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Reality Checking—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, December 2021

Beeping EVP voices and a small comet like orb

by: Brent Raynes

Back on Saturday, October 23, Joan and I visited Daniel and Sandra Erickson at their home atop a mountain in Grant, Alabama. I initially met Dan about three years ago, while skywatching at an "earthlight" site in Cloverdale, Alabama with others. I soon discovered that this retired ex-Army Major has a deep interest in UFOs and a wide range of paranormal aspects as well, including remote viewing, channeling, EVPs, etc. He's been working with the Monroe Institute and has traveled to UFO hotspots around the nation both to observe and capture on film UFOs. He's recently been contributing a column for Alternate Perceptions entitled Updates from the Field.

Anyway during our recent visit to their Alabama home I had with me my "ghost box" (a regular digital AM/FM radio from Radio Shack where the scanner has been modified to operate on continuous scan, which presumably allows “spirits” to periodically communicate through the “white noise”). We conducted a session asking if UFOs were in the area when we began hearing voices saying "beep" and "beep beep"...a lot. This was something quite new to me! We all heard them and they were recorded. I tried to get some explanation about what this meant, but never got any answer that I could understand. What seemed significant about this was that the following month, on Saturday, November 13, Joan and I paid a visit to the Nashville home of a mother and her young adult daughter, both no strangers to UFOs, orbs, and the paranormal, when the beeps were repeated during another "ghost box" session. About 11 minutes and 19 seconds into this session I specifically asked, on a bit of a whim, "Can you say beep-beep?" Suddenly, just like in Alabama, we had a bunch of voices saying "beep"! The mother and her daughter were rather surprised to hear this and wanted to know what was going on. I explained what had happened in Alabama the month before, but otherwise I wasn't sure what the "beep" was going on either. LOL!

With the beeps coming through once again I asked, "Are you a trickster? What's your name?” Almost immediately a voice came through "Play tricks." As usual, we picked up Bishop and Philip, our spirit techs who routinely come through to assist with our sessions. There were a variety of interactive exchanges, including a few at both sites that would violate FCC regulations. We left Nashville that night around 7 p.m. I was soon to learn that the very next night, also around 7 p.m., while the mom was talking on her cellphone to her brother about family Thanksgiving plans out in her small enclosed back patio, she was visited by a mysterious orb she hadn’t seen for probably a couple of years. Although she has seen a good number of small orbs, this one is rather unique and rare to her experience and trails a tail behind it rather like a small comet in appearance. She explained how the first time she saw this particular anomaly was while walking down a nearby street one night on May 18, back in 2015, around 10:30 p.m. The date just happened to be that of her mother’s birthday. Her mom had passed away in 1999. She told me, “I thought, ‘My God, that must be my mother.’ In my mind, that’s what I thought that was.”

She checked her journal for me. “I have written the object was the size of a large cantaloupe, or just a bit smaller than a volleyball. The object went from left to right, 10 feet in front of me, and 8 to 10 feet in the air. The tail was three feet long. I compared the motion of it to that of a dolphin swimming in the water. It flew into a small tree and I ran up to see where it went and it was gone. This is the only one that I have NOT seen dissipate or slowly vanish before my eyes. All of the other times, I have watched it vanish.”

“This ball of light came from over the top of my head,” she recalled of this latest encounter around 7 p.m., November 14th. “And it has done this before, in this exact location, once before. It flies over the top of my head and dips down right in front of my face. I’m standing facing my bedroom.” It came within an estimated 10 feet of her she explained. It then flew back up and just inches over the roof of her bedroom, whereupon it “slowly twinkled and dissipated” from sight.

“When I see the object move in front of me from left to right, providing a side view, it has a bright white color,” she added. “When the object comes from behind me and moves away from my face, so that I am facing the rear of it, I can see glowing orange along the outer edges in the center of the ball. The back end has an opening and thus the tail trails behind it.”

Though our objective in Alabama had been to call in a UFO when instead we got the beeps, could the beeps that repeated themselves in Nashville have somehow carried on that intention, and thus the surprise appearance of the small comet like orb? I can only speculate. The witness admitted that when it appeared to her that night she felt it had something to do with our recent visit.

“The next time you visit, you need to spend more time outside,” she wrote in an email soon afterwards. “We will also sit in the dark and turn on the infrared cameras.”

It sounds like my kind of evening. I think there’s more yet to come.

Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.

Saying Good-bye to Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle (08-31-1930 to 11-15-2021)

Wyoming psychologist Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., who served for thirteen years as the director of counseling and testing at Laramie’s University of Wyoming, was in addition widely known as a serious investigator and researcher of UFOs and the contactee/abductee syndrome and who also was deeply interested in reincarnation, and an advocate of hypnosis techniques, which he used in regression sessions to assist such people in better remembering details of their experiences (especially in cases where so-called “missing time” was involved). He served as a consultant to APRO [Aerial Phenomena Research Organization], which was a major civilian UFO organization, and in the 1976 edition of Encounters with UFO Occupants, written by APRO’s founders and directors Coral and Jim Lorenzen, a chapter was devoted to his studies between 1964 and 1968 of abductees and contactees. He helped organize in 1980 what became the annual Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigations that were held in Laramie. He also did several hundred psychic readings for people utilizing a program he had developed called PRIME (Psychological Resonance In Mutual Experience] in which Sprinkle would place himself into an altered state of consciousness and provide detailed readings for people that might include possible childhood events, life goals, even past lives and future experiences, after which he’d provide his clients with an audiotape of their “reading.”

Sprinkle’s 1999 book Soul Samples: Personal Explorations in Reincarnation and UFO experiences delved deeply into his unique life journey, his various studies and experiences that ranged from professional and so-called respectable academia to subjects that some of his academic colleagues condemned as fringe pseudoscience. Seen by many as a genial New Ager he persevered, and though he came to see himself as a contactee too, he encouraged his mental health colleagues, who cared to do such work, to continue with studying the psychological make-up of contactees. One of them, a June Parnell, prepared her 1986 Ph.D. dissertation from Rocky Mountain Conference attendees she had interviewed.

Dr. Sprinkle’s obituary read how he passed away peacefully “in Love & Light.” As I opened up the front cover of my copy of Soul Samples, once again, there was his autograph: “Brent, thank you for sharing Love & Light. Leo.”

Katie Griboski, the author of Letters of Love and Light: Four Decades of UFO Encounters, Experiences, and Sightings Shared by Ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. (2020) has contributed a separate feature in this issue that’s a wonderful tribute to Dr. Sprinkle. Please check it out.

As a teenager back in 1968, Leo Sprinkle wrote me this letter.

Back in my early years as a teenaged UFO buff I reached out to many people I read about in UFO books and magazine articles. One of those people was Dr. Sprinkle, way back in 1968, who recounted for me two personal UFO sightings that he’d had that I had read about in a Look magazine article and for which I asked him to describe for me further. (See attached) Years later, I would engage him in many more exchanges, and I always found him to be very thoughtful, informative, and positive. He genuinely cared about all people.

For more biographical information about Dr. Sprinkle’s background click here: http://noufors.com/Documents/Additional%20UFO%20Documents%20in%20JPG%20and%20PDF%20Format/Dr.SprinkleBio%20.pdf

Here’s a great video interview of Dr. Sprinkle too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5eai6Uw-9s

Leo Sprinkle and Diane Tessman

“I flew out to Laramie, Wyoming, in 1981, to try and discover more about my childhood abductions/encounters,” Diane Tessman recalled. “I found a wonderful human being who was a professor at the University of Wyoming - Leo Sprinkle - who was professional and yet compassionate. I did remember more during his hypnotic regression, although I am less-sure of its specific facts than I am my own conscious memories, but-- it is as valid as any hypnosis.”

“As time went on, Leo began to be open about his own contact (Contact!) and he was gifted psychically as well. He subscribed to my newsletters for 39 years and was a good friend and supporter. He and I were on Tim Beckley's podcast together several years ago. Alas, Tim did most of the talking (if you knew Tim, you are not surprised), but I was honored that Leo did this show at my request.”

“He really missed his beloved wife Marilyn, who passed on a few years ago.

“Sail on in the cosmos, Leo, I was honored and so pleased to be your friend. He was/is a brave pioneer in bringing Earth's humans into the galactic community.”

Leo Sprinkle and Rey Hernandez

“Leo clearly understood that loving others and bringing love and joy into the lives of others is the fullest embodiment of God,” shared Rey Hernandez, co-founder of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters. “He is a clear example of what every man and woman needs to embrace, just like the message that Near Death Experiencers return with, which is, ‘It is not important what religion you are, it is not important how much money you have or how famous you are. What is important when you return to Earth is that you need to learn to love mankind, to love each other.’ Leo, bless his soul, did not need to learn how to love because he was the actual embodiment of Love and the goodness of our Universal Creator. Let's hope and pray that the rest of humanity can learn to love each other and learn from Dr. Leo Sprinkle.”

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