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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, February 2020

Questions and Answers About My Past Contact Experiences

by: Joseph Burkes, MD

On a Facebook page I was once asked about what races of ETs I might have had physical or mental connections with, and also if I have ever had any interactions with MIBs. These questions give me a chance to review my contact activities over the years.

When it comes to meeting beings, no face-to-face encounters with them physically. However, during the period of my volunteering as a CE-5 coordinator back in the 1990s, I had dozens of sightings of UFOs. On two separate occasions I experienced what Dr. Greer called “telepathic overrides” in the course of fieldwork with my Los Angeles based contact team. In each, I basically received advance notification telling me when UFOs were going to show up later those nights. I also learned the number of craft that would be involved and their locations in the sky. I immediately shared the info with my co-workers as suggested by the guidelines given to us by the CSETI Director. As "predicted" the UFOs subsequently showed up as I had been notified.

Along with these two verifiable events, I had many "contact downloads” during a two-year period from 1993 to 1994. In a kind of "awake dream state" I received much abstract information plus visual narratives. It was like watching a movie in one’s mind. Most of the narratives involved so-called "Grays" although a few "Nordics" appeared in some of these “theater of the mind” experiences. I look at these anomalous occurrences as a form of channeling. All those experiences while very interesting to me personally were totally unverifiable. ‬‬‬‬‬

‬ The themes of these mental encounters were basically instructional in nature. At the level of mind I was allowed to view or actually "meet" specific "ETs" that lectured me about various contact themes such as, why they are here and what are their capabilities. I also “downloaded” the typical contactee fare about an “ET master plan" ‬ that allegedly has been unfolding here on Earth for some time. ‬‬‬‬‬

I had no MIB encounters, but there was telephone harassment. Once it happened before going out into the field. The strange calls to my home lasted for about a week. The phone would ring, but nobody was on the line when my wife or I picked up. Every hour on the hour the phone rang during 9 to 5 business hours. I assume that whoever they were I was supposed to get a threatening message like, "We know who you are and what you are doing.” Then there was a fieldwork investigation in which my team was photographed by what appeared to be military intelligence or private contractors while in the field in Joshua Tree.‬‬‬‬‬

In the summer of 1997, I received threatening phone calls from more individuals that I suspected were contractor intelligence agents. One was able to describe to me my CSETI activities in detail. This rude rather aggressive individual told me, "It would be better for you if you got out of CSETI." ‬ ‬‬‬‬‬

Additional Questions and Answers for this post.

1. What about the “ET master plan” that you mentioned, and about the assumption that there are many different motivations for different ET groups?

Answer: I assume no such thing. After resigning from CSETI in 1998 I took a critical look at the UFO subculture that I had been so active in. I read the works of John Keel and Dr. Vallee and I concluded that although the ET hypothesis was possibly true, UFO intelligences’ ability to create illusions undermined my sense of certainty about who and what they were. The UFO phenomenon was certainly far more complicated than the simplistic view that there are "good or bad aliens" from different groups operating on the Earth. ‬

This new perspective was not an easy thing for me to accept. After all, I had contributed thousands of hours of volunteer work doing contact related activities. I had imagined that we in the contact network were attempting to reach out to spiritually and technologically advanced ETs. While I was closely associated with Dr. Greer, I raised money for CSETI, did media events, but the best role I had was to be contact team leader. In that capacity, I had an opportunity to be part of a collective of determined UFO investigators. We were engaging the phenomenon with high ideals for what we hoped was peaceful communication leading to a more open and mutually beneficial relationship. At the time I especially enjoyed the experience of “fulfilling” some kind of personal “mission” with the help of my co-workers and that we were engaging in a hopeful humanitarian cause.

I suggest that all UFO truth seekers get a hold of Colin Wilson's book "Alien Dawn" that provides an excellent summary of the theories of two giants in UFO research, Mr. John Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee. Keel's work should be understood to be a product of a time 50 years ago when much important testimony confirming the probable ET nature of the phenomenon had not been investigated yet. ‬I am talking about the Roswell incident and the release of government documents in the 1970s and 1980s that prove a government cover up was going on. ‬‬‬

‬‬ ‬‬‬‬ 2. What did you do when you received the threatening phone calls? ‬

Answer: Thanks for the question but the answer is not a pretty story and it is difficult for me to share. The threat I received contributed to my resigning from CSETI under very unpleasant circumstances. I might work up the courage to share on social media a narrative that goes into the circumstances of my resignation from CSETI, but am pretty tired of the ugly side of UFO politics. I will probably put my side of the story into a book someday. Hopefully sharing the whole awkward drama will stimulate a constructive dialogue about the role of leadership in the contact network. Most people are either Dr. Greer fans, or angry critics and trying to have a balanced discussion can be very challenging. ‬

3. Another commenter expressed surprise about my having contact downloads with “Gray and Nordic” types. Also why did I refer to my contact downloads as being “totally unverifiable.”

Joseph Burkes: It has been said that with channeled material and two dollars you can get a cup of coffee from Starbucks. This maxim applies as well to my mental interactions with the non-human intelligences that I refer to sometimes as “UFO Intel.” (I like this term because it captures the intelligence-counterintelligence paradigm that I find so much better than the notion we can use Western materialist science to research the phenomenon) Back to channeling, yes it was great to have "downloads." I wanted them to go on forever but after a few months they just petered out. My fellow CE-5 Working Group Coordinator Wayne Peterson that headed the Phoenix team summed up my contact downloads in the following way. He said that the ETs gave me a course, something like “Channeling 101.” As if to say to me, “Joseph, you can do this.” Once the course was over there was not a need to continue it.

I repeat, only two contact downloads could be verified because they accurately predicted the subsequent appearance of UFOs that were multiply witnessed. This is an important condition because the contact network has been instructed by the alleged ETs to work in groups. The highly detailed and emotionally charged “awake dreams” that I experienced contained much abstract concepts as well as details about the various alleged ET groups working here. And they were like watching a sci-fi TV series with my mind’s eyes. Very entertaining and possibly instructive, but totally unverifiable. When I write “instructive” I don’t mean that the lessons were true, but rather they gave me insight into how other contact experiencers were having psi mediated interactive events with “UFO Intel.”

I should point out that when I refer to the Contact Underground I don't just refer to C-5ers or the Peruvian based group now called Rahma, but more importantly to the many, perhaps hundreds of contact workers that are “flying below the radar.” There exist independent teams that have been instructed by their “case officers” from a “higher intelligence agency” to operate under more clandestine conditions. My impression is that this is why they often operate in remote locations with no access to publicity or have been deliberately warned not to associate with more public, less secretive teams. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn of their existence. This is because a more public individual like myself could pose considerable potential risks to their security by associating with them. I share this perspective because of my understanding that there is an ongoing vigorous counterintelligence program directed at the contact experience subculture by both corporate and governmentally based intelligence organizations.

I am hopeful that over generations (perhaps it will require centuries of enlightened struggle) we will establish on this planet of so much pain, greed and cruelty a new kind of just and peaceful civilization. I imagine that full contact can never be achieved in a world based on militarism and exploitation. Perhaps once our society is rebuilt on foundations of cooperation and friendship, then UFO intelligences will finally reveal to us who they truly are.

Till then, with all terrestrial elites opposing anything like open contact, to reveal their actual " master plan" (if such a thing exists) in public would not only be foolish but I suspect would trigger fierce repression against contact workers and their supporters. I say this because there are fanatical fundamentalist religious groups that call themselves “Christian” that have decided that the so-called aliens are "demons" I suspect that some of these groups believe UFO activists ,or even perhaps all experiencers are “dancing with the devil.” If deranged people are willing to kill physicians that do safe legal abortions and the killers are applauded by some fanatical groups, might similarly motivated fundamentalists be convinced to kill those that are promoting contact? I hope not.

We should not underestimate the influence of those that might use an ET presence to justify the building of a vast space based array of weapons and create a kind of new Cold War with the so-called aliens. Unless mankind is properly prepared for full open peaceful relations then a host of potential problems might become realities. One is the possibility that flying saucers will be used at some point as an excuse by the military-intelligence-industrial complex to frightened the masses into spending trillions to “defend Earth” against an “adversary” that could turn out to be our friend.

I have dialogued with Latin America UFO enthusiasts and one of them expressed a strong hatred of the “ETs’. She described me "as a very dangerous person." This was because I was openly attempting to recruit talented experiencers into the contact network. "Very dangerous" people are dealt with harshly by fanatical groups that are all too eager to carry out violence against their perceived enemies.

4. What is the content of your “contact downloads?”

Joseph: I have about 40 pages of material about what those downloads contained. I must admit that I am dubious about their value. I believe that like most channeled material “downloads” are a co-creation of human and non-human intelligence (the so-called ETs.) I think of this kind of material as “fairy tales for adults.” They reveal more about how UFO Intel can read our consciousness and co-create with us an emotionally compelling narratives than it says anything accurate about who they are or where they come from.

When I say "emotionally compelling" I mean that I could not speak about one of those downloads in public for 15 years because I would start crying. So the alleged ETs can really push our emotional buttons.

Does my weeping make any of what I experienced more "real?" No it doesn't. My behavior is reminiscent of those so-called abduction victims that shed tears during hypnotic sessions. The expression of powerful emotion doesn't prove that “abductees” really went on board spacecraft, but it gives dramatic testimony to how increasing numbers of individuals are being powerfully affected by the phenomenon.

In my opinion mankind is dealing with an incredibly sophisticated intelligence that probably has been creating belief systems here on Earth for a long time.

5. Do any of our interactions provide trustworthy information about where UFO Intelligence comes from?

Joseph Burkes: Probably not.

Unfortunately most people when confronted with the UFO theme or any other potentially threatened subject, they usually end up creating an emotionally satisfying belief system and to hell with any evidence that doesn't support their beloved pet theory.
This was one of the stated reasons why Dr. Vallee mostly abandoned UFO studies about 25 years ago. He found UFOlogy to be a shouting arena in which people argued about their belief systems. In Dr. Vallee’s judgment this made rational discussion of the issues nearly impossible. I am still hopeful reasonable discussions might be possible and this is one of the reasons I am sharing my experiences and thoughts on social media and occasionally during public lectures.

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