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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2020

A New Look at Who Is In Our Skies

by: Diane Tessman

Who would have thought that “Tic-Tacs,” those trusty breath mints, would change the name of the game in the quest to find the answer to the UFO puzzle?

As I read the USS Nimitz F/A-18 Navy pilots’ descriptions of their encounters with the Tic-Tac capsules, it seems to me that there is an element of hot-dogging fighter pilots on both sides. The difference is, the Tic-Tac pilots or pilot-system, have highly superior technology. It seems that each side has the persona of “Top Guns.”

This does not seem alien. It suggests both sides are of human origin. Real extraterrestrials likely do not behave as we do with combative humor and competitive machismo. ETs might just pulverize the other craft and be done with it, or quite the opposite, they might be horrified at the jet pilots’ aggression and zoom away.

The Tic-Tacs could have stayed out of the way of the Navy maneuvers which were scheduled every year for that area, at that time. It seems they did not care if they were seen and if skirmishes and chases ensued. In fact, they seem to enjoy it or at least willingly participate. Did they want to be seen and analyzed? It was predictable the U.S. Navy would be right where it was on those days.

A fascinating hypothesis is put forth by former NASA research scientist and current associate professor of physics at the University of Albany, Dr. Kevin H. Knuth. He offers the theory the Tic-Tacs the Nimitz personnel encountered, were studying marine life in the area. His lengthy study states that the UAPs could have been monitoring the migration of whales; he offers the example of a recent UAP sighting of a similar Tic-Tac off the coast of Oregon, also when the whales were there.

“The thought was triggered by Nimitz Radar technician Kevin Day's description of the UAPs acting as if they were migrating,” states Knuth. “They also seemed to act like they were looking for something by slowly tracking south at 100 knots or so at 28,000 ft altitude,” says Dr. Knuth.

Who is more likely to be concerned with Earth’s marine life now and into the future, extraterrestrials or the humans of the future? Who is more likely to have a similar “Top Gun” profile, ETs or time traveling humans? The U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet pilots, Navy radar operators, and other personnel from the USS Nimitz, have bravely related their accounts of the 30 to 40 footlong oblong, windowless craft, which flew circles around our fighter jets from the Nimitz on several occasions in 2004. The USS Roosevelt’ personnel added their voices, recounting their similar experiences in 2014 and 2015 with the same unknown, unidentified, craft. The Navy now admits that these are legitimate UAPs – unknowns but real. This is indeed a game changer!

Dr. Michio Kaku recently declared, “Even if not smoking-gun proof, the declassified videos — bolstered by confirmation of multiple sightings of unexplained aerial vehicles during 2014 and 2015, including at least one near-collision — are giving ufology new weight. We’ve reached a turning point.”

Dr. Kaku continues, “It used to be that believers had to prove that these objects were from an intelligent race in outer space. Now the burden of proof is on the government to prove they’re not from intelligent beings in outer space. The possibility that they are vehicles from other planetary civilizations now has to be put on the table.”

It is time to add even more new weight to UFO reality; the Tic-Tacs tend to verify this new weight: We have ignored ample evidence and we have carelessly skipped analysis, on the possibility that UFO occupants are humans who have traveled back in time, having found the key to do so. If the entity or system in the Tic-Tac is artificial intelligence, then it is our artificial intelligence creation. I hasten to add that I firmly believe the galaxy and the universe teem with life. Some of it is advanced life, and extraterrestrials may indeed visit Earth. However, humans tend to forget or ignore the fact that we will evolve and advance in the future. What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow; that’s how it is.

Our science and technology have entered a Golden Era with exponential leaps forward. In 5 years, we may well be 200 years ahead of where we are now. It is impossible to keep up with computer innovations and discoveries, and soon quantum computers will become common. Granted, we are not evolving spiritually as fast, but the science/technology revolution cannot be denied.

Strange craft in our skies have been with us since 1947 and perhaps since ancient times; I believe, the occupants are predominantly our descendants. They may be from different phases of time, some 75 years from now, while others are 500 years ahead of us or 25,000 years ahead. After all, once the key to traveling back in time is found, endless possibilities open which we who are still chained to “time,” can only imagine.

Of course, most people accept the “fact” that traveling back is impossible. This is perhaps why we assumed, without sufficient analysis and consideration, that ETs are the answer. We also have been shown frightening alien characters on media screens who gave us an adrenalin rush, so we liked that. We grew both fearful and entertained by an assortment of ETs.

Of course, the fact is, Einstein never said traveling back in time is impossible. He said he could not figure out how to do it and that it had challenges.

We have sold ourselves short, figuring that it must be extraterrestrials who are so advanced because we who walked on the moon in 1969, nonetheless, just don’t have what it takes. No wonder many people are depressed; we have lost confidence in our worth and in our own species in the 21st Century. Many days, I do understand!

Do we even have a future? If we do, it will not be at the scientific/technology stage we are, today!

We have been dumbed down these days, on purpose, by governments, religions, and corporations, for their own greedy purposes. We can’t see beyond our struggle for money to pay the rent and buy food. We are purposely kept in this dismal state. Who has time for optimism to dream? To invent? To innovate? To explore? The answer: Only a wealthy few, and that makes us even more disgruntled.

The fact is, Future Humans would pose a bigger challenge to the status quo and the powers-that-be than would extraterrestrials. After the initial shock, some people would turn to advanced members of their own species who no doubt have the cure for cancer and other dreaded diseases, and who seem to have answers for many of our problems today. Advanced methods could help tremendously, for instance, in counteracting global warming. I do suspect, though, that there is a non-interference directive which keeps our time traveling descendants from overtly contacting and helping us as individuals.

Some of us turn to extraterrestrials we feel exist in our skies, to give us hope and help. To each his or her own belief, but we must ask, “Why would ETs from a far distant world, care about us, why would they hang around for millennia or at least since 1947?” Their home is far away. To answer that question, one must decide that ETs are ascended, ultra-caring, unconditionally loving beings who exist primarily to help humans. Are we sure this is the answer?

As Jacques Vallee pointed out years ago, why have there been tens of millions of UFO fly-overs on dark nights and bright days for years, all over this planet, which seem to have nothing to do with us? There are so many millions of fly-overs, even landings, why would an alien race need so much analysis of Earth’s oceans, land, and life-forms? Wouldn’t they have completed this in perhaps 5000 flyovers in perhaps a span of 5 years? Whatever and whoever accounts for the UFO phenomenon, it seems to belong on Earth and to Earth and is often just going about its business. Earth belongs to our children’s children’s children, too.

There may be college courses in the year 2350 which include a semester of field work back with the ancestors. Or, there may be urgent reasons why Future Humans patrol Earth’s skies, travel back to give warnings about nuclear warheads atop ballistic missiles, and harass nuclear installations which might well get hit one day soon by one of the F-4 tornadoes prevalent in these days of global warming. We currently have not fully understood the dangerous instability of various radioactive threats in rising waters, and within a more violent, chaotic planetary climate system. Of course, many nuclear power plants sit right beside large bodies of water.

Future Humans have a home: Earth. They are right here, right now, in a different layer or snapshot, of The Eternal Now.

In the earth of Earth, is buried radioactive waste which has a half-life of perhaps 100,000 years. (Radioactive half-life estimates vary widely depending what website one looks at, but 100,000 is a moderate number). Do our great, great, great grandchildren have to contend with the leaking radioactive mess we made?

What if the UFO message is, “We are trying to point out to you, our ancestors, that you are damaging our mutual planet with radiation, climate chaos, contamination of many kinds, killing our oceans and destroying our natural and mutual land.”

What about abductions? It is very difficult to find an abduction not done by humans or humanoids. This evolutionary hominid to hominin to Homo sapiens roadmap, instilled in our DNA, is unique to Earth. We must make many assumptions to say that an ancient race of aliens maybe called The Preservers, traveled around the galaxy and seeded humans all over the place. That is simply a story. Our DNA is reality.

The human race may have a smaller physical form in the future due to the human population explosion; many UFO occupants are smaller than current humans. Perhaps responsible future parents choose to create smaller humans to help save the resources of Earth; this is similar thinking to the fact we are advised to never eat meat again if we wish to help the planet. This of course is speculation.

It is true that the march of evolution is toward humans having larger heads, less hair, and having faded (thinner) skin, perhaps from sitting in front of the computer all day, as muscles atrophy. Academic evolutionary experts advise us of this evolutionary likelihood, on up the road.

We are linked to our descendants by DNA and by collective consciousness. It is time for new thinking on the possibility that traveling back in time can be done and is being done; in fact, today, brilliant theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti offers a zero-gravity, low power warp formula for warping space and traveling back in time, which has gained a lot of attention. It has promise! This might be it! And even if it isn’t, I believe that one day we will ask, “Who is in our skies?” and the answer from our progeny will be, “We are.”

Diane’s website: www.earthchangepredictions.com Ask about the International Enterprise for Traveling Time Exploration.


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