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Audio Interviews—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, October 2020

Hosted by Brent Raynes


Steve Ward has been fascinated by the unexplained for over half a century. There were two events that had a major influence on Steve and set a course for his future path. Growing up in Michigan, the March 1966 UFO flap occurred virtually in his backyard. The best, however was yet to come. The following November a winged humanoid chased two couples down a lonely country road near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and the legend of the Mothman was born. In a way, Steve would be chasing the Mothman the rest of his life. Influenced by John Keel and Jacques Vallee, his views on UFOs became unconventional and moved more toward a paranormal explanation. While in Europe in 1973 he stood at the foot of Stonehenge & on the shores of Loch Ness. In 1974 he explored the Mayan ruins at Tikal in Guatemala and the Aztec ruins, Altun Ha in Belize. In 1976 he attended the MUFON Symposium in Ann Arbor, Michigan and met such major figures as Ray Stanford and DR. J. Allen Hynek. He was also able to interview Gray Barker of Saucerian Publications who was one of the attendees at the symposium. In 1977, he made his first visit to Point Pleasant, after having read "The Mothman Prophecies" by John Keel. In 1980 he joined the Navy and served aboard the USS Billfish, a nuclear fast attack submarine. Since 2006 he has been involved in the Mothman Festival, both behind the scenes and as a tour guide in the TNT area where the Mothman was first seen. He is a regular speaker at the Mothman Festival and has also spoken at the Butler Paranormal Conference, The Center for Unexplained Events, Michigan M.U.F.O.N., the Van Meter Visitor Festival, the Kecksburg and Exeter UFO Festival's, the UFO Contact Event in Michigan, and at the Toledo Bigfoot and Paranormal Conference. He has also hosted an annual event in Point Pleasant for Para Expeditions which focuses on the events that occurred in the Ohio valley in the mid 1960's. He has been on such radio shows as Just Another Tin Foil Hat, Spaced Out Radio, Taskforce Gryphon, Into the Outer Realms, Podcast UFO, Radio Wasteland, Rogue talk Radio, Exploring the Bizarre, Mystical Awakenings Radio, Paranormal UK Radio, to name a few. Steve's main area of research is, what some call "high strangeness" or "window areas" (as John Keel dubbed them) where disparate types of paranormal phenomena all seem to occur in the same location, and that studying these paranormally active locations may be the key to understanding what the source behind the manifestations may be. Steve has been a correspondent for almost 4 years on "Mack Maloney's Military X- Files Radio Show". He also had he own podcast on the "Paranormal UK Radio Network" called "The High Strangeness Factor." He and his coauthor Joey Madia are currently writing "Parallels and Patterns: A New Paradigm for the Study of Paranormal Phenomena" expected to be out this year. You can contact Steve on Facebook.

Zelia Edgar was inspired by the rich history of weirdness throughout the Midwest. She has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.  She has held the position of Wisconsin MUFON state director, and currently runs the YouTube channel JustAnotherTinFoilHat.


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