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Classic Mysteries—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, January 2020

1970 Started Off With A Flurry Of Reports In British Columbia, Canada

by: Rick Hilberg

Canadian UFO sightings for 1970 started off at 5:00 a.m. on January first in the Corwichan Valley in British Columbia.

Mrs. Doreen Kendall, an RN at the Corwichan District Hospital, was the first person on duty that morning to notice the strange object in the sky. After viewing the unusual sight for a few minutes, she called to Mrs. Fred Wilson, who along with five other members of the nursing staff, watched the object for an estimated thirty seconds before it disappeared.

According to Kendall, the object was saucer-shaped, silvery in color, silent and seemed to be metallic. Also, she said that it had a "necklace of lights" around the midsection. From her position at a second floor window of the hospital, the thing was slightly tipped downwards toward her. She estimated its altitude at something like sixty feet above the ground, and it seemed to her that it was some forty feet from her vantage point.

She first noticed the strange sight when she pulled the curtains away from the window of an extensive care patient of hers. It was then that she was startled to see what seemed to be the illuminated cockpit of an object with two human looking beings in it.

The figures inside the object were described as being males having normal physiques and were dressed in some sort of tight-fitting uniforms made of a soft looking fabric. One stood behind  a glowing, chrome colored panel while the other, either a bit shorter than the first or possibly standing in a recessed spot, stood behind him.

After a few minutes of viewing in amazement by Kendall, the second being turned to look directly at her. Kendall described him as wearing a darkish fabric and having some strange headgear that somewhat hid his facial features. He touched the first being with an ungloved hand, which seemed human like and flesh colored. The first pulled back, forward, and then back again on some sort of control lever and the craft immediately tilted sideways, rose in the air, circled the area slowly and finally disappeared in a northerly direction.

This sighting was personally investigated by Canadian researcher and writer John Magor, who said he could find no explanation for it. Magor was also the editor of the respected  Canadian UFO Report.

Later on the same day at approximately 7:00 p.m., it was reported that the Drummond family of Mill Bay, some 15 miles south of the Kendall sighting, all observed a bright orange and yellow object.

According to James Drummond, the object was about 900 feet above his tug boat and circling slowly overhead. Observing it through a telescope, he said that he "counted four distinct lights that looked like the tips of candles, only bigger" on the thing.

Another reported sighting in the same general area was made on January 6th. A Mrs. G. C. Drimmen saw a red object at 11:15 p.m. "It hovered for a while and then went straight up. It revolved in a counter-clockwise direction and dripped sparks." Drimmen stated that the thing had no definable shape and seemed to her a bit darker on one side than the other.

Another sighting was made on the 6th by one Vern Stanley - Jones and his wife at Duncan. Stanley - Jones was described by Magor as being a UFO investigator in that area. Said Stanley - Jones, "We saw this bright orange-yellow object at between 500-1000 feet above the ground. It looked like a disk and was about two feet in diameter. Without emitting any sound it moved over Lakes Road hill.  When it reached the bridge at the bottom of the hill it stopped briefly, turned at a right angle, and flew right over town. When it was about over the entire town it stopped again, hanging there for a while. Then it moved off due west more rapidly."

This apparently ended the spate of early January reports in British Columbia fifty years ago.


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