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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2021

Speculation On Being, Wrestling With Angels.
Considering Language and Encounter-Beings' Communication and Code System. Part 1.
Ezekiel's Astonishment; Jacob's Dream; Moses’ protestation.

by: Written in 2014 by James Edward Carlos, Ph.D., M.F.A., B.S. Re-edited and expanded in December 2021.

(Introductory support quotes for theory):
“And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire.”
("The Book of the Prophet," Ezekiel. p. 714. 1. The Holy Bible--King James Version 1611).
(And, From The Marshal Space Flight Center on Solar Physics)(all italics are mine):
“The heliosphere is a bubble in space produced by the solar wind. Although electrically neutral atoms from interstellar space can penetrate this bubble, virtually all of the material in the heliosphere emanates from the Sun itself. ... The solar wind streams off of the Sun in all directions at speeds of several hundred km/s (about 1,000,000 mph in the Earth's vicinity). At some distance from the Sun, well beyond the orbit of Pluto, this supersonic wind must slow down to meet the gases in the interstellar medium. It must first pass through a shock, the termination shock, to become subsonic. It then slows down and gets turned in the direction of the ambient flow of the interstellar medium to form a comet-like tail behind the Sun. This subsonic flow region is called the helio-sheath. The outer surface of the helio-sheath, where the heliosphere meets the interstellar medium, is called the heliopause.”
(Acting as a form of summation, is the following from Wikipedia):
“The heliosphere is the magnetosphere, astrosphere and outermost atmospheric layer of the Sun. It takes the shape of a vast, bubble-like region of space. In plasma physics terms, it is the cavity formed by the Sun in the surrounding interstellar medium. ...The solar magnetic field in the heliosphere has a dipole structure. The magnetic field lines that are carried outward from the Sun by the solar wind remain attached to the Sun's surface. Because of the Sun's rotation, the lines are drawn into a spiral structure.”
“What happens when the solar wind suddenly starts to blow significantly harder? According to two recent studies, the boundaries of our entire solar system balloon outward — and an analysis of particles rebounding off of its edges will reveal its new shape. ... In late 2014, NASA spacecraft detected a substantial change in the solar wind. For the first time in nearly a decade, the solar wind pressure – a combined measure of its speed and density – had increased by approximately 50 percent and remained that way for several years thereafter. Two years later, the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, spacecraft detected the first sign of the aftermath. Solar wind particles from the 2014 pressure increased had reached the edge of the heliosphere, neutralized themselves, and shot all the way back to Earth. And they had a story to tell.” (“As Solar Wind Blows, Our Heliosphere Balloons,” Miles Hatfield,l NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md., 2018 updated via Editor Rob Garner.)
...(and, next, from stepping back and surveying, comes:)...
"Guided by a small set of fundamental questions concerning the nature of being, the event, the subject, and truth, {the philosopher} pushes to an extreme the polemical force of his thinking. Against the formless continuum of life, he posits the need for radical discontinuity; against the false modesty of finitude, he pleads for the mathematical infinity of everyday situations..."
(Part of an online advertisement for books by 21st century French philosopher, Alain Badiou),
The above phrase sums up an attitude for investigation that corresponds to my own thoughts on inquiries about mystical circumstances that include the close encounter. Three phrases within this quote attract me to the processes of close encounters: 1) the formless continuum of life which inheres the constant continual changes in the process of developing at all physical levels, 2). a need for radical discontinuity that is the raison d’être of the close encounters during our soul’s current lifetime/s, and 3. false modesty of finitude (considering, in other words, the ever certitude of materiality that is the outer layer of the spiritual that is acting in a manner of objectivity as to matter).
Having experienced close encounters from my infancy through my formative years, and throughout the development into old age, I consider such contacts as one of the most exciting premises that one confronts; from such meetings you realize confirmations that the cosmos in the vastness of infinity and within our solar heliosphere are intimately connected, additionally so with human and earthly life and seemingly coded premises throughout acting as an essential part of being. Of this infinite vastness is Creation – an affirmative term that for me effaces all other crude, mostly anthropomorphic definitions for the naming of God including the name “God.”

Herein this entire essay, my speculations are from encountering a generic sense of many such experiences rather than concentration on one particular encounter narrative as if anecdotally. I think this broader generic approach touches something essential in encounters’ structuring, taken as a whole.

From such a premise of creative processing with recognition of form's silent manifestation out of a formless mass of materiality and thought, we approach descriptions and the inevitable temporary mythic narrations that arise age after age as on Earth. We ponder verbal theory thereof for equations knowing formulas if succeeding are mere transitions within the constant changes of being. The philosophical derivatives of these momentary expositions are searched for further inroads into content, but at the apex of the awareness of language the poetic impulse for nourishment succeeds all else leading to a grasp of essences--those profundities of spirit by which languages arise in their initial emotionally beveled circumstances. Some limited understanding, then, in turn, deliberates our insistent, wayward, powerful, and beautiful languages and the circumstance of thoughts fomenting in our own circumstance. The process is a melding relationship based on many confluences. The very idea of language is coherent with a code of existence perhaps akin to the Akashic Records, but herein I defer to a codification mainly relevant to Earth and the universe within which our existence is a material fact, a conception that hints of the wherewithal of the merging confluences that make up our existence, matter as a process of and matrix for being, i.e., the objective certainty of all forms and formats as ultimately, basically, physical.

As indicated abstractly above, the subject to follow is profoundly complex. All of this, the quotes above included in the provinces of a cognition and re-cognition that takes the vastness into the spheres of human understanding akin to the Eastern philosophies that offer insights into incarnation and reincarnation, that as enacted is one of the major thrusts of close encounter lessons. We begin with a thesis as to the above quotes’ coherence as an act of mystery, drawn deliberately, ultimately, from a biblical foundation as a transcription with which I concur--to delve into the relevance of mystery that cannot ultimately be discarded. The suppository of images involved in encounter communication merge into our minds and shout for acknowledgement - a signification implying the value of attempting to grasp something of the souls’ experiencing; they form our separate lives and our fellow navigators’ attempts like my own to grasp the mysteries inherent that with each new theoretical suppositional change is, confusedly, immediate; i.e., the premise herein is to explore the unknown and to attempt to salvage whatever truths begin to shine, even if only momentary and transient, derived from the encounters between mixed species. As explorer you wish for any form of wisdom to spring from such mystery - haunting circumstances that keep a challenge constantly before us.

Challenges that Close Encounters Predicate:

We begin from an understanding that with encounters happening, the broad and deep external encounter communication differs from our regular lives. We experience a radical discontinuity from our regular lives that insists upon further investigation. The challenges do press us into extremes in our thinking. Principally, we are pressed into considering our use of language, pertaining especially to generic code designation, to thereby abstractions that meld attempts at specific description with generalities and the layers of information that lie behind and within any such abstraction. An important point especially in the philosophical sense is that such evidential information-coherence occurs, too, with scientific theory and with theological implications all pressing as to theory. For anyone experiencing such initiatory visions is a sense that with biblical associations such a whirlwind spirals into our life, and those fomenting clouds in their fleeting passage above us are engrained with feeling from the fire of passion within our minds. The fire ritual is lurking in this from early in your history of encounters during this present life. While often facing the portentousness of lightning haloing the entire encounter, an electrifying principle arises commensurate with Ezekiel’s seeing a chariot of flaming light as with many others in the history of encounter language. You feel an ongoing sense of telling as a necessity so there is not rest in your mind. You are always on the ladder Jacob saw in his dream.

As any mystical adept realizes with the regenerative rituals that take place in special encounters, that by all consequences the agent is surrounded by an engulfing amber, red, and orange light related star-like to a flaming tail of plasma, that through the star’s modifying unpredictable plasma tail leads to a sense of transcendence into a past incarnation that presses beyond the regularity of being as manifested. You realize from this historical moment in your life that such a close encounter will encapsulate such experiencing within a hermeneutical set of three major rituals involving, first - a transition to reincarnation-eschatology regarding past lives, generally from an earlier trauma in that life precipitating death. Following that exercise another ritual (the second) is given as another major encounter lesson, that being of an immersion into a liquid (seemingly in my case a water and oil mixture) akin to a modern day baptism, which leads to a third amazing climax – a ritual involving an encompassing generative supernal fire then involving passage to a wider engulfment than before and which reincarnates a regenerative responsibility. You experience the swirling spiraling winds of those supernal flames once you are drawn upward into the chariot, a stimulant for broader and deeper concerns than one’s living in the current regular incarnation. The three rituals came as lessons, each experientially so each remains in your consciousness as a kind of presence and a reminder of your current new responsibilities.

Provocation of an Encounter Reality as Extended:

Entering into such an electromagnetic phenomenon, some humans are led into new realms of information by the interaction of subatomic particles and the beginning of a continuing mediation about the implications. A desire arises to understand all encounters that invariably lead to expressions involving various levels of adjectival descriptions viewable as metaphors and their placement in the materiality of all beings. Centering, as if on beauty as in Jacob’s sefirothic ladder, the encounter moves, mystically, from the adverbial procedural narrative to the poetic impulses that capture the awesome metaphoric images (the nuances of the encounter experience). The process encompasses a subconscious need to theorize or philosophically speculate about the mannered abstractions that appear to give the experience in the afterward a further need to draw the truth of the matter forward into consciousness. These attempts are differing pre-conscious stages by which to grasp the encounter resonance of meaning, the gist of which lies in the subconscious ever ready for emergence, and thus to come to know the meaning which ultimately defines the individual and the cryptic critical part that an individual plays in the close encounter. You are to tell, then, of the implicit sacredness that each moment is a genesis to a soulful realization, that each moment is a revelation. The altered state of consciousness prepares one for a poetic grasping of mystical consciousness, an expedient for the soul’s recognition of the physical, material embodiment for a variety of lifetimes, and for an encontrants returning to practicality as a consequence of encountering. (I refer to humans in context as encontrants, but sometimes I utilize the biblical term – hayyot clarified therein as holy living beings).

Manifestations of Images as Symbolic Resonances:

In this essay I attempt to relate to the use of symbols and images that appear in codes that arise from languages that have historical relevance, our human means of communication, and what we observe of encounter-beings' use of codes, images, narratives, telepathic transferring of thoughts, and sounds that may be relevant. My efforts herein are to explore such facets and offer a philosophical sense to expressing the meaning and implications of encounters, a viewpoint that I believe has been missing from the discussion in the past century, at least. In the past, such content was the province of religious theologies whereas the sciences today with their particular, objective, secular matrixes attempt to carry the portents of the past into a future that is the promise of a new era, the initial phase of the Aquarian Era of our own time.

Sharing these prominences of a new cultural expanding is mythology as a resonance of past cultures, a way of processing new orders and new methodologies that are upon us; i.e., a parable of manifest verse invites an initial linear narration as the surface indoctrination for the culture at the time. I infer parables as narratives herein. The longer historical format calls for a more complicated matrix beyond this approach to narration that harbors a multilayered means for communication between species involved with the close encounter. This extension mediates subatomic particles, wherein a primal point expansion occurs to alter any linear narrative substantiation. Another approach to contemplation, from the layering, is a matrix then that involves from this primal point a radiating in all directions ultimately as a spiraling context beyond an era manifesting. This is a proprietary effect as to the vaster cosmic realm with which quantum physics/mechanics offer extended information to our language demarcations. Both forms of ordering and their intermixture verse are overlapping and interweaving movements. These matrixes are symbolically expedient. Symbolic manifestations are forms of coherence then to expedite communications with imagery conferred in encounters. Therein interpretations are expected thereafter, an expectation to the nature of human curiosity and attempts at resolution. A certain compliment is contained within this movement as to acknowledging human ingenuity and adapting to refinements over (our sense of) time thereafter.

As to refining, I preface the following with the thought that to experience the encounter is astonishing, sometimes arrogantly confusing, and extravagantly beautiful as a realization that is ultimately constantly humbling. I offer this essay as a description of part of what unfolds at the level of metaphysical abstraction from my own encounter experiences and memories of those moments appearing in and out of time as usually measured on Earth. Wrought from being inside the experiencing rather than from an external observation, the memories are brought forward to consciousness from the external face of the encounter's actuality and immediacy of a physical phenomenon. Exercising your personal will, you choose to become aware of an extended distancing from the spiritual intimacy by which you are bewildered. A situation commences about intimacy and distance that thought sometimes presses upon us, as does immediate sensual demarcations, and momentarily at least, a particular province of language with its abstract constructs that becomes the milieu of our study. The levels including the feeling of apprehension are multiple. The very multiplicity incites complexity.

Further Portents of Language in the Search for Meaning:

Variations in human language and forms of communication operate within a complex, layered, system that appears to relate to encounter-beings' own code-formulation at least partially as perceived during close encounters in terms of understanding. Speculative theories arise from various sources of information. We are given to study our existence/s, and to note, too, the variations of codes, one inside another that is continuingly inside another. Hence expansion of thoughts occurs via such levels as a format for verification. For instance, with reference to the shortened quotes to follow to expedite my attempt at grasping the physicality noted is inherently referential to meaning. I take the risk of sharing my interpretation. From reading astrophysics and learning of a solar heliosphere looping involving reversal scenarios, however I interject theoretically that possibly through shifting winds in the movement and the return movements from the outer edges of the bubble shape (see quotes following) hint at the amiability of my theory. A code demarcation on anonymous aerial vessels (the so-called UFOs and USOs) indicates an autonomous organization that involves a nuanced, facet-integrated, multi-leveled, continuously operative, symbolic, computerized strategy. Information gathering and sharing through counsel and guidance seems to be a rationale for these encounter-beings to contact humans. Through comparisons, I note that their symbolic codification and their overt manner of treatment toward humans suggests a connective linkage between human language systems and the approach of encounter-beings, basically, through operations involved with encountering including telepathic co-ordinances and passionate deliberations based on the personal histories of a series of soulful incarnations. These hayyot beings grasp that all of language is a coding of levels of sophistication of all that is, akin to information garnered as of an Akashic Record, as indicated by psychic readings by Edgar Cayce and others including Helena Blavatsky, Alfred Percy Sinnett (all theosophists), plus Linda Howe, and Bhavya Gaur (contemporaries).

Another general point of demarcation is that with such mystery, inclined to the sacredness close encounter lessons contend as necessary, involves questions that formulate, questions indicating challenges without offering any easy affirmations. These questions are introductory formulations that stem from what is remembered. Do common grounds exist between the mystery’s principle as elucidated and the individual so subjected to the relevancy between earth and the heavens that bring the light forth via the biblical merkabah (chariot)? How do such differences between such diverse species participate on a galactic/universal scope while finding meaning between lives? As a speculative thought, systemic to the heliosphere bubble’s looping involves reversal scenarios that contribute therein to temporality. However time thereof brings the reincarnating “memories” that manifest. Do these memories contribute to, with the telling as premise then, the enabling of communication? I feel driven at this point to indicate that the other species with whom communications occur involves several species who seem to work together in the encounter scenario; they are of different countenances from each other. The thought of this combination of physicality and metaphysical theory being a reality in a larger more engrained articulation is staggering.

The contingent incarnations and reincarnations suggest the angelic grasp of our deeply personal lives. What do they understand of us, and how are we capable of understanding them at all? What does this communication matrix look like and how might the system work between us? Is the heliosphere-bubble’s inner movement referred to as looping significant to their obtaining the various histories of human soul’s lives? What meaning is pertinent to information gained through discourse with another species and from where do such interpretations materialize? How does content or meaning manifest during and after encounters? Of what depth is the content involved? What is the origin of language in the human endeavor as to the fact of our physicality, and what part does our language process play in the larger system of matrixes? Do our communication systems stem from the same root as conveyed in the visionary encounters of various prophets such as Enoch, Ezekiel, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and other biblical figures? We wonder about how such matrixes are formed and interconnect for mutual information and understanding. How do abstractions intermingle to form new depths in communications efforts? This essay pursues or ponders such questions. Answers are, though, as enigmatic as the pursuit through examination of certain aspects that the encontrant faces.

Questions and answers are in a flirtatious league with each other, a combative intercourse of separate impositions that impinge and find neutralizing abeyance in a momentary feisty effort toward resolution of one kind or another. For this part of this manuscript you are invited, as reader, to travel through this speculative effort with me as I intuitively explore the encounter and some ramifications of what is implicit and how some of these facets and nuances become explicit within various degrees of information and interpretation. Consider the following repeated sub-quotes from our introductory first pages as potential theoretical probabilities for these questions. I underline the salient terms as to a possible theoretical notion: ...

“The heliosphere is a bubble in space produced by the solar wind. Although electrically neutral atoms from interstellar space can penetrate this bubble, virtually all of the material in the heliosphere emanates from the Sun itself. The solar wind streams off of the Sun in all directions at (immense) speeds. At some distance from the Sun, this supersonic wind must slow down to meet the gases in the interstellar medium to pass through termination shock, to become subsonic, then gets turned in the direction of the ambient flow of the interstellar medium to form a comet-like tail behind the Sun. The solar wind consists of particles, ionized atoms from the solar corona, and fields, in particular magnetic fields. As the Sun rotates the magnetic field transported by the solar wind gets wrapped into a spiral. Variations in the Sun's magnetic field are carried outward by the solar wind.“ (Solar Science Author: Dr. David H. Hathaway. Official Dr. David McKenzie. Marshall Space Flight Center Physics, NASA).

I interject briefly my personal speculative theorizing thoughts of related re-formative reincarnations reoccurring visually then within the spiraling through the plasma bubble. This shifting movement allows many if not all past images and thoughts contained in particles bearing moments of earth history (intermittently invisible). These particles magnetically loop back in time to be intercepted as human segments of memory within the slowing of solar winds therein enabling shifts to visibility before altering and continuing the previous but current narrative substance. The slowing of solar wind movements allow for the memory to register visibly once more. Recognition of patterning occurs in that inclusive recognition of all time and all space that incurs specific instances to another within human experience, remembering/recognizing the inherency to current memory supposition entering us experientially. We can easily detect such a course of action by observing our own human infants processing, learning, a language through oral and gestural terms regardless of race, culture, and basic system of hearing sounds and making spoken words. Once the first noun is achieved orally from the mind's searching and a desire to merge with those around us, the life-long process of delineation has begun. Thereafter occurs integration into the way the sounds are reinvented using written marks - images, letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and pauses - and the movement between oral and demarcated language press us into designed or symbolic communication. The result emerges as an abstract grammatically based system of expressing meaning gained in each developmental phase such as infancy, childhood, adolescence, etc. Each phase is an aspect of a mesh continually invented and reinvented through nuance after nuance, attempting to define separate distinctions; I.e., the objective sensations provoke awareness for consciousness forming ideational movements via electromagnetic particle confluences. Encounters convey and enlarge this imagery to the human encontrants through plasma tunnels and domes each of which surround the human to physically return an encontrant to a former stage of their own existence in some capacity.

Descriptions inevitably become meanings, garnered and enriched by metaphors (often as adjectives). Abstractions enable content as descriptions thickened as to meanings. Words tend to connect to variations on related implications and thus offer a complex of insinuations. On earth, a language forms per culture, the tribal-oriented culture into which we humans are separately born. As we mature, the processes by which we learn additional languages of other similar cultures are broadened as to our interest and need. In encounters an expansive cosmic nature addresses aspects of enlightenment with content forming, especially for those who are related to and experience the sense of spiritual dominion via mystical encountering. The worldwide UFO phenomenon engages more and more individuals through sightings, close encounters, electronic invention and offspring, plus those encontrants who question beyond the anecdotal level experienced or otherwise address the reality of these experiences for resonant meaning and signification, then encounter expansion provokes the sacred nature of soulful transcendence. Speculatively, I suggest therein an expedience occurs with the expansion, an onrush merging with mind-forming levels of consciousness. This spreading out of information is ultimately at one and in tune with the universe in its outward projection when reaching the heliopause and the reversal modifications within the heliosphere bubble looping with interior modifications when such occur. However, once past the termination shock comes the rush into deep outer space as we have come to better understand the movements of our galaxies and their universes.

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