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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, March 2021

A Navajo Alien Encounter

by: Brent Raynes

Around 9:30 p.m., on November 2, 1967, on a highway just outside of Ririe, Idaho, two young Navajo men, Guy Tossie and Will Begay, unexpectedly confronted a blinding flash of light in front of their automobile. This was immediately followed by the sight of a disc-shaped craft, about 8 feet wide hovering an estimated 5 feet over the road in front of them. The car came to an abrupt stop. On top of the mysterious object was a transparent dome with two small beings inside. Around the craft’s rim were flashing green and orange lights.

Next the dome opened up and one of the humanoid beings, only about three and a half feet tall, floated down to the ground. The witnesses described how the being had a hairless head, an oval face that was deeply scarred, small round eyes, a slit-like mouth, no visible nose, large and high ears, with something resembling a backpack. The diminutive humanoid came around to the driver’s side and opened the car door, sliding in behind the steering wheel, causing the two young men to move over to the right. As they watched on in frightened disbelief, with the craft still in front of the car, their vehicle next was either somehow towed or driven by the entity behind the wheel, well into a wheat field. When the car stopped moving, Tossie opened his door and began running toward a farmhouse that was roughly a quarter mile away. As he did so some sort of light, believed to have originated from the second being, began following him. In the meantime, Begay remained in the car with the first being that was making high and rapid unintelligible [to him anyway] noises “like a bird.”

Meanwhile, a frightened Tossie found the farmer Willard Hammon and his family home, though it took him awhile to calm down enough to get his story out. Then the farm family headed out into the wheat field with him, finding Begay still in the car, nearly speechless, eyes closed, appearing to be in a state of shock. The car headlights were on and the motor was still running.

Begay eventually described how the two small being’s “rose up and into the UFO” which then rose into the air, flying away in a zigzag pattern. After listening to both their accounts of what had occurred, Mr. Hammon followed the two home in his car.

Hammon shared what happened with the local deputy sheriff, as did the two young witnesses. The State Police also became involved in the investigation. It was discovered that a number of local farmers had cattle that bolted that same evening. C.R. Ricks, a civilian UFO investigator living in Idaho Falls, affiliated with NICAP [National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon] met a man who reluctantly described how that same night he had had a similar encounter. However, he didn’t want his name used in any report released to the public.

Reference: www.nicap.org/newlook/section_VII.htm

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