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Encounters of the Unknown—Alternate Perceptions Magazine, August 2019

Cosmic Cars

by: Albert S. Rosales

A couple of years back I wrote an article titled, "Cosmic Cars and other road oddities.” This article mentioned several bizarre cases in which aliens or humanoids used vehicles similar to earthly cars as a mode of transportation. I have found a couple more of these very high strangeness episodes, both occurring in the year 2001:

The first one is an interesting event researched by Polish researcher Piotr Cielebia:

Location. Lodz, Poland
Date: autumn 2001; Time: evening
On a dark autumn evening the witness was on her way to work and was passing through a suburban area of Lodz (in order to avoid traffic) when she noticed in her car mirror a small dark car following her. At first glance it resembled a small car (she thought it was some type of go-car type vehicle) but the woman noticed that it was apparently devoid of wheels. After some time when the witness stopped at a nearby junction she was approached by the mysterious vehicle. When she looked left at the “vehicle” she noticed that it was actually a small craft with opened panes that revealed two odd passengers inside. She could see two unidentified beings wearing dark or grayish coveralls that had reddish eyes that stared at the witness. Scared the witness drove quickly away from the area. (According to the witness’s sister, she has been involved in other unusual encounters that were not detailed by the source). Piotr Cielebia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The second incident occurred in Russia and is beyond high-strange

Location: Kursk, Russia
Date: summer 2001; Time: daytime
On a clear hot day a local Cossack resident, Yuri Chernyakov, witnessed a unique phenomenon in the area of the garage-building cooperative number 23, not far from the old cemetery at the intersection of Michurin and Pavlunovsky streets. When he arrived at the garage he was surprised that there was no one else in the whole complex. Looking around he suddenly sees what appeared to be some kind of strange foreign vehicle coming out of one the nearby garages. He couldn’t tell what kind of car it was except that it looked like a huge black SUV with tinted windows, something like a “Nissan”. This strange vehicle managed to move about 40-meters to the end of the walkway where Yuri was standing, stopping near the cemetery, and then turned around again. He had never seen such a vehicle, before or after. “There was something cosmic about it,” he said. It seemed to have the most ideal form and moved over the ground as if on a conveyer belt; not a single speck of dust was stirred.

The vehicle stopped about 12-meters away from Yuri. Blocking all options of entry and exit to the garage. The passenger side door opened, and a man then stepped out. The figure seemed human, wearing a perfectly snug tight-fitting silvery suit that gave out a subtle brilliance, looking “brand new”. He was of medium height with silvery-blond hair cut short. For some reason, Yuri immediately realized with some sort of sixth sense that this person was not human, but some sort of humanoid.

Yuri took a step towards the humanoid and the strange vehicle, and the humanoid then looked in his direction. Yuri felt a strange vibration or energy coming from the stranger and lost the ability to move. He was not able to move his arms or legs. He could only see the environment around him but could not interact with anything. Time seemed to have stopped. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw another passenger exit the vehicle carrying something dark, like a duffle bag, and dragged it into the open door on the opposite side. He managed to see, or it seemed to Yuri, what appeared to be leg bones sticking out of the bag. The two strangers then entered the vehicle and it moved away silently disappearing around a bend. After some time Yuri was able to move again. Yuri later speculated that the humanoids had left him alone since they had another goal which he connects to the old cemetery. He thinks they were looking for old human remains from the cemetery perhaps to conduct unknown types of ‘experiments’. He never saw the strange vehicle again.

HC addendum

Source: http://dddkursk.run/number/503/planet/000099/

Sometimes when you see a "fancy" new type car it might not be what it seems to be.

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