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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, June 2020

An interview with Don Wright
His DMT Entity Experiences

by: Brent Raynes

Between 1990 and 1995, Dr. Rick Strassman conducted a government funded study into the effects of DMT (dimethyltrypatmine), an hallucinogenic substance common to the shamanic ayahuasca ceremonies of South America. Dr. Strassman was quite puzzled by many of the experiences and images described by his 60 volunteers. “I didn’t expect it,” he explained to me. “Rather, I expected mystical and near-death experiences, based upon my reading and previous study.”

“In the thick of it, while reacting to people’s stories during research, I tried and then abandoned a number of different models to explain these experiences,” the psychiatrist added. “Psychological, brain chemistry, Jungian archetypes, and the like. However, interpreting these experiences, which the volunteers uniformly described as more real than real, as something ‘else,’ closed down channels of communication. So, I started responding to their stories as if they were real. I found out a lot more that way.”

“Later, when I had some time to think about the nature of these stories, I began speculating about how DMT might provide our consciousness access to realms such as dark matter and parallel universes.” Dr. Strassman even found uncanny similarities in some of the experiences of his DMT volunteers to case studies of UFO abductees described by Dr. John Mack. These and other details of this study can be found in his book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2001). Jeremiah

One of the subjects described in Dr. Strassman’s book was named Jeremiah (his real name is Don Wright, a gentleman I’ve written about previously in my column regarding his work with the Peruvian whistling vessels). I asked Don if he’d mind describing in some detail about his experiences with Dr. Strassman’s DMT research project. He thoughtfully responded with the following:

Brent Raynes: How did you become involved in this program?

Don Wright: I was contacted at the Milton Erickson Institute of New Mexico, where I was Clinical Associate in practice as a psychotherapist specializing in PTSD and anxiety disorders. Because of my interest in expanded states of consciousness and super-normal human states of experience, I was thrilled to be included in Doctor Strassman's research project. I graciously accepted his offer to participate.

Brent Raynes: Could you provide us a personal reflection on what you experienced, what you saw and felt and how it affected you at the time?

Don Wright: I reported to the Research Ward of the University of New Mexico Hospital on the date and time I was given for my first involvement in the project. I was not inexperienced in expanded states of consciousness and was aware of DMT, although I had never before experienced it. Upon checking into the ward, I was admitted as a "patient", supplied with hospital pajamas, and told in which room I was expected. The room was a private patient room which included a bed, and equipment such as an automatic blood pressure machine and other monitoring equipment.

I got into the bed and filled out a psychological inventory form that was provided. After a short period of time a nurse appeared and inserted an IV into a vein in my arm, and was connected to the monitoring devices. Dr. Strassman appeared shortly thereafter and informed me that what I was about to receive would be the highest dose of DMT that I would possibly receive in subsequent administrations. He explained that this would be the only known dosage, both to him and myself, that I would receive during the project. My knowing that subsequent dosages would not be greater effectively removed any anxiety I might have about "going too high".

Dr. Strassman asked me if I was ready as he connected the drug vial to the IV. I said "yep", and he started the injection. My first awareness was what seemed to be a tightening around my chest, causing me to have to force my breathing. This ceased after around a minute, and was replace by a sound I recognized as sounds I had experienced during Peruvian Whistling Vessel sessions. Next I experienced myself sliding down a dark tunnel reminiscent of those described in "Life After Death" descriptions in books such as those written by Moody. The tunnel was pointed downward at what seemed to be about 45 degrees, with a light at the far end. Upon reaching the "Light" I experienced myself rapidly moving over an infinite abyss. Suddenly I experienced being in what was clearly not present time/space. I was elated that I did not seem to be "altered" or hallucinating. Although I did not experience my physical body in this new realm, my conscious perception was sober, clear, and what I was perceiving was solid, real aspects of this realm. There was no feeling of danger or threat, and no sensation of any "holy" or "spiritual" elements. The entities appearing in that solid realm clearly knew I had arrived, and it seemed to me it was "business as usual" to them.

Each subsequent experience of DMT in the research took me to a completely different "world". In some I seemed to have a "deja vu" experience. An example was one in which I discovered myself in a round, multi-floored facility in which there were "transparent "capsules" containing human essences. I had the impression that human essences were there waiting to physically manifest. I clearly seemed to recognize that I had been there before.

Upon completing the experimental trips, I had a sense that they had, in some beautiful manner, prepared me for evolving in some manner beyond the consensual idea of evolving.

Brent Raynes: Please state your thoughts on the importance and success of Dr. Strassman's work and what you feel he has accomplished.

Don Wright: Dr. Strassman, in my opinion, is a hero of our species. He bravely and successfully broke through the injunctions of our societies demanding acceptance of conventional consensual reality, in order to explore our human ability to transcend our present primitive state of consciousness.

Brent Raynes: Describe anyway that being involved in this program affected you in any permanent way of perceiving anything.

Don Wright: Although I had previously expected and "believed" that there must be "parallel universes", alternate time/space realms, etc., I now KNOW they exist. I've been there!

Brent Raynes: If you have any thoughts on future applications of this program that you'd like to share, please feel free to explore that as well.

Don Wright: Any manner that our species can evolve beyond the present archaic, paranoid, primitive defensiveness of our present suppressed paradigm will make possible our future survival. The technological curve is nearing straight up. Technology such as Nanotechnology will, I believe, convert us to an unbelievably horrendously destructive selfish species, or an incredibly positive expanding species. I believe research into consciousness such as that of Dr. Strassman is necessary for the second instance to manifest.

Brent Raynes: Why do you think that you were selected to be a part of this program?

Don Wright: I expect that one of the reasons I was selected to participate in the project was that as a psychotherapist of the Milton Erickson Institute, I was skilled in clinical hypnosis and capable of recognizing projections of my "real" life experienced as metaphors while experiencing the DMT. Because of this, I would be able to recognize the realms and their artifacts as metaphors of my own present life, if that were the case. I honestly must say that I could not make a metaphorical connection between my life at that time and the alternative realms I visited. The entities were interesting in that they, as were the different "worlds" in which they appeared, completely unexpected and unique in my experience.

Brent Raynes: Could you describe in some detail the entities that you perceived during your experiences?

Don Wright: Here are descriptions of some of the entities:

The "Scientist": After flowing through the "tunnel" and across the abyss, I experienced myself observing a "laboratory" in which an entire wall was covered with various meters and other instruments. Standing in front of an observation device on the wall was a tall male grey haired human wearing a lab coat. He apparently was observing something about me. As he was facing the wall, I could only see his back. I could see, at the same time, another "screen" on the wall which was showing, in detail, my blood flowing through my capillaries which included red blood cells, as well as microphages, or white blood cells and a couple of unrecognized creatures. Following this experience, I felt that I had been "altered" or changed in some manner that was important to my future evolving. "Ah Ha!" you might say. You were in a hospital under the direct and total care of the psychiatrist, Dr. Strassman! Is this not a metaphor of your situation during the experience? Well,, no. This is something you would know if you knew Dr. Strassman!

The " Pyramid": After the (you know) entry trip, I first observed a large, what seemed to be a thick center column, with round, smaller "branches" appearing to be made of polished marble. The closest depictions of how they look may be on the cover of a book "In Pursuit of Valis", written by Phillip K. Dick, and published by UM, 1991. Suddenly, slowly moving from behind the column appeared a creature in the shape of a small pyramid. Its main features were a mouth slit and a single eye. It somewhat shocked me by its appearance. It seemed to perceive that it made me uneasy, froze, and then slowly backed up to disappear behind the column. It did not appear again. I was certain that it didn't want to frighten me.

The "Children": After crossing the "abyss", I noticed two, what seemed to be three or four year old blond haired children, looking into the center of a small, round table. After observing them interact without them speaking, I became aware that they were telepathically communicating, and that they were totally mature beings choosing to have bodies of children! They were observing something about me through the table top screen.

There were other "entities", such as the "Gumby" appearing entity sitting in a thrown type of chair affectionally watching me.

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