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Alternate Perceptions Magazine, July 2019

True Truth: An 1800’s Concept Applied to Modern Times

by: Dr. Greg Little

Starting at the end of last year I (along with coauthors Stan and Kim Prachniak) started issuing a series of books and workbooks branded as Freedom2Change™. One of the sources of many of the concepts contained in this self-help series comes, perhaps surprisingly, from ancient Native American beliefs as well as from ideas derived from the clash between the Native Americans and the white culture encroaching on them. True Truth is the title of a brief (mainly free) Kindle ebook we put together.

The first time I heard of the idea of True Truth was in the movie “The White Buffalo,” a fictional tale of Wild Bill Hickok meeting Crazy Horse, both of whom were in search of an elusive and dangerous white buffalo. In one scene Crazy Horse asks Hickok why the whites had invaded the natives’ land. Hickok explains white truth, and Crazy Horse replies with red truth. Both of these cultural-dependent “truths” gave a biased or one-sided perspective. But then Crazy Horse asks for “true truth.” I won’t spoil the movie for those who are interested in it, but will explain the concept as simple as is possible.

The term true truth in recent years has been utilized by various Christian writers and motivational speakers. As we define it, if you strip away all of the lies, deceptions, excuses, and blame, what remains is true truth. There are truths about human nature, life, and the reality of our world that don’t depend on what we think or feel about them. They just are. For example, there are three fundamental truths about life we explain. They are pretty simple yet profound: You were born, you will die, and in between your birth and death, things will change. Change is an inevitable force and understanding what you control and what you don’t control in life is a crucial factor in finding happiness and a path that reflects what you truly are. As we say in the book, looking at your life from a position of true truth gives you real freedom. It allows you to comprehend your life in a different way, a way that gives you real power and control.

The Freedom2Change series does include various other concepts derived from some truly ancient Native American beliefs, although we don’t necessarily identify them as such. Ideas such as a “true path,” searching for your own path, being tolerant of others, being respectful, making conscious decisions about who and what you are, and forgiveness are just a few ideas discussed in the books.

True Truth and the Freedom2Change materials are written as self-mentoring books. Self-mentoring is a simple concept that can be explained in one sentence: Determine what the person you want to be would do, and then do it.

For more information visit our website: http://www.freedom2change.org

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