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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2020

The extraterrestrials and their suitcases?

by: Albert S. Rosales

On many occasions, I have stumbled upon close encounters with bizarre entities that are so unusual that I am left with the possibility that we are dealing with some kind of “Cosmic Joker”.

Now when events occur in completely different parts of the world and are incredibly similar in nature, we are really going down the proverbial “rabbit hole”. The following are incidents in which supposed humanoids or extraterrestrials are carrying what appear to be suitcases!

The first of the incidents is from Spain, from the year 1968, a country that was experiencing an unprecedented flap of encounters and sightings:

Location: Villar de Humo, Cuenca, Spain
Date: Spring 1968
Time: 11:30 a.m.

A 14-year-old witness was working on his father’s land located in a wooded area when around 11:30 a.m. he saw, emerging out of the tree line located next to the Vencherque River at about 200 meters away, two shiny metallic ‘objects’ or figures resembling “metallic robots.” They were silvery in color and about 2.5 meters in height, and were walking towards the witness with their arms straight down at their sides and without moving their legs. Both entities seemed to move in unison and had square heads and thorax and on each of their hands they were carrying some sort of metallic ‘briefcase.’ When they were about 60 meters from the witness he ran home and notified his parents of what he had seen. Immediately, the adults searched the area but failed to find anything. Source: Lo Oculto, “Ovnis en España”

As the illustration shows these two robotic entities are carrying what indeed appear to be briefcases. Why? For what purpose? What was inside the briefcases? That we may never know.

The next case is from a completely different part of Europe. It comes from Sweden:

Location: near Smedjebacken, Dalarna County, Sweden
Date: August 1968
Time: 15:00

Some 2 km from the above town several youths, including Benny Magnusson, Kjell Ostling and Staffan Helander, ranging from 11 to 13 years of age, had constructed a sort of “hut” in an old abandoned cellar. Nearby, there was a disused mining area with pits adjacent as well. On this afternoon, the three mentioned youths, as well as some others, making for a total of 10, came out of the hut. They saw two strange creatures suddenly appear out of the mining pits. The two creatures were moving but suddenly stopped when they noticed the boys. They were now on a meadow near the witnesses. The creatures were approximately 1.90m to 2m tall. They were clothed in pure white “overalls” and hoods, which partially concealed their faces. The creatures each carried a sort of “white bag” shaped item that was as big as a standard briefcase. The distance from the meadow to the hut was about 50-meters. The meadow was surrounded by thick woods. The creatures then began moving with remarkable ease and speed. The youngsters got the impression that they moved quickly without ordinary body movements. At this point, the youths became extremely frightened. Suddenly the creatures stopped, and the boys became paralyzed. None could move, no matter how hard they tried. This lasted for about 5-minutes as the creatures stared at them. All of a sudden the paralysis subsided, and all ran along the forest towards the road. The creatures followed them along the path. One of the boys suddenly dropped his glasses during the “escape” and rushed back to retrieve them. Benny Magnusson followed him and helped him look for his glasses. During the several minutes of the search the two creatures stood by, observing the boys with piercing stares. However, at no time did they get the impression that the creatures were dangerous or “evil”.

Magnusson reported that the creatures had completely smooth white faces and had large black slanted eyes. Both creatures were identical to each other “like twins”. They did not look like humans, their faces slenderer. When they stood watching the boys, they had been only about 5-meters away. After the boys left, they never returned to that location again.

Source: SCANCAT listing Citing 89/130

The entities in this case are different in appearance, but again are carrying what appear to be briefcases! In the middle of nowhere!

We jump to 1978, to South Africa, to another briefcase carrying alien case!

Location: Groendal Reserve, Despatch/Uitenhage, South Africa
Date: October 2, 1978
Time: 11:15 a.m.
Four young boys, Peter Simpson (16), Jannie Bezuidenhout (15), Hugo Ferreira (12) and Joe Perino (13) were out hiking in the Reserve on the weekend of Sunday, October 1. The next day, Monday, was a public holiday and Mrs. Simpson, wife of a Despatch doctor, was to pick the boys up at a prearranged rendezvous at mid-day.

The day was overcast, and the boys sat quietly waiting for Mrs. Simpson. The Reserve is an isolated area of “veld” (The term Veld [often spelled Veldt] refers primarily [but not exclusively] to the wide open rural spaces of South Africa, or southern Africa, and in particular to certain flatter areas or districts covered in grass or low scrub. The word veld comes from the Afrikaans [ultimately from Dutch], literally meaning 'field'.)

It contains many of the smaller species of wild African animals, such as rock-rabbits, baboons, and leopard.

The time was eleven fifteen when all four boys saw a glistening stone in the distance, about 900 meters away. Almost at the same time, Jannie drew their attention to two men who were to the west of the stone. The boys thought they were poachers but were surprised to see that the men wore silver ‘firefighters’ suits. “Their silver suits looked just like aluminum foil” Hugo said later. The men appeared to come from the direction of the glistening object. They moved across the terrain in a ‘gliding’ motion, as though they were on trolleys. In the middle of the hill they were joined by a third man carrying a small, square suitcase. When the men reached a dividing fence and either climbed or glided over it, one of them stopped to let the others through and he looked at the boys. They could see that the silver suit covered his forehead, leaving only his face clear. The skin was gray. The men continued on their way, moving up the hill to the summit and then suddenly disappeared.

All the boys noted that during the incident, which apparently took place over sixty seconds, they felt ‘peculiar’. Peter Simpson felt disoriented and there was an unusual quietness in the Reserve as though all the birds and animals were silenced. On checking with Mr. Zeelie, the Game Park Warden, he verified that there were no firefighters in the Reserve at the time. South African police sergeant Christopher Powell, together with journalist Keith Ross and photographer Evert Smith, a police major and two trackers made the journey to where the boys had seen the glistening stone. They were surprised to find that the bush in the area, called ‘fynbos,’ was about two meters high. In the area indicated they found a large oval depression, 7 x 20 meters, with eight or nine indentations on the outside perimeter. There were no marks of burning.

Source: Cynthia Hind, Phenomenon, 40 years of Flying Saucers

There are also other types of entities that feel the need to carry suitcases when they visit our reality. Next case in point from Hawaii, in 1980:

Location: Kailua, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
Date: August 1980
Time: evening

The main witness and some friends were traveling on the isolated Pali Highway outside of town (a place known for its paranormal occurrences) when they felt a sense of foreboding in the air and an urgency of “getting out of there,” feeling that they somehow were “running out of time.” Everybody was silent as they started pulling into the main road when the witness looked to his right and saw a human-like “dwarf” that had appeared out of nowhere and was now walking on the Pali Road. The dwarf-like figure was totally human in appearance and walked in a strange bounding fashion. The short figure appeared to be wearing “regular pants” and some sort of silky type shirt. He had dark brown hair, and he appeared to have been carrying some sort of briefcase.

Source: Castle of Spirits and Direct
Witness communication

Last case but certainly not the least, we go to Utah, 1988:

Location: Bear Lake Valley, Utah
Date: fall 1988
Time: 10:00 a.m.

19-year-old Jacob had decided to go deer hunting by himself, so he packed his old car and left early Saturday morning before dawn. He stopped at a point near the summit before you drop into the valley. He waited until it was just light enough to shoot and headed south down the ridge. He got to a place where he could watch several spots where deer might run if scared. He knew there were hunters to the west towards ‘The Sinks’ so his best bet was staying alone and just sit and wait. He sat until 10 am. He had seen a few small bucks and does but nothing he wanted to shoot. He was thinking about walking further south along the ridge when he spotted someone in the clearing below him. He sat up with his binoculars and to his surprise, standing in the middle of the clearing, was a very tall man. The clearing was about 200 yards below him and he knew he had not been there just moments before. The man was standing with his back to Jacob and not moving. He had on what looked like a pale-yellow suit with a black pinstripe hat like you’d see in the 50’s. He held a briefcase in his left hand, and he was staring at the sun. Jacob was dumbfounded. He knew the man had not been there moments before because he had just scanned the area. He watched him intently with his binoculars for about 10 minutes trying to decide what to do. During that time, the man did not move a muscle. Jacob loaded up his pack and headed down toward the man, making sure to keep him in his sight at all times. He had a very strange feeling as he hiked down to him. As he entered the clearing, he decided to make a little noise as he approached so as to not startle him. He made heavy footsteps and purposely walked on a few branches, but the man remained as still as a statue. As he got closer, he noticed a strange smell in the air. It was a light sulfur ozone smell. He could tell the man was a good 6’5” or taller, bald, and under his hat his face had a pale complexion. He got to about 15-feet from him and he asked if he was ok. The man jumped just a little, then turned to look at Jacob. His eyes and face sent shivers through Jacob’s body. He had bright blue eyes and an unusual smile across his face.

After a moment, Jacob asked again if he was ok. The man looked at him and said, “I seemed to have misplaced myself.” “You’re lost?” Jacob replied. “Lost? Yes, lost” he said. “Can you point me to the nearest settlement?” Jacob wanted to run as fast as he could from the man. The strange man spoke in broken English as if it was not his first language. Jacob pulled himself together and pointed east. He told him where Lake Town was located. The man tipped his hat to Jacob and turned and walked towards the town. After he disappeared into the trees, Jacob came back to his senses. The entire incident felt very hazy and he felt extremely uneasy. In a daze he managed to make his way back to his car. When he got there, he looked at his watch. It was just after 16:00 hours. He was so confused because he knew he had first spotted the man at about 10am. The hike down, talking to him and the hike back should not have taken 6 hours. He drove home and told his dad what had happened. He suggested he keep it to himself.

Source: John Olsen, “Beyond Stranger Bridgerland: Book 2 Stranger Bridgerland. Kindle Edition

Comments: Did the witness indeed meet a lost time traveler, an alien or something completely different? What happened during the missing hours?

What was the point of these strange entities, of carrying what clearly seemed to have been briefcases? I leave you readers to ponder the question.

Albert S Rosales

Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions, reports, etc.

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