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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2021

Molecule-Shaped UFO in the Sky: Vivid Sighting!

by: Diane Tessman

On January 21, 2021, I witnessed a vivid UFO which was astonishing, even for a UFO/UAP. This event occurred approximately two city blocks from my house in rural Iowa. There was no one else around; other farmhouses are several miles away.
The Facts: I was on my way about 8:30 a.m. to pick up my postal mail in town, about 7 miles away. It was a very cold winter morning. I had just left my house, driving on the (vacant) rural dirt road, which leads to the black top road, which leads to town.
Suddenly, something silver caught my eye in the upper left of my windshield view. It was like a molecule in shape. There was a central “atom” and then 2 “covalent atoms;” in other words, there was a central “nob” which had two arms, each of which had a “nob.” They both connected to the central nob. (see picture of a water molecule).

Above is the illustration of a molecule of water. The UFO I witnessed was shaped like this, except the connecting “arms” were larger and sturdier as if one could walk from the central “nob” to either of the covalent nobs.

The unidentified object I witnessed was not transparent like this water molecule, it was a glistening opaque silver. It was “white silver.” I have since researched the various shapes of UFOs. According to a survey by UFO researcher Cheryl Costa, only 8% are reported as “dumbbell shaped.” That shape comes the closest to the object I saw, but dumbbells have a nob at each end (2 nobs), whereas the UFO I witnessed extended in a third direction as well (3 nobs). The gleaming silver object did not move. It hung or hovered there. There was no noise.

My best guess is that it was 1,000 feet overhead, but it was hard to get a fix on it. I am not the best at guessing altitude but also, I had no way of knowing how large or small it really was, so that too makes “altitude” difficult to guess. I stopped the car instantly and got out, despite the extremely cold weather but then, before my eyes, it blinked out. It did not zoom away, it simply disappeared as though a switch had been turned off. However, I did see it briefly while I was outside the car. It was not a reflection in the glass of the windshield.

The best I can figure, I saw it for 20 seconds.

I was a field investigator with MUFON and APRO many years ago, I am an experienced UFO investigator. And so, I asked myself, “Was it a reflection?” NO.

Ice crystals or “sun dog” NO. Sundogs occur in very cold weather when the sun hits ice crystals, I have witnessed many of them.

Was it a plane? NO. About 4 or 5 minutes later, I saw a high altitude jet with a short contrail; it was nothing like what I saw which was low, much closer, and no way it was that jet.

A drone is a suspect but a drone would still have been there even if the sun stopped reflecting on it. A drone could not just blink out, as if a light switch turned off. I stood there outside the car after it vanished and there was NOTHING there.

I have never seen a drone in this area. There was no person flying a drone near the road at 8:30 a.m. on a very cold Iowa winter morning. The object was to the left of the road and there is nothing but corporate farming fields there, now idle for winter.

I also looked at a variety of photos of drones and there are none shaped like the object I saw which was “slick,” smooth, and flawless, no mechanisms, no motors, to be seen, as drones have. I am also sure it was bigger than a civilian drone.

Now for Some Speculation:

The information above is objective, “just the facts, mam.” Here are my impressions, thoughts, and theories as I relate to my lifetime of UFO experiences and events. This is the subjective half of my UFO report.

I would guess that the "molecule" I saw was not "manned" but was, none the less, intended for me. No one else was around for miles, literally, and it was so conveniently right in my vision, on an early, cold winter morning as I drove to town on remote country road. I go to town about once a week.

I am theorizing that it was a "high-tech telepathic mechanism" in touch with my consciousness or at least in touch with my location, but it seems for human-sized beings to move around in that craft, it would be cramped and perhaps impossible. Crew members would have to go through the central “nob” to get to either covalent arm. Of course, if the object was farther away than it seemed, then it was also larger than it seemed. In that case, human-sized beings could move around in it.

I call it a “telepathic” mechanism because for years, I have “shared consciousness” with the being I met on two encounters in my childhood. Another way to word “shared consciousness” is simply “telepathy on a frequent and personal basis.” However, I got no message at the time of this January 21st, 2021, sighting.

We have GPS locators even today, so perhaps the object only knew when I started to town and was not in telepathic contact. This means it well could have been artificial intelligence or simply a GPS-attuned mechanism.

The idea that the UFO was an artificial intelligence system does mesh with my feeling that the object would not be comfortable for human-sized crew members. However, what if they were the “small humans” or “small humanoids” reported in so many UFO encounters?

Speaking of which, I am sure I did not lose any time during this sighting. I checked carefully. However, I went to town again on February 11th, 2021, and I lost 45 minutes. This time I saw no UFO in the sky, although I did look! I have no clue where the 45 minutes went, but I was sure of what time I left home and what time I arrived back.

Of course, there is the possibility that this sighting was random and had nothing to do with me, even though I am someone whose life was changed drastically by two UFO encounters as a child and who is still involved in the mysterious phenomenon.

There was indeed no distinct message given me at the time of the sighting. However, I have discovered over the years that memories of encounters as well as messages with important content, can be buried in an individual’s mind like a zip file in one’s computer, as yet unopened. I have discovered that "zip files" can open in my mind years after the encounter and still offer objective information as well as subjective possibilities.

The Need for Both Science and Spirit:

My molecule-shaped UFO might also be called my “polyatomic ion UFO” because as I researched molecules following the sighting, I learned that “A molecular ion is a covalently bonded set of two or more atoms, that can be considered to behave as a single unit and that has a net charge that is not zero. This is unlike a molecule, which has a net charge of zero.”

NASA has used ion power for its Dawn probe to Ceres and Vesta in the asteroid belt. However, ion power is considered too slow to be used in interstellar travel. (next page)

What does this have to do with my molecule-shaped UFO? Almost certainly, nothing, but perhaps I should call it my ion-shaped UFO? In other words, at least I learned something about molecules and ions!

This is a polyatomic nitrate ion

We must never be hesitant to explore a screwy idea which butterflies into our mind as something interesting and possibly meaningful connected to a UFO sighting, but we need to be careful not to accept an idea like this as fact. This objective/subjective battle in a UFO researcher’s mind, is something we need to examine and know how to handle.

To comprehend the UFO puzzle, which may offer us the biggest event to happen in our lives and/or in human history, we need to employ self-discipline, knowing when to use our objective logic and intellect, and when to allow our subjective nature (perhaps consciousness itself), to intuitively lead us to new perception. Both are necessary. We need to learn when to allow the subjective side of our mind to express itself, or to command the objective side our mind to take the reins, all the while keeping our whole mind awake to advise us, weighing all the incoming information.

We can’t go willy-nilly into subjective fantasy, we can’t bow to fear or even to unconditional love; however, we must also realize that our objective intellect alone may not equipped to comprehend what may well be an other-worldly, advanced, level of existence. To quote Arthur C. Clarke who worked with this dichotomy, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” (End)

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