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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2020

And water shall flow from stone

by: Albert S. Rosales

Location. Salillas, Huesca, Spain

Date: December 12, 1976            
Time: midnight

Jose Salillas and Agustin Viñuales (Tio Agustin) had been working on repairs until late at night and after finishing had gone to Santa Ana Plaza in the center of town. While Jose went straight home, and Agustin went to lock his truck which was parked near his located in the Santa Ana Plaza. Before going inside his home, he worked on the Christmas tree located in front of the house, 15 minutes after saying goodbye to Jose, Agustin entered his house. Vitorina his wife thought that he seemed confused, acting unlike himself. He did not say goodnight to his children and immediately went to bed. However, no one asked him anything. Since that night, Agustin, always a well-liked and kind person was never the same. Something had occurred to him just before going inside his home.

The next day, Agustin told everyone what had taken place. He had also seen the strange reddish glow that had appeared above Salillas that night. Everyone had seen it. It resembled an elongated reddish cloud with many spirals. It later drifted away towards Zaragoza. It was while the local residents of Salillas watched the strange reddish cloud that Agustin headed home. Outside his home (he lived near Church of Santa Ana) he was confronted by two human-like figures, wearing tight fitting scaled silvery diving suits. The figures were very tall, at least 2.50m in height. One of the figures was a baldheaded man, the 2nd a woman, and she had hair. Apparently, the woman told Agustin that they had come from another planet and if he wanted proof, they would make water flow from stone. The woman told Agustin to touch the buttress on the wall next to the church. He did and according to Agustin water indeed flowed from the stone wall. Water flowed for several seconds. It never did again. He had been with the strange visitors for about 5 or 6 minutes.

Additional details recovered from Agustin’s family apparently revealed that the woman was the one that approached him while the man had remained behind standing next to the object. The woman had walked up the steps in the plaza and had approached Agustin. Apparently, she called Agustin by name and had talked to him “lovingly and with kindness”. After Agustin saw the water flow from the stone something came over him and he became confused, and had trouble getting inside his home, which was only several meters away.

It was learned that the entities had arrived in two separate objects, both identical to each other, which resembled “telephone booths.” The strange red glow had been seen practically by the whole town several hours before Agustin’s encounter. It apparently remained above the city for several hours.

The next day, Agustin was interviewed by three civil guard members. And after that he refused to go out at night and his health gradually declined. He was only 37-years-of-age at the time of the encounter. He died four years later in 1980.

Source: Bruno Cardeñosa

Comments: Translated by Albert S. Rosales


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