "box" after that and how for about four years engaging in many sessions and going over the audio with you each time. 

You were a great teacher! 

What an experience!

Bret Oldham: I appreciate that, Brent. I too am grateful for our mutual friend Sandy Nichols introducing us all those years ago. We have certainly done some very interesting and successful field investigations. Not to mention some incredible “spirit box” sessions over the years. I have always valued your contributions to my work and respected the vast knowledge base you have; especially pertaining to the subject of UFO’s. 

Brent Raynes: Initially I didn't know that from an early age you had not only had experiences with ghosts but also "greys", that you were what is commonly referred to as an "alien abductee." Soon after coming out of the closet, so to speak, your first UFO book was published in 2013, entitled Children of the Greys, followed in 2017 with The Baby Takers. Both books detailed your experiences as well as others you had come to know, including Sandy's. Of course, you also wrote books on the paranormal, like Ghost Stories of Las Vegas (2013) and Afterlife Encounters: Ghosts, Spirits, and Near Death Experiences (2019). You've done a ton of podcasts, been on Coast to Coast AM, you've been on TV's Ancient Aliens and been a part of one of their conferences, and a whole lot more. 

What sort of shows and conferences have you done lately? What's coming up in the future?

Bret Oldham: I took a 2 year break from doing all media. I’ve only recently begun speaking publicly again which has been mostly radio shows and podcasts. I have a few more scheduled and usually post them on my Facebook page. I’m still not sure how long I will continue to do them. There are a few reasons that I decided to stop all public appearances. One being that I was simply getting burnt out from it all. I’ve been fortunate enough to reach a very large audience since I went public with my alien abduction account. I’ve been on television in 24 countries now, and done countless radio shows, internet shows, and also speaking engagements. I kind of got to thinking that I had done my part to help spread awareness and truth about the reality of alien abduction. I have also given more proof than any case I know of. I’ve taken and passed a polygraph exam which was administered by a former Secret Service agent and top expert in the field. I have done two QEEG brain scans and passed both of those. Both were filmed and one aired on an episode of Ancient Aliens. You have to be very confident that you are telling the truth to be tested with a brain scan and know that it will air to a couple of million people on National TV. I have also provided photographic evidence, taken special blood tests so the doctors could try and explain scars on my body, and was once taken with another witness who has verified that incident on national television. I provided so much evidence and received so much attention that I started getting visits from folks that most people only hear about but never see. I’ve been threatened, spied on, my house has been broken into and abduction evidence tampered with and nothing taken. My computers have been hacked 3 times. I could go on but you get the picture. It is not easy going public when you provide the amount of proof I have. I have had to endure much more than people realize.

Brent Raynes: I've seen your latest efforts with your YouTube channel Eyewitness Encounters that you put together with your brother Jeffrey Oldham. You are both to be commended for this very fine series. Jeff, a talented artist, does lots of illustrations for it and you're the narrator, and you describe authentic high-strange tales of Time Slips, EVPs, Ghosts, Aliens, Near Death Experiences, Bigfoot, and anything else strange and unexplained that comes your way and you feel deserves sharing. 

Fairly new at this point, how do you feel that this YouTube channel is doing? What was your motivation, your inspiration for doing it?

Bret Oldham: I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying our channel! We have been putting in a tremendous amount of work on the videos. We do them in a sort of modern cartoon mode so that we can create and add the various creatures, ghosts, and aliens that are in the stories. The YouTube algorithm makes it very difficult for anyone to see your channel when you first start out, so it has been slower growth that we would like. However, we are coming up on 400 Subscribers and getting a lot of very positive response on the videos.

As you know, YouTube is very popular. Quite a few folks watch it more than TV. I wanted to start the channel so I could control the medium which I can’t do on television shows. My brother Jeffery and I are both creative guys and he is an award winning artist, so I knew that we could come up with something different. I know so many people who have some very intriguing experiences to share but not where to share them. Many of them don’t want to speak about it themselves, and wish to remain anonymous, but they still would like others to know about their experiences. Our channel gives them an opportunity to do just that and in a respectful and professional manner. Every single person who has contributed a story has been more than pleased with the final video we create.

Brent Raynes: What do you hope it may accomplish? How about future goals?  

Bret Oldham: We want to be a voice for those who want their accounts heard. We do our best to make sure that each story we feature in a video is a true experience. Personally, I believe that an awakening has begun. We want to continue to help spread truth about the taboo, strange, unexplained, and supernatural world that surrounds us so that eventually it is more readily accepted by the public.

We are currently tossing around a few ideas to add to the channel. As you previously mentioned, we already cover a wide range of subject material. We are even doing a series where I am doing audio reads of my first book “Children Of The Greys”. I mean who does that? I’m literally giving away my book in audio form. The first 4 chapters are already up. I am also considering doing some on camera videos where I answer questions. It seems that every time I do a radio show there are a lot of people in the audience calling in with questions but there is never enough time to get to them all. So it would be good for that.

Jeffrey Oldham

Brent Raynes: What are your thoughts on the current state of the fields of paranormal research and ufology, as perceived from your unique perspective as an experiencer and investigator both? 

Bret Oldham: I think it is different depending on which genre one is referring to. I think the huge influx of so called ghost hunting television shows has put that field back a step or two. It has really become a joke. Too much of the same thing, too many set up scenes, fake evidence, over acting, everything is a demon, fear based entertainment. The general public doesn’t take it seriously anymore and there are untold numbers of people who have started their own ghost hunting teams who only did it because they think they will get a TV show and become famous. Serious research is severely lacking. I have however, seen some advancement in electronic voice phenomena research.

With the advent of new technology available, fields like cryptozoology, especially Bigfoot research, have really benefited. I think that field is producing some very compelling evidence these days which I find exciting.

I am the most troubled by the current state of ufology. There is so much division and way too many who think they have all the answers. I have been so disappointed with quite a number of well known figures in the UFO field that I have met. The behind the scenes drama, huge egos, back stabbing, and bad mouthing going on is really disturbing. I think there are really good honest researchers out there that should get the chance to be heard and don’t. Too many of the ones who are constantly getting all the attention are so worried that someone is going to come along and steal their spotlight. Yet, they get on TV and read scripts they didn’t even write or talk about the same tired cases. It’s the same with conferences. There are people in the field who are getting paid to spread dis-information. The field needs fresh blood and fresh input. The abduction part of ufology is like the ugly stepsister. No one wants to deal with it. There are abductees out there that are total frauds. They are in it for attention, and some are foolish enough to believe that there is money in it. I think there should be a mandate that if you are an alien abductee that goes public then you should be required to provide proof. At the very least a polygraph and QEEG brain scan like I did. That would eliminate a large portion of them. It upsets me because I have sacrificed so much to help bring about public acceptance of the phenomenon and there are these frauds out there spouting off things they know nothing of, telling obvious lies, and acting like experts. It hurts the field. I’ve witnessed all of this. I could name names but I won’t. I am not the only one who knows this. I’m just one of the few who will say it. People should learn to figure it out for themselves. Ufology is way more complex and goes deeper than you think. It is a convoluted mess on purpose so that the narrative can be controlled. Sometimes I feel like I am just running in place but I’m sure most serious UFO researchers feel like that at times. Someday it will change.

Brent Raynes: How can readers catch up with you and your ongoing work and efforts in these fields?  

Bret Oldham: I keep a pretty low profile these days. I no longer have a website. Most people follow me on Facebook and contact me through Messenger. I also invite everyone to check out our “EYEWITNESS ENCOUNTERS” YouTube channel. I think your readers would really enjoy the content. If anyone has a story they would like to share for consideration to be featured on the channel they can send it to me at – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brent Raynes: Thank you Bret for once again taking the time to bring myself and my readers up-to-date on your continuing research and investigations into enigmatic phenomena. Take care!

Bret Oldham: Thank you Brent. It is always a pleasure to be a part of anything you are involved with. I hope we can meet up again in person sometime soon!  

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